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WARNING....RUDY'S BAR methanol poisoning

Western Australia
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WARNING....RUDY'S BAR methanol poisoning

Rudy's bar is believed to be where Perth teenager Liam Davies was served a vodka and lime tainted with methanol and subsequently died from methanol poisoning several days later. A Canadian friend of his was also poisoned the same night but is recovering.

I would avoid Rudy's Bar at all costs

sydney australia
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1. Re: WARNING....RUDY'S BAR methanol poisoning

I would avoid Arak at all costs - then the issue of drinking methanol via poor distilling practice will not be an issue.

Avoid Rudy's bar by all means - but that does not mean the other bar down the street is not serving arak that may contain methanol.

Western Australia
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2. Re: WARNING....RUDY'S BAR methanol poisoning

I most certainly will avoid Rudy's on principle, although I do not drink alcohol in any form. The parents of Liam have publicly stated that he drank VODKA not ARAK. Furthermore, a young lady that he had recently befriended stated that they both had vodka and lime. She also was very unwell and ended up in hospital in Bali. She says that was the only tme she drank anything other than Bintang.

I will stick to Fanta.

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3. Re: WARNING....RUDY'S BAR methanol poisoning

As I stated on another post. ordering Vodka is no guarantee that is what you are getting. it is very easy to refill a branded vodka bottle with cheap arak and to be honest there is very little difference in taste especially when mixed.

Byron Bay, Australia
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4. Re: WARNING....RUDY'S BAR methanol poisoning

below is a link to a news report on tonights Australia TV regarding the use of Methonal in drinks in the 'cheap bars' of Bali and Lombok. Rudy's Pub is mentioned as the place this young man died at and that he ordered a Vodka & Lime.


When one orders (and pays) for a drink, one expects to get what they ordered. I'm very sad that this is happening on the Gili's as I love these islands, and very sad that this is happening in Bali as it is so popular with tourists, please Bali and Lombok, if this continues the money will go else where. Party safe people

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5. Re: WARNING....RUDY'S BAR methanol poisoning


I'd also be avoiding the dive operator who employs this French dive instructor. Lack of sleep combined with magic mushrooms does not make ones ideal dive buddy - let alone a dive master/instructor!

Den Haag, The...
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6. Re: WARNING....RUDY'S BAR methanol poisoning

Here we go again.

The perpetuum mobile of spiked drinks in S.-E.-Asian countries.

Every couple of months people die, or get very ill (and even blind) from methanol-added alcoholic drinks in the larger and densely populated islands of Indonesia, Java, Bali, Lombok, Sulawesi or Sumatra.

Regular (western) alcohol is very expensive and in many states of the Archipellago prohibited, but like most human beings, Indonesians can enjoy a fine drink as well. Therefore "bootlegging" is rampant and as local authorities don't really bother as long as they're being payed off and no casualties are reported, everybody rather gets on with thier daily hardship.

Problems start when those spiked drinks are sold in tourist area's and foreigners fall victim to it.

It has been written dozens of times on various tourist forums: 'steer clear of cheaper drinks and especially home brews in Indonesia. Stick to "Bintang", "Anker", Bali Hai", "San Miguel" or imported beers or go to fancy hotel bars where one serves you imported liquors!'

perth western...
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7. Re: WARNING....RUDY'S BAR methanol poisoning

Isn't it sad people aren't listerning to the WARNINGS going out about the

danger of these drinks. We have just come back from

bali, and Gili T which is a lovely island, but you do see how young people can be easy lead into the cheap Cocktail drinks.

Lombok, Indonesia
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8. Re: WARNING....RUDY'S BAR methanol poisoning

The issue of (methyl alcohol) methanol contamination is pretty much as old as the history of alcohol distillation.

Methanol is a normal product of the fermented 'mash' used to develop alcohol content.

That mash is subsequently distilled by heating it in a 'still'.

Volatile alcohols including Fusel alcohols, Methyl alcohol, and the desired Ethyl alcohol are subsequently condensed and collected at an outlet.

Heat control is very important as the temperature of the mash has some effect upon both the timing and the content of the distillate.

Normally the early condensate is collected, set aside and not used. The end of the condensate stream is similar, it is collected and set aside.

This condensate is a complex mix of remaining unseparated Methanol, Aromatics, Fusel alcohols, Ethyl alcohol, and water.

In advanced distillation technique some further Fusel alcohols may be added back in the final product to built the taste, aroma and distinctive 'palate' of the desired product.

Normally an alcohol still used for beverage purposes does not produce pure the pure Ethyl alcohol CH₃CH₂OH that is required for industrial use.

For most industrial and fuel uses, the Ethyl alcohol (Ethanol) must be purified much further than that used for beverages.

Fractional distillation can concentrate ethanol to 95.6% by volume.

Apparently the first recorded production of alcohol from distilled wine was by the School of Salerno alchemists in the 12th century, however it likely predates that recording.

For as long as humans have been mucking about with this there has been Methyl alcohol (Methanol) produced at the condensate outlet of the still, hence people have been getting poisoned by it.

Ethyl alcohol of course has it's own dangers but Methyl alcohol metabolises differently to Ethyl alcohol, leading first to Formaldehyde, then Formic acid.

Poisoning occurs when the ingested Methanol is converted to Formaldehyde by Alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH).

First the Formaldehyde is converted to Formic acid by Aldehyde dehydrogenase, then the Formic acid is converted to CO2 and water, Folate is a cofactor in this reaction.

This causes an outcome known as acidosis, that potentially resulting in a range of outcomes including the potential for temporary blindness, in some cases permanent, and in some cases death.

Most commercial alcoholic beverages and even some fruit juices contain Methyl alcohol.

The issue is how much Methyl alcohol that is consumed.

Normally the amount of Methyl alcohol consumed is insufficient to cause significant problems, especially when consumed with a proportionally larger quantity of Ethyl alcohol, as the Ethyl alcohol slows the metabolic uptake of the Methyl alcohol.

Normal symptoms of Methyl alcohol ingestion may include the classic 'hangover' headache, discomfort and nausea.

Ethyl alcohol is used as an antidote for Methyl alcohol in a clinical setting, it is commonly infused by IV, with Sodium Bicarbonate.

Ethyl alcohol is also used as a base to clandestinely produce the counterfeit alcoholic beverages that bottle re-fillers recap and affix counterfeit excise stickers. These often have a 30-40% ABV as the base used is industrial grade Ethyl alcohol of around 95.6% ABV.

Indonesia has an alcohol substitution problem. This arises from the high levels of Excise applied to local alcoholic beverages, and even higher levels upon imported alcoholic beverages.

These bottle re-fillers may also use Arak as a base, if it is poorly produced Arak it may have a high Methyl alcohol content due to poor hygiene of the Methyl and Fusel alcohols produced, or poor control of the distillate flow.

Is is also believed that some producers and re-bottlers may add other compounds to their 'mix', including Ethyl glycol, Methyl alcohol, Isopropyl alcohol (C₃H₈O), cleaning solvents and other alcohol containing compounds.

The media, especially in Australia is running highly sensationalistic stories with a staggeringly flimsy factual base, glaring scientific and medical inconsistencies, and some appalling factual errors.

The recent fatality has some indistinct detail, and appears to have gone unreported to local authorities. The media is speculating wildly on the circumstances and the cause of death. There will in due course be a coroners enquiry and report in Western Australia as that is where this young man died.

When the coroners findings are made available this situation may become clearer.

It is notable that in the past the media in Australia has reported a fatality on Bali (they have now started claiming it happened on Lombok-see ABC 7:30 report) as having arisen from Methyl alcohol poisoning when the coroners reports from both Bali and New Zealand do not support that assertion.

The widely reported death of Michael Denton for example did not follow the clinical pathway of Methyl alcohol poisoning.

He died within only a few hours of drinking with his friends, possibly from CNS depression, emesis and the official cause of death indicated by both coroners reports was; severe extensive pulmonary oedema and respiratory congestion. There were a range of inconsistencies in the evidence available, this was noted by the coroner in NZ.

This has more detail in another Post on these Forums tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g294226-i7220-k600…

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9. Re: WARNING....RUDY'S BAR methanol poisoning

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10. Re: WARNING....RUDY'S BAR methanol poisoning

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