Eiffel tower, Notre Dame. and Louvre all in one day..doable?

Hello, we initially were going to stay in Paris for 5 days but instead decided to do 2 in Paris with the the 3 days being in Tours to see the castles. I prefer the country...but it is necessary to see the iconic landmarks as well. I will be with my 10 year old daughter so Tours would be better for our family.

I was thinking of taking the Metro to Notre Dame for a quick view and then to the Louvre for maybe 2-3hrs (with prepaid tickets) and the the Effile tower around sunset with prepaid sunset timing to the top. I am not a huge art fanatic but I am more interested in history and architecture and am not huge on mass crowds (why we are going to Tours). Please advise. Is this too much in a day? The second day in Paris is for Disneyland. We will be staying near the Cambronne line 6 and on Rue Frémicourt .