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Barisal Floating Markets And Back Water Tour

Barisal - A place belongs to vast rice fields, many mighty rivers and plenty of natural canals. Due to many natural canals crisscrossing the entire Barisal zone that's why Barisal called The Venice of Asia.

In these natural canals have many floating markets for last 200 years. Generation after generation villagers of these region are doing this activities. These Floating Vegetable Markets at present one of the unique spots for the Foreign Tourists (Especially for the Nature Lovers). To assume the authentic views of a Real Bangladesh, you need to travel here. The transparent water, the greenish environments and the surrounding simple rural life will be give you a gorgeous scenario of your travel.

And now come to the Back Water Tour which is include with this Floating Market Tour. When hills and ancients monuments in other parts of Bangladesh, then the Back Water Tours are unique to Barisal. The most beautiful and accessible part of the backwaters is from the Banaripara, There are 10-15 canals with full of natural beauty which is completely rare in over all Bangladesh and it is listed as prestigious with rich bio-diversity.

The Barisal Back Water Tour is a network of interconnected canals, rivers, a labyrinthine system formed by a long water ways. In the midst of this landscape there are a number of villages which is full of village activities.

There are 4/5 mighty rivers has surrounded in this area. Miles after miles you can enjoy the full blossom of the nature. The shadow of the tree of two sides of the canals falling on to canal and you can also imagine that you are doing backwater in Amazon Swamp Forest.

Many unique species of aquatic life including crabs, frogs and mud-skippers, water birds such as terns, kingfishers and cormorants and animals such as otters and turtles live in and alongside the Back Water. Palm trees, Sugarcane and Hog Palm orchards, various leafy plants and bushes grow alongside the backwaters, providing a green hue to surrounding landscape.

You can take your meals meantime of the trip – there are some village restaurants in there also.

The Backwaters area start 50 minutes distance by CNG from Barisal City, Name - Banaripara River Port on mighty river "Sandha".

You can enjoy this backwater trip all over the year with your full satisfaction.

So, where are you are, for one time, come here.

Ontu - Barisal.