Tickets, glass bridge and more

Hi all,

I'll be in Zjj for only one day (I know,very short time) Sep 20 2018,so I have a couple of questions :

1)Did you guys buy the tickets on site, or you book them in advance? I'm not planning to have a guided visit. So I tried to buy the tickets online, and I actually found the way to! The problem is: I don't know what to buy! (lol)

There are different options and I honestly don't know what to get for a one day visit.

Did anyone got the tickets on site without problems? I have the manager of the hotel where I'll stay telling me to get the tickets in advanced,his English is very limited so I don't understand if it's because he wants me to avoid queues or because I might not get any tickets at all.

Please advice me on what to do about the tickets. If you really think I should get them online, please tell me what's the best bundle I should get.(land A, B?)

2)Admission time

Is there any restrictions in this wise? I tried to get the tickets on the Ctrip app (all in Chinese) and there were different admission times... For what I know the park opens at around 7-8am, so I don't understand what those time restrictions on the tickets mean.(the ones available at Ctrip were 12-13:00, which is not possible for me. Since I'm staying only one day, I want to be there as soon as possible)

3)will I be able to visit the glass Brigide and the Tianmem Mountain in one single day? How far apart are these two places? If not, which place should I chose? Can I include the visit to the cave in your suggestion?

Apologies in advance for the long query. If you find it more convenient and want to help me on this, feel free to add me on Wechat.

Wechat id: Andres_HM

Thank you all.