European Sim Card

Hi there!

I am going backpacking around Europe for six months between June and December this year. I am leaving in three weeks.

I was wondering if anyone has advice regarding a European sim card. Given I will be travelling all over the continent, it would need to be valid in most European countries. I am more interested in a text and talk plan and data is not essential (unless it is very cheap). I am from Australia, so to call home on the plan would be great, but again, not essential. For those who have done it, is it better to buy a sim card when I arrive in Europe (my first stop will be in Hungary) or am I better off buying something online before I leave.

I also will be leaving Europe, and visiting Israel and Jordan for a week and a half in the middle of my trip. I presume a European SIM card would not be valid in these countries and thus, I would like to not pay for a plan whilst I cannot use it. So perhaps a pay as I go plan would be more beneficial. Is it better to then purchase an international SIM card rather than a specific European one?

I appreciate any and all advice. Thank you!