Which condo building at Sea Colony?

I'm ready to book a condo for next week at Sea Colony, but I've never been to Bethany, & unsure of which building is best for us. We are a family of 5 (young teens). I recently had surgery so can't lift or a lot of walking so the setup of umbrellas/beach chairs is good. I've been told Edgewater is the nicest building. but i want beachfront in case I'm not feeling great and want to sit and watch the ocean from the condo. It looks like the available condos at Edgewater overlook the large pool area so I assume will be very noisy. I understand that is the tradeoff for being where everything is located. but is there a building closeby that offers more privacy without having a long walk. I don't know if its asking too much but I don't want a lot of noise but I can't be walking really far. I can't seem to find a map of the complex to help me decide on the other buildings. thank u