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CET Charge for Premium Drinks????

long island
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CET Charge for Premium Drinks????

Just returned from Atlantic City - stayed at Harrahs and was informed that as of this past Tuesday they were now charging for premium drinks (husband likes Jack Daniels) unless you were Diamond (we are not).

Has this policy been instituted in Vegas yet? We are staying at Paris in a few weeks.

If so what was the cost?

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11. Re: CET Charge for Premium Drinks????

They have little signs that tout the upgraded drinks for Diamond members or for a charge for others. Basically, all well and most call drinks are still available, but if you're looking for premium brands, they'll make them available to you for a charge (or free for Diamond or Seven Stars members).

All the video poker bars at Flamingo and IP that we visited had these signs. Personally I don't think it's a bad deal; ultrapremium stuff is rarely available on the floor anyway unless you're a higher-level player, so it's nice that they actually make it available. I'd rather have a Ciroc and Red Bull than whatever well drink they're pouring, regardless of the extra cost.

Leicester, UK
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12. Re: CET Charge for Premium Drinks????

I'm surprised but wondering what classes as premium liquor. I usually just get a Bombay Sapphire & tonic or a rum drink with Myer's. Are they now excluded or not top shelf stuff anyway?

I am Diamond but still do not like the idea of limiting the best stuff. I suppose bartenders can keep an eye on the play at the bars but it would be a pain for the CWs (and perhaps not possible) if they were asked to monitor play.

1060 W Addison...
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13. Re: CET Charge for Premium Drinks????

Back in November, I was gambling at Bill's and asked the CW what was the best tequila she could bring me. She said that for $3, she could bring me Patron. On the one hand, I was never going to get Patron for free at Bill's, and $3 ain't bad. But it's a real slippery slope (see CET now charging people for their March Madness viewing parties). I wanted no part of it, and got a Corona for free instead.

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Saint Joseph...
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14. Re: CET Charge for Premium Drinks????

This doesn't bother me a lot, if I am able to get what I want then I don't mind paying a couple bucks for it.

My concern is what this will do to the overall speed of service. Adding cash transactions to the equation is going to SLOW things down.

blacksburg va
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15. Re: CET Charge for Premium Drinks????


ok,i am diamond so im not too concerned,but i do know they used to do this in ac ,especially at caesars . at the time i was gold and they were experimenting with only serving tap beer in a cup. but all you had to do was move to another area and another cw would serve me whatever bottled beer i wanted?

but It was sort of a pain because someplayers did slow things down giving the cw a hard time.

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16. Re: CET Charge for Premium Drinks????


Unless you have been following a person around all day don't judge them on what they are gambling at the time. I have sat at machines and blew through 100 bucks before I have every seen a waitress. So I have moved to different machines and started to play slowly just to slow down my losses. Also its curious that the people you watched never tipped but the waitress returned 4 times? That is the waitress fault they are just enabling the people who aren't tipping.

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17. Re: CET Charge for Premium Drinks????

lol, lets blame the people playing 1 line at a cent a time and just ignore the economy and the normal greed of casinos.

Penny pinching at its best!



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18. Re: CET Charge for Premium Drinks????

the charge for premium drinks in atlantic city is apparently being phased in along with the switchover to the "total touch" drink ordering system. with your card inserted, the system knows exactly who you are and can customize drink menus and (presumably) prices based on your tier status, playing pattern, ADT or other metrics. expect to see more of this in vegas, as they introduce the total touch on-screen ordering process at all CZR casinos.

upside: priority drink service for platinum, diamond and seven stars members. downside: the casino can choose to charge for top shelf liquor, based on your player status.

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19. Re: CET Charge for Premium Drinks????

This was a busy night & she was a good waitress. She didn't ignore him - although she definitely probably should have. But the entire area was very full & she just basically made her circle to everyone. I have also played very slow at times while I am waiting for my mom, etc. However, playing slow & just pushing 1 credit every five minutes or more are really two different things - I don't think you can deny it. And I'm not stretching it - one penny. I wouldn't have stayed in that area for so long except my machine was cycling (on the one trip & the guy I am referencing). First I thought he was waiting for someone but after a VERY long time, it became obvious he wasn't.

I'm a server on the weekend - if I refused to wait on someone just because they didn't tip (and yes, there are a few regulars that don't) - I would NOT have a job. So no, I really don't think it is curious that she continued to serve him. So basically she probably has to enable him in order to keep working. If she refuses, no matter how little he is even putting in, it goes back to the old addage of if someone likes something they will tell one or two of their friends. If they don't like it, they will tell 100 of their friends (or post it on FB, or Tweet it - even worse now than it was 10 years ago!) So you serve them in order to avoid the backlash.

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20. Re: CET Charge for Premium Drinks????

"So you serve them in order to avoid the backlash."

Or she served this guy because she had no reason not to.