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NOT "must do's"!

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NOT "must do's"!

I think that sometimes the popularity of some things make new or first time visitors think that they absolutely must do certain things.

I have been to Vegas more than twenty times in the past eight years. There are a lot of things I either have never done, or have done and see no need to do again.

The following are NOT my "must do's"

-Big Elvis

-Nachos at Margaritaville

-Sitting outside at Mon Ami Gabi

-trying the "$20 trick"

-Staying mid-strip

-Dining at Rosemary's, Off The Strip-Just Real Food, The Steakhouse at Circus Circus, or Firefly's

-Meals at The Peppermill, or drinks at The Fireside Lounge.

Don't take this as a knock of any of these things. But rather a chance to enlighten some of the first-timers who sometimes interpret the endorsements here as gospel truth.

What are your Not "must do's"?

Muskegon, Michigan
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1. Re: NOT "must do's"!

Well, my first not "Must do" would be a helicopter flight over the Strip at night. I would rather enjoy the view from MIX or VooDoo Lounge or Alize than do that.

Also, not to knock many people who visit Vegas for this, but shopping. There's good deals to be found closer to home for me than over there for anything. Except maybe "only in Vegas" stuff.

That's all i can come up with for now. Maybe more later....

Ithaca, New York
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2. Re: NOT "must do's"!

My "must-not-do" is short:

1) Shopping, vegas just seems like a much more expensive place to shop than places in my locale, or on the internet. Plus you don't want to have a bunch of new "stuff" in luggage, that may get damaged on the plane.

2) Planning on winning at gambling. I am all for wagering some of my hard earned money, I like to refer to it as donating to the Las Vegas casinos. Plan on losing, and having fun while doing so. If you end up winning, it's a nice surprise. Don't expect it, and certainly don't plan to win, most of the time you will fail to meet expectations. The casinos are huge and make a ton of money for a reason.

Columbus, Ohio
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3. Re: NOT "must do's"!

1. Anything to do with the strip other than a show ;-)

2. Fine dining, I am not a foodie

3. Shopping, can do that at home

London, United...
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4. Re: NOT "must do's"!

I agree with most of mgg42's list of not do's.

If I want to see the Bellagio Fountains I'll do it but not from the patio of MAG. I don't need hordes of people staring up at us as we eat and I also don't need 6 or however many lanes of car fumes there are between me and the fountains, I also don't need food that isn't all that wonderful either, this place has tourist trap all over it.

I don't do the $20 or any other trick to bribe in hopes of getting a better room. I book the room I want when making my reservations.

I've seen Big Elvis twice, that's enough. I've been to Margaritaville but have never eaten their nachos. It's an ok place for bar type food though.

I've eaten at CC Steakhouse, once was more than enough, def not on my radar after that one time.

Also not on my radar are meals at TOW or the Effel Tower restaurant.

Going to the outlet malls to see last years clothing or clothing made just for outlet mall shops is not my idea of fun. I do walk through the shops briefly of whatever hotel I'm staying in, but when in Vegas, as a whole shopping isn't why I go to Vegas.

I don't feel the need to get Players Cards for every single casino or group of casinos in Vegas. I know where I want to stay and play and have the cards for those places.

New York City, New...
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for Las Vegas
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5. Re: NOT "must do's"!

Things that are often cited as "must do" that to me really aren't. Hmmm...

Agree with the previous posts; Big Elvis, Margaritaville, etc, although I do like the patio at MAG.

I'd add Hash House a Go Go to the restaurant list, along with any other place that the biggest recommendation you hear from people is "they give you so much food."

Also the crowded, low-end joints on the Strip; Casino Royale, O'Shea's and I'd put Bills in that group also.

The gondola ride at the Venetian; too cheesy even for me (and I usually love me some cheese!)

Waiting in line to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower (although I think the rest of Paris is very nice)

The lions at MGM. Don't get me wrong, it's cool and all to have lions on a casino floor, but some people talk about it like it's some sort of fabulous wildlife environment, listing it as a reason to visit Las Vegas with their kids, etc. I stop and look every time I'm there, but rarely for more than 3 or 4 minutes.

Same for the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. And the Secret Garden at Mirage. I'm probably just spoiled, but there are way better examples of this kind of thing much closer to home for me.

Let me emphasize that I'm not knocking these things per se, but as mgg said, just reacting to things that are often listed as "musts" that I might not agree with.

Fun thread!

San Diego
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6. Re: NOT "must do's"!

I agree with a Not on Big Elvis.

Standing in line at TIx 4 Tonight place or whatever its called.

Riding the bus.

Waiting for a second water fountain show after already seeing one.

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7. Re: NOT "must do's"!

Bottle Service - absolutely the biggest scam and mark-up in vegas, but then again I think that waiting in line just to pay a huge cover to get into the hottest clubs is also a waste of time and money too.

Buffets - really a waste of money unless you enjoy waiting in line like a corral of cattle to stuff yourself so much until you feel sick. And then afterwards you feel like sleeping all day to digest all that. Just go spend the money at a nicer restaurant.

Strip Clubs - you end up spending a fortune on nothing and going home alone. Just go to a club, lounge, or casino party pit. You'll see just about as much and your odds are better too.

Penny Video Slots - these video machines are ruining the slot floors and pushing out the older quarter and dollar 3 reel machines that I much prefer and have better luck on. If I wanted to play a video game I would have stayed home and played Xbox.

Shopping Malls - the shopping malls in Vegas have all gone high end and they're out of the league of most Vegas vistors. Save the shopping for home or online.

Cleveland, Ohio
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8. Re: NOT "must do's"!

In n Out Burger. I had my first one in early September. I waited ten minutes to place my order and ten minutes to get the food. I was expecting something special but it was just a mediocre burger.

Calgary, Canada
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9. Re: NOT "must do's"!

The volcano at the Mirage, Total waste of natural gas.

Sirens of TI.

I agree that the volcano nachos at Margaritaville are certainly nothing special.

Calgary, Canada
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10. Re: NOT "must do's"!

Oh yeah, and the Carnegie Deli at Mirage. Heaps of dry, tasteless, and unseasoned food.

Typical of that low rent rathole.