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Restaurant List

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Restaurant List

Hi, All!! I got good advice on my Sweets list so thought I would post this list and see if there were any restaurant/snack places you all would not go to. Some are places we have visited and some are places we have seen on here that sounded interesting. Any comments are apreciated! Any other places you would eat? We like casual places, nothing fancy and really enjoy foods we can not get at home (we get American and Mexican here).



2 Brothers Pizza 38th & 8th Ave

Adrian’s Pizza Stone Bet Hanover Sq & Broad

Artisanal—(Fondue & Cheese Shop)

Park Ave Bet 32-33

10th Ave Bet 36-37th

Cacio e Vino 80 2nd Ave Bet 4-5th St

Carmines Broadway & 91 (there is one near Times Square also)

Chili Thai 9th Ave Bet 48-49

The Corner Bistro 4th & Jane (Burgers)

Da Andrea (Italian) 35 W 13th St Bet 5-6 Ave

Fried Dumplings Mosco Bet Mott & Mulberry

Gene’s Restaurant (Italian) 11th East of 6th Ave

Gigno @ Wagner Park 20 Batter Place to the West of Battery Park (View of Harbor and Statue)

Gramercy Tavern 42 E 20th St Bet Park & Broadway

Grand Sichuan 9th Ave & 24th

Halal Guys 6th & 53rd

Heidelburg Restaurant 2nd Ave Bet 85th-86th

Junior 45th Bet Broadway & 8th Ave

Katz Houston By Ave A

Liberty View (Chinese) 21 South End Ave— Statue View

Lombardi’s Pizza Spring & Mott

Mandarin Court Mott Bet Canal and Mosco

Marrio’s Trattoria 9th Ave Bet 37-38

McGee’s 240 W 55th St Bet Broadway & 8th Ave

Meatballs Stanton & Allen

Meatballs Greenwich Ave Bet 6th & 7th Ave

Morini 218 Lafayette Bet Kenmare & Spring

Otto (Mario Battali) 5th Ave 1 block north of Washington Square Park just south of 8th St

Pam’s Real Thai 49th & 9th Ave

Pomme Frites 2nd Ave Bet 7-8th St

Rays Pizza Lexington Bet 62-63

Sammy’s Noodle Shop 453 6th Ave near 11th St

Sandwich Planet 9th Ave & 39th

Shale Shack 8th Ave & 44th

Times Square Bagel Bet 7-8 Ave

World Financial Center View of Yacht Club & Food Truck Court

Yonah Schimmel Knishery Houston Bet 1-2 Ave

Zuccotti Park Liberty Bet Trinity & Broadway (lunch food carts across from WTC)

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1. Re: Restaurant List

I've eaten at a bunch of these. Pam Real Thai has been around for ages, it's unpretentious and one of the best Thai places in Manhattan. Quite spicy. It's no Sripraphai, but it's a notch above your average neighborhood Thai.

Pomme Frites is just a Belgian french fry stand, and wow they're good but you'll fall asleep immediately afterwards from the carb coma.

I assume by "Shale Shack" you mean "Shake Shack." The Shake Shack locations I know of are at 23rd and 5th, in the World Financial Center, and 81st and Columbus. Iconic small burgers, really great little burgers.

Grand Sichuan on 9th was one of the first Szechuan restaurants in NYC, their specialty is super-spicy "Mao food" if I remember correctly. Get something with green chili peppers in it.

Artisanal is a middling but decent French bistro that I'm always happy to be taken to, but wouldn't go out of my way for.

Katz's and Lombardi's should need no introduction.

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2. Re: Restaurant List

It's really too big a list to deal with in one thread but...I'll take a stab at some comments

Gramercy Tavern sticks put as someplace thats not casual. Its a special occasion place. While you can eat in the bar area (tavern) as a walk in (they don't accept reservations on that section), and you dont have to get dolled up, I still wouldnt call it casual.

Artisanal is really a restaurant not a shop. They have some good value prix fixe meals for lunch/brunch and dinner. Ive never actually had their fondue although it's obviously ne of their specialties. They have a killer mac and cheese. You can see more photos here


I like Otto's for lunch when it's not so crazy. I don't love their pizza, but there are plenty of other things to eat.

One place that's not on your list and nearish where you're staying is Mandoo Bar for dumplings on west 32 st (little Korea). Also, Pizza Suprema near Penn station.

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3. Re: Restaurant List

There's also a Shake Shack at 44th and 8th. I do really like their burgers.

Queens, New York
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4. Re: Restaurant List

Which have you been to before? As jhw said, I'm surprised you're asking about places like Katz's, Lombardi's, Junior's, Shake Shack, etc. since you are familiar with the NYC forum already.

Anyway, here's my comments on the places I know:

Artisanal—(Fondue & Cheese Shop) - it helps if you like all sorts of cheeses. If you only like cheddar and melted mozzarella, not worth it.

The Corner Bistro 4th & Jane (Burgers) - nice burgers. More of a bar atmo than a "bistro."

Gigino @ Wagner Park 20 Batter Place to the West of Battery Park (View of Harbor and Statue) - Nice view, nice food. Best if you sit outside.

Halal Guys 6th & 53rd - Personally, you can find good halal cart guys throughout the city. No reason to wait on that line.

Junior 45th Bet Broadway & 8th Ave - order the cheescake. For food, I like their pastrami/corned beef twin plate.

Katz Houston By Ave A - "I'll have what she's having." And she's having a giant hot pastrami on rye with a Cream Soda! Do NOT lose your ticket!!

Lombardi’s Pizza Spring & Mott - Tiny place, but great pizza.

Pam’s Real Thai 49th & 9th Ave - if you like Americanized Asian food, skip this place. It's real, it's spicy, and slurpy!

Pomme Frites 2nd Ave Bet 7-8th St - a take-out stand. No place to sit, as I recall.

Sandwich Planet 9th Ave & 39th - If I'm thinking of the same place, this is not memorable. Skip it. Go to a 'wichcraft location instead.

Shake Shack 8th Ave & 44th - If you must. Yes, the burgers are good, but worth the wait? I don't know. Blow your money on 5 Napkin Burger instead.

World Financial Center View of Yacht Club & Food Truck Court - they've been running out of food by 2:30 pm, esp in warm weather.

Yonah Schimmel Knishery Houston Bet 1-2 Ave - Great knishes! Like pomme frite, they will induce a carb coma!

Zuccotti Park Liberty Bet Trinity & Broadway (lunch food carts across from WTC) - Def get Sam's Falafel, and get a fruit smoothie from any of the fruit trucks.

Columbus, Ohio
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5. Re: Restaurant List

QB, Lombardi's is not as small as it seems. They have rooms that I didn't even know existed! This last trip, we were seated in the wine cellar downstairs, which was great because it was so much cooler down there.

And to Cyndi, I have been to a few of the places on your list. Artisanal is great, as stated above, if you really like cheese. It is a little pricey in my opinion, but the fondue is great. Katz's is an experience in itself - the ordering process, the little ticket that you must hold on to, and the delicious food! Lombardi's and Shake Shack are considered to be "touristy" by some on the forum, but touristy or not, I think Lombardi's Pizza is fantastic, and Shake Shack is good, although there are many great burger places in NYC. Pommes Frites is a great little place if you love French Fries. There is seating, but it is minimal, and more often than not, there are no tables available. It's worth a visit if you are in the area. The knish at Yonah Schimmel is good, but I don't know that I would go out of my way to get it. You might want to add the Waffels & Dinges food truck to your list - the Belgian waffle with toppings is to die for!

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Columbus, Ohio
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6. Re: Restaurant List

I forgot DaAndrea - I'm not a huge fan of Italian, but I had a very good meal there.

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7. Re: Restaurant List

jhwanderer--Thank you! We passes Pomme Frites last time, but were on our way to eat elsewhere. We thought the kids would really like a trip here.

Sorry, yes I do mean Shake Shake. A typo I had to fix in my word file. We ate at this location last year and found it was less crowded on off times.

I love Sichuan so sounds like this would be worth a visit.

Sounds like Artisanal is not our type of place. Thanks.

Whiz--Thanks! I posted the whole list hoping it would help some other people who might be looking.

Sounds like Gramercy Tavern can be scratched from our list along with Artisanal.

We will keep Otto's on the list. We tend to not eat during the busiest times to avoid the rush.

We will add Mandoo Bar and Pizza Suprema to our list! Thanks!

queensboulevard--Thanks! I went ahead and did the whole list because I was hoping the information would help some other people also. Thank you so much for all of your information!!

So maybe Artisinal needs to stay on our list. We LOVE cheese! We do not do much of the ordinary cheese, but go through a lot of specialty chesse. We even make a trip to Tulsa every couple of months to buy cheeses. In Europe we always pick up local cheeses to eat along the way.

Sounds like we will keep Corner Bistro on our list, but definitely not a destination.

We will see what the weather is like for Gignio.

We have found we can eat at off times and avoid most of the lines at the Halaal Guys, but always watch for others.

We had the cheesecake at Juniors and like Venieros better, but it is still good and closer to our hotel. A friend was there recently and liked the food. Hubby likes pastrami so may have to try it.

For me Katz is good, but have gotten good sandwhiches elsewhere (even buying the meat, cheese and bread on our own and making them). I think it is an "experience place".

We like Lombardi's, also. One of the people with us says she does not like pizza, but then again comparing Pizza Hut Pizza to NYC Pizza is like comparing catfish to lobster! We will see.

We will definitely have to try Pam's! I love Thai!! When I was in Thailand I had it every day and never tired of it!! Some people with us had to order a burger, etc sometimes, but not me.

We will definitely try Pomme Frites. We can always find a place to sit or just walk and eat. One of our favorite things in London was getting a meat pie and sitting on a stoop to eat it. Always makes it taste better!! :)

Sounds like we will skip Sandwich Planet unless we get desperate (it is on the corner by our hotel). We tried to go here last year, but it was closed to cater for Law & Order. We thought maybe it would be good if they picked it to cater.

Thanks for the heads up on the World Financial Center. We will have to see what time we are there.

The Kniswhery is great!! We get them and take them to the room to heat up as a quick breakfast or something late at night.

From your recommendations looks like we should try Zuccotti Park for lunch when we go to the memorial.

Thanks everyone for all of your help!!


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8. Re: Restaurant List

NYCforMe--Thank you! You are right Lombardis is bigger than it looks. We did find going erly helps. We went in after about a 5 minute wait, but when we came out there was an hour wait!

We will definitely check out Artisinal to see if it is something we would like.

We will also add the Waffles & Dinges food truck to our list. Where is it usually located or is one that has multiple trucks?

We love Italian so we will also keep an eye out for DaAndrea, especially since you aren't an Italian fan and still liked it. :)



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9. Re: Restaurant List

There's a Knishery in ny?? wow

9th ave Thai places - I haven't been to ones on your list and most likely never will. Thats because ones I discovered Pure Thai on 51st, game over thank you for coming. Can't get any more authentic than this

Da Andrea - try the buns with prosciutto, grilled octopus, and do not leave without trying the homemade pappardelle with sausage and truffle oil. Other dishes are on the creamy side if you like creamy, not my thing.

Katz's - the real experience here is to make someone else say "I'll have what's she's having" while pointing at you

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10. Re: Restaurant List

For bagels, I would recommend Ess-a-Bagel: