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Are you ANTI Venetian/Palazzo?

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Are you ANTI Venetian/Palazzo?

I know and understand that peeps are unhappy with Grazie and are looking to play elsewhere, but I am wondering about your opinion about the hotel itself...at the current time.

Are your views biased against the entire property because of Grazie and the decisions that were made and how the changes to comps were executed?

Have you stayed in a "suite" recently and experienced bad service? Spa "issues"?

If the V/P came out with a public offer of $99 per night during the week, would you stay there and play elsewhere?

I am just a curious New Yorker =)

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1. Re: Are you ANTI Venetian/Palazzo?

I think everyone knows I'm not anti Venetian/Palazzo, and it's not just because I still get offers.

It's my favorite place. I love the casino, the service is great, the spa is awesome, and I like the restaurants.

If the offers were withdrawn tomorrow I would still stay there, even if I had to pay the rack rate. I'm just being honest. I'm happy there.

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2. Re: Are you ANTI Venetian/Palazzo?

I love the place, but if I can get a better deal at another nice property, I'll take it. Right now MGM/MLife is offering me better deals for less play than I've had at V/P, and I like MB/THEHotel almost as much, so they get my business.

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3. Re: Are you ANTI Venetian/Palazzo?

Can someone explain to me why people would be ANTI venetian/palazzo? What did they change to turn people againt these hotels? I'm just clueless and curious lol

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4. Re: Are you ANTI Venetian/Palazzo?

I love the Venetian but cant handle the perfume it makes me ill and I can taste it in my mouth for quite sometime after I leave the building. I tried to go there a couple times just cannot handle the smell. Same level as Osheas for me unfortunately.

Los Angeles, CA
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5. Re: Are you ANTI Venetian/Palazzo?

I never joined their comps club, so I guess I don't have a dog in the fight. Everytime I have stayed at these properties, I always have a wonderful time.

Besides, I don't know anywhere else that serves Illy espresso after midnight.

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6. Re: Are you ANTI Venetian/Palazzo?

I would stay there for $99 night...except for the resort fee (I don't stay anywhere they charge one). Their rooms, dining and casino are wonderful. Hubby however can't find a slot he likes there so we don't stay there. Reel slots are getting harder to find. To the person who asked why people are anti...it is simple...they used to give comp rooms...now you have to be a very high roller to get one. Personally I missed out on the great deals, the only emails for comped rooms I received were not during the time I was going.

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7. Re: Are you ANTI Venetian/Palazzo?

One of the restaurants at the V kind of ruined part of my wedding...so I'm very ANTI V

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8. Re: Are you ANTI Venetian/Palazzo?

No matter who they do or don't comp or how their restaurants are priced or how snobby they try to be, at the end of the day, the fragrance makes my head hurt. As long as it's there, I can't even consider being a regular customer.

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9. Re: Are you ANTI Venetian/Palazzo?

I wont say I am anti but when you go from comped rooms to prices the general public gets, Its like they dont want you at all. At first there was no resort fee on comped rooms, then comped with resort fee, then bingo nothing. Yes i plan to play some one day on machines that I have won on previously. but nowhere near what I played before and certainly not on machines that were known to be tight. Other than Grand Lux, I wont bother to eat at their restuarants. I have seen their shows. so those are out.

If they would have stopped the comped rooms, and offered $59 plus the resort fee, maybe. but I even had a hard time getting the free newspaper.

Eugene, Oregon
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10. Re: Are you ANTI Venetian/Palazzo?

I really love the suites, the hotel itself, the choices of restaurants, the casino, the pools, and the location.

But what I have said in almost EVERY trip report I've done of our stay is that I think Customer Service stinks...the flippant attitude of the front desk staff, the interminable waits on hold for ANYTHING (with the exception of our last trip to Palazzo where that was vastly improved), the nasty derision when we asked a casino host at the end of our stay if we qualified for any comps (and after gambling the same amount that has garnered us consideration at other properties).

And of course I am very insulted by their latest slap in the face that even the amounts we did gamble and spend are just not important to them anymore.

So I have no problem not staying there anymore. And I would not stay there for $99 when so many other properties still do want our business.

But when the day comes and those other offers go away, let's talk...