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Villa in Dominical - 2 Active Families - First CR Trip

We're looking at Villa Norte in Mid March. We are 2 families with kids ages 8-10.

Villa Norte is appealing because of it's comfort, pool, beach front, and walking distance to town for restaurants and groceries + a few other beaches.

We would like to surf for the week plus do some excursions like Nauyaca Falls, Wildlife, Zipline, and MonteVerde (if it's not too far). We would like do an excursion in the morning and then enjoy the remainder of the day by pool or beach before dinner.

We've rented villas in other Caribbean countries in the past and value a good pool, beach, and bed along with privacy. No need for nightlife :)

Couple general questions:

Are the beaches of Dominical good for swimming and snorkeling? Water Visibility? Coral from Beach?

Are there local fisherman or market to source fresh seafood? If so, what is the typical catch?

Is the surf in March suitable for complete newbs and those that have been out a dozen times?

Do we need cars or should we simply hire as needed?

Other suggestions to Villa Norte? better pool and beach

Should we consider another area of CR if the beaches or surf don't fit our use?

Thanks in advance and let me know if you need further details to inform better.