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FREE BUS to Aqualand from Bahia Princess +other Aqualand Q's

Looking for the best route to Aqualand. I'll be staying at Sol Sun Beach apartments so the closest the free bus stop is Bahia Princess. Looking for advice from people who have used the bus service.

Is it reliable?

It says the bus comes at 9.55, 10.55 and 11.55. Now Aqualand opens at 10am,

How long am I on the bus for?

Does it make multiple stops before going the park?

Am I just better getting a taxi? (if so how much would this cost from bahia princess?)

Going in July, does this bus get busy I'll struggle getting on with 2 adults, 3 kids and a pram?

Is there a return bus service?


Additionally, anyone done the dolphin encounter?

What does it involve?

Can children do this as well (oldest 6, youngest 2)?

Do you have to pay extra for photographs?

Can you take your own photographs? Are cameras allowed around the pool?