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Three Popular Places for Authentic Shaanxi Cuisine
China has enjoyed a reputation of ‘Food Heaven’ in the world since ancient time. Shaanxi, as one of the origins of Chinese civilization and the beginning of the renowned silk road, has a long and rich history. Moreover, the Shaanxi cuisine is abundant and unique! Let’s have a look at what food squares you shouldn’t miss when you travel to Shaanxi! (1) Yongxing Fang 1) Laotongguan Roujiamo The laotongguan roujiamo in Yongxing Fang not only has a beautiful price for just 8 yuan, but also gives you a lot of meat. This delicacy will leave you with a great memory of Shaanxi food. If you want to try an authentic roujiamo, Yong Xingfang will be your best choice! However, if you don’t eat pork, remember to go to the Muslim Square to have their unique beef roujiamo! 2) Zichang Jianbing The zichang jianbing is a local delicacy in northern Shaanxi. The main ingredient of this food is a batter of buckwheat flour that is as thin as paper. The batter will wrap different kinds of dishes of your choosing. You can also choose to dip the chili oil to eat it. When you bite into it, you will taste a mixture of stickiness and tenderness with various unique flavors. 3) Run! Shaanxi Cuisine It might be a part Chinese culture to eat while walking on the street, but if you want to find a place to sit, eat and chat, you can go to a local restaurant near Yong Xingfang, Run! Shaanxi Cuisine. Besides the typical Shaanxi food like the gourd-shaped chicken and the ham hock, there are popular street foods like the Chinese calligraphy brush pen shaped cake, pork fries, green onion pies, and jiaotuan. You can try numerous different foods in just one place, isn’t it amazing? (2) Muslim Square 1) Southeast Asia Zeng Cake Zeng cake, also named as Jing cake in Shaanxi, is a delicious local dessert. The Southeast Asia Zeng Cake is one of the most popular zeng cake restaurants in the Muslim Square. This dessert is made from sticky rice, red or honey date, and red beans. The cook will put all the ingredients in a zeng, an old steamer from ancient China to steam it. It tastes tender, sweet, rich, and sticky. Moreover, the texture has a great soft and hard balance. If you are a dessert aficionado, don’t miss out! 2) Laomijia Lamb Paomo Did you know that the authentic paomo needs you to break the bun with your own hands? Laomijia Lamb Paomo is one of the paomo restaurants that still offer you this ‘breaking’ service. Eat the mo that you break by yourself, drink the yummy lamb soup, and chew the transparent noodles. It’s fantastically delicious, isn’t it? 3) Shengzhiwang Majiang Niangpi Liang pi is one of the most common street foods in Xi’an and it’s certainly difficult to say which store is the best. However, there is one store that is very popular on Chinese social media, Shengzhiwang Majiang Niangpi. The classic liang pi are mixed with their specialized sesame sauce, even the simplest meal can be delectable. The Yongxing Fang and the Muslim Square are both in Xi’an. You can visit them together. However, not all the delicious food is hidden in Xi’an. In Xiangyang, Shaanxi, there is a famous village. This village has a reputation as ‘The Best Village in Guanzhong’. Furthermore, it’s a well-known food street. (3) Yuanjia Village 1) Houde Mahua When you visit Yuanjia Village, you need to bring some houde mahua back. It’s the ‘star’ product there and has a purchase limitation of 20 per person. There are soft ones and hard ones, and they all have a tender and crispy taste. Have a go at this mahua and you won’t regret it! 2) Chenggu Steamed Mianpi The Chenggu Steamed Mianpi is a specialty in southern Shaanxi. The smooth and white rice mianpi are mixed with fresh sprouts and special sauce. This cuisine has a unique flavor which is spicy and appetizing. It also has a tender and sticky texture. 3) Wanjia Teahouse After having your lunch in Yuanjia Village, you probably want to find a place to take a break. The Wangjia Teahouse will inarguably give you a quiet place to enjoy the slow afternoon. You can drink guanguan tea, eat nuts, or even get a massage and ear cleaning there. In addition, there are free shadow play performances at night. If you are a real foodie, don’t forget this food guide when you travel to Shaanxi!
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