Self driving in Bostwana Kasane > Maun around 15/28th Oct18


Who wants to join?! HELP!

We are a French couple planning to go self driving in Botswana (8/10days - quite flexible with the date +/- 2days).

We now have campsite ready to be booked and 4x4 car. However because we planned the trip slightly too late we can't stay in the reserves (moremi/chobe).

Is there another couple doing the same trip as us who would be happy to share? (we could upgrade the car to 4 sleepers). This would be a nice way to meet other people and safer for all of us to go through the country.

Otherwise, does anyone have booking in Khwai/ Moremi/Chobe around our date as we could share the campsite for 1 night. Most of the places offer campsite for up to 8/10 people.. so if we join your booking it would be amazing!

Thanks in advance for getting back to us

Mathilde & Flavien