Going to Italy with 2 problems...

Hello, I wonder if anyone happens to have used Insight Vacations? My problems:

1. I'm unhappy with this tour co. as it seems to be extremely negligent the way it organized things and how it spreads around all the info with different numbers for things coming from all different places at different times. Also the flight schedule is filled with mistakes (i.e. "From London to LA" instead of London to NYC, etc. What they called the "package" didn't have all the necessary documents, it gave us more work to do and it arrived only 2 weeks before departure. Oh well, just getting it off my chest...forgive me.

2. Just since a week ago (I leave in 5 days) I suddenly developed a pain in my knee where I never had any before. I'm extremely worried since my trip consists of lots of daily walking on cobblestones. I wore an elastic knee sleeve for days but didn't help. I pray I can get an appointment with a doctor and if there's a bad diagnosis... what shall I do? I put so much money, effort and time! I wonder if anyone here ever had to cancel a trip so close to departure? If so, please let me know? Thanks ever so much for your opinions!