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Extra costs at Hilton Waikoloa Village?

new jersey
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Extra costs at Hilton Waikoloa Village?

Hello all, just booked Hilton Waikoloa Village on advise of our new travel agent without doing my homework. I was aware of the 30.00 dollar a day resort fee and now reading about the extra costs. We're well traveled, all inclusive and non inclusive and are well aware that Hawaii comes with a bigger price tag but don't want to be nickeled and dimed as well. ie non motorized water sports rentals. Advise from prior stays would be great and if we have to bail on this resort other options would be appreciated as well.

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1. Re: Extra costs at Hilton Waikoloa Village?

Most DE on TBI forum don't like Hilton Waikoloa for many reasons, overpriced mediocre food and nickel-n-diming, as well as the captive dolphin swim and carnival like atmosphere.

Some information about your trip would help us make a recommendation:

How many are traveling? Are there kids?

Will you be renting a car?

How many nights of paid accommodation do you need?

What are you interests?

What are you not interested in doing?

Is TBI the only island you are visiting on this trip or are you visiting other islands?

Most other resorts also have "resort fees", so that might become a moot point. However, there are good reasons to chose other accomodations over Hilton Waikoloa.

Burlington, VT
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2. Re: Extra costs at Hilton Waikoloa Village?

We're not big fans of HWV. We stayed there once and would not go back. While you can expect high prices at any resort, this place is the most disproportionate relative to quality IMO.

Yes they nickel and dime big time. Unless something has changed the resort fee does not include any kind of equipment rental, motorized or otherwise. As I recall they charged for parking as well.

Rooms are nothing special. Food ranged from lousy to ok and for that you'll pay 5 star prices. They do have fridges in the room so I would suggest stocking up on snacks and beverages at the grocery store or the nearby Queens Marketplace.

And you're aware the hotel is not on the beach right? They dumped some sand in a small area around their lagoon but it does not face the ocean.

Are you traveling with kids? Otherwise I would stay elsewhere. There are several good options in the area.

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3. Re: Extra costs at Hilton Waikoloa Village?

I've stayed there several times and enjoy the place even though it gets hammered by a lot of people around here. They don't nickel and dime you any more than any resort in Hawaii, I can't think of any resort that gives free water sport rentals, wi-fi, or anything extra anymore. As for food, I've never noticed it being any different or more expensive then any other resort, never been a concern at all. For the most part visitors go off site for dinner so your really only talking about breakfast and lunch.

Thousands of people stay at the Hilton each year and love it, some don't simply because of it's large size and "Disneyland" feel because of the boat and tram system. Just do your home work looking at reviews and searching You Tube videos and make your own decision.

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4. Re: Extra costs at Hilton Waikoloa Village?

Pricey, overrated, over the top resort with mediocre dining options for a King's ransom. There are the unheated pools, and the beyond sad captive dolphin program on site that tops it all off.

There are soooooo many other desirable options in the area that offer a significantly superior product.

More details regarding your trip, and nightly accommodation would bring some more specific recommendations.

The Hilton property is worth a walk through.....an hour at most, view some of the art perhaps.... I don't believe the boats run any longer....at least they weren't running last month when I was in the neighbourhood.

Depending where one's room is situated within the resort....the hike to the parking lot can be 20-30 mins. ......making forgetting your sunglasses a real work-out.

Are they still charging a $50 fee at KPC ( Kamuela Provisions Company) in order to reserve an oceanfront table??

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5. Re: Extra costs at Hilton Waikoloa Village?

We stayed for five nights at the Hilton several years ago. We got a very good deal from Costco that included free parking and a great buffet breakfast each day. We had a nice room with a walk-in closet with a view of the ocean. It is a bit of a walk to get to the non-valet parking lot, but it was good exercise. We ate a couple of lunches and one dinner at their Chinese restaurant, which weren't terribly expensive. We probably won't stay there again because there's no beach, but we did enjoy those five days just for the experience.

Big Island, Hawaii
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6. Re: Extra costs at Hilton Waikoloa Village?

Especially if you're well traveled you're likely to find this hotel very mediocre for all the reasons mentioned above. The lack of beach is a huge issue for me, plus the tragic captive dolphin lagoon. The bad food wouldn't be a deal breaker if it was easier to get in and out of the resort, but it's not. It's absolutely overrun by kids as well, and is the least Hawaiiana of the Kohala Coast hotels. You feel like you could be anywhere when you're there. Mostly California or Florida.

I disagree with Clint that they don't nickel and dime more than other Hawaii resorts, most of the better resorts on the island do not charge a resort fee. Charging a resort fee and then on top of it charging for wifi, snorkel gear, etc I think is super annoying. The Mauna Lani just over a year ago started charging for parking and wifi but at least they don't charge a resort fee. Also often you can get a package deal with them which gives you free rentals (SUPs, snorkel gear) or a $50/day resort credit to cover the fees. The Fairmont stopped charging a resort fee some years ago but they are charging for parking and wifi. However if you sign up for the (free) President's Club you get free wifi. The Marriott charges a resort fee (it was $20/day last I checked) but it includes something like a half day snorkel set rental and I think free (self) parking, although it's been more than a year since I've been there.

The Four Seasons doesn't charge a resort fee or to rent snorkel gear, or for parking, cabana rentals, and has free water refill, book borrowing and sunscreen stations everywhere....and is $800/nt or so. I wish more midrange options would follow the example.

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7. Re: Extra costs at Hilton Waikoloa Village?

I will offer a perspective from a mid-30ʻs couple who came, friend of the family, and stayed there. He is a private jet pilot and makes very good money, and his job causes him to travel a lot, so he has stayed all over. He is a person who wants value for money though, not someone who is willing to fling money around simply because he is in Hawaiʻi.

The Disney fakeness didnʻt bother him, because he wasnʻt looking for something culturally authentic. He just wanted to have a blast and do a bunch of activities. He wasnʻt offended by the dolphins. He didnʻt mind that it was big and touristy. He was predisposed to like the Hilton.

His first response when I asked him how they were enjoying the Hilton (I did not diss it): I canʻt believe how all they do is nickel and dime you. Just to snorkel a little bit in the lagoon, $$$ for rental. Everything I want to do costs me extra money. That was his overwhelming take on the place.

Local visitors know how to deal with the Hilton, like another friend we have who invited us down there for a day. Get a kamaʻaina rate, stay two days for the one night, donʻt park in the overpriced parking, bring in a big ice chest full of drinks and snacks, donʻt eat in the restaurants, and donʻt do anything requiring a rental -- just use the pools. He managed to carve out a nice little staycation for himself and his kids for $125, but my visitor friend paid a lot more and then on top of that he was hit with expenses every time he turned around.

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8. Re: Extra costs at Hilton Waikoloa Village?

We stayed at this Hilton for 5 nights just over a week ago. For a very popular vacation destination, we didn't feel nickel and dimed. We are very well travelled as well and any time we travel to very popular tourist spots there are additional fees for everything. Sure it would have been nice to not have to pay extra for the non motorized water activities, but we didn't expect it.

Our biggest issue was probably the fact that you really don't get the "Hawaiian experience". You are getting a beautiful resort experience. The restaurants at the resort are all over priced. And if you don't plan to spend a whole lot of time at the hotel then spending time getting in and out of your room can be a pain as all of the rooms are a fair distance from the parking lot.

Canandaigua, New...
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9. Re: Extra costs at Hilton Waikoloa Village?

Where do you park if not in their overpriced parking?

Big Island, Hawaii
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10. Re: Extra costs at Hilton Waikoloa Village?

There are only two parking options at the Hilton, the $22 valet or the $17 self parking (which is quite a haul away from many rooms).