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Qamea questions..

Washington DC
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Qamea questions..

We are strongly considering to book Qamea for our trip next year but I wanted to ask a few questions to the Fiji experts here..

I have been back through several posts and read many things about the resort.

I hear it can be quite rainy in the North vs other areas. June seems to be a good time of year to visit- we are looking to go the end of June.


What is the difference between the Honeymoon Villa vs Honeymoon Bure. I know the Bure has a private pool but other than that- is there any other benefit to have the Bure vs the Villa?

How is the bug situation in Qamea? Before anyone goes crazy here telling me about a tropical place- I know the tropics.. we have traveled to French Polynesia twice, Mexico several times and all over the Caribbean- so I expect some bugs- just not necessarily all over the rooms. I just like to be informed of what to expect.. are there going to be lizards in the rooms? I have read there are toads all around the resort- I am hoping they don't make their way into the rooms. Do I need to worry about Dengue?

How clear is the water by the resort? We do not scuba (we may think about getting certified) but most likely we will just snorkel- is the visibility good this time of year? I have read that a few people have seen sea snakes in the water around Qamea... are they in the deeper waters or do they tend to come to shallow areas too?

Are the tours/excursions included? I thought I read that waterfall tour, snorkel tours, village tours are included- but I read somewhere on TA that some tours cost additional.

With 7 nights in Fiji would you try to stay at 2 resorts (maybe split with another island) or would you just stick to Qamea the whole time. (we were hoping to go to Vatulele but it is a little too pricey for us for this vacation..) Maybe another choice though. We are traveling a far way from the East Coast - it will take us almost 2 days to get there so we are thinking 1 island, but just wanted to get other people's opinions..

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help! We are just trying to get some more information on Qamea before we decide for sure this is the place for our anniversary trip!

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1. Re: Qamea questions..

We spent a week in Qamea in a regular bure & then a week in a beach deluxe bure at Navini Island Resort. I can't imagine going to Qamea for less than one week because you have even further to travel than we did. Be aware that unlike Polynesia, Fiji is OVER THE DATELINE, so you lose a day & there is JET LAG. We kept waking up at 4-5 AM... for you it would be 1-2 AM.

The best weather is November. We went in Oct. and the trade winds were still blowing & it was COLD our first 3 days. I was miserable... sitting on the porch of our bure, in a sweatshirt, sweatpants, wrapped in a blanket, drinking hot tea, trying to read while the wind blew white caps across the sea. Usually the trade winds die down in Sept, but we had bad luck. One of the owners told us that if we'd contacted them directly before booking, he'd have recommended we visit in Nov. So, email them about the weather in June.

The honeymoon bure & the villa are the same, it's not worth the additional expense... the regular bures are WONDERFUL, romantic, private, spacious & all of them have views of the sea... as for one with a sunset view.

Since we were there, they've refurnished & hired a new chef. Most excursions are extra, with the exception of the free (sign up a day or two in advance as it books up quickly) excursion to 'honeymoon island', where they will take you by small boat to a nearby secluded beach on the other side of the island. The snorkeling there was excellent, bring bug repellent.

We did the free excursion to the village church service (we are NOT religious) & we were the only ones to go & if you're there on a Sunday, definitely do not miss this... Villagers (who work at the resort) take you in a small vote to the other side of the island for a service in their open air (everyone sits on the linoleum floor) church, men wear sulus & the choir sings... the singing is wonderful. The minister gave most of the sermon in English, to include us. Bring $ for the collection plate. Afterwards, I asked to meet the chief & gave him toothbrushes, pens, pencils for the school children.

The owners of the resort pay for school supplies for all the kids & hire a DDS to see the kids once a year, plus they've paid for an MD. All employees get profit participation & they've offered scholarships to certain employees to move into management... so it's owned by a couple (one US, one NZ) who really care & give back.

Bugs: the rooms have screen doors & screens on the windows & A/C, so there are NO bugs in the rooms. If you are phobic (I am about spiders) as that your room be sprayed the day before you arrive. There are gekos every where outside... as there is blooming ginger & plumeria all around the bures. One night we went to the meke at the resort & the little boy dancers gave me a lei with red plumeria (with dark pink centers) that smelled like peaches. Wonderful. These same plumerias grow around the bures. One of the resort workers can take you out early in the AM to view the green/orange doves that are found nowhere else in the world.

Toads: they are every where at night... they are attracted to water, so they are all around the pool (which is ice cold & unheated & very small & shallow--used for scuba training)... so you don't want a honeymoon bure w/ a pool if you hate toads. There are also giant clam shells by each bure for foot washing & at night, they are FULL of toads. They are all over the lawn, so BRING A FLASHLIGHT so when you walk back from dinner or the bar, you won't step on them, as there are hundreds of them on the lawn. They are small, not giant toads.

After you land in Nadi, you will have to transfer to the domestic area of the airport for you flight to Taveuni... be careful on what domestic carrier you book, as there are 3 and one has a better safety record than the others. We flew in terrible trade winds in a TINY plane 6--10 seats & I was never so frightened in my life... as the plane was being buffeted UP & DOWN and sideways... and I was so nauseous... and the flight is over an hour. So, don't go when there are trade winds. Once you land, you are met by the resort, they drive you in a Land Rover to the beach, take off your shoes & walk across the sand to the boat. The crossing to Qamea can be rough, so ask for a life vest... as the boat is about a 30' cabin cruiser.

Snorkeling right off the resort is ok, not very good, but they will take you around the island for better snorkeling or go on a day trip to the island (that was/is owned by the Red Bull CEO) that begins with an "L" as that is a lovely excursion, picnic, good snorkeling.

The beach in front of the resort is beautiful, the view to Taveuni gorgeous, at low tide you can walk out (bring reef walkers) on the rocks to explore.

It's a wonderful resort, the showers in the bures are huge & fantastic, king beds and you can have breakfast delivered to your room (there's a table/chairs inside) or on the porch of your bure where there's tables/chairs & a hammock, every morning, by just ordering the night before.

Navini Island is a off the coast of Nadi, a one resort island, with the best snorkeling anywhere, very healthy food, owned by Aussies w/ a mostly European clientel, a 3 star resort. Definitely do a week no matter where you go... email me if you have any other questions.

Madison, Wisconsin
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2. Re: Qamea questions..


We were married Oct 1st 2008 at Qamea and then spent our honeymoon there. I would definitely spend your entire 7 nights on Qamea. We visited Fiji previously and stayed at Maravu on Taveuni, among other places. Maravu is also very nice, but if being on the beach and having easily available snorkeling are important to you, stay at Qamea.

We stayed in the Premium villa, which was completely over the top in size, luxury and location. If money is no object, I would definitely consider one of the premium villas as they are well worth it. The premium villas are located on a very private part of the resort, and have fabulous covered porches, complete with swimming pool and giant outdoor day bed. Every night around 5 pm we were brought complementary hors d’oeuvres and cocktails which are not included with the beachfront bures; I'm not sure if you get this with the honeymoon bures. We ordered room service a couple of nights (available for ALL the bures) for completely private candlelit dinners over-looking our private section of the beach. We also toured the honeymoon bure and the beachfront bures. They all very nice, and we would be thrilled to stay in any of them. The 2 honeymoon bures are located on the opposite end of the resort from the 2 premium villas. The honeymoon bures are located in a more secluded part of the beach then the beachfront bures, but are not as private as the premium villas. The premium villas are also a lot larger than the honeymoon bures, and are very close to the dive shop which was plus for us. We did not tour the honeymoon villa which is located in about the middle of the resort and also looked very nice.

There were a few mosquitoes so definitely bring your bug spray, but nothing like we are accustomed to fighting here in Wisconsin. There are many small lizards throughout the resort, but they really are quite cute and won't hurt you! We didn't experience any other unwanted critters (other then a couple cool spiders in the trees) anywhere on the resort. To my knowledge, there is no worry about Dengue fever or Malaria anywhere in Fiji.

We are divers so we didn't snorkel, but the other guests were just raving about the snorkeling right in front of the resort. The water is a beautiful shade of blue, and the visibility is excellent most of the time. As far as I know, there could be sea snakes anywhere in the ocean waters in Fiji. We see them a lot when we are diving. Yes, they are creepy, but they won't bother you if you leave them alone. They really are as interested in getting away from you, as you are in getting away from them!

The tours to Bouma falls and the Lavena costal walk are an additional cost, but are well worth it. They are both magnificent and not to be missed! We also went on the complementary village tour and to the Fijian church service. We enjoyed both immensely.

We will be posting a complete review soon, please check it out. But in short, I will say the Qamea is a magical, beautiful place with excellent amenities and service. If possible schedule your trip so that you are there for the Meke. It was on Friday night when we were there, but check with management to be sure. It is a special ceremony of dance and entertainment that will give you a real sense of the Fijian culture. We found the Fijians to be some of the warmest people we have ever met on earth. I can not imagine anyone not having a wonderful time at Qamea.

Kilbride Canada
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3. Re: Qamea questions..

Dear Travcarib

My husband and I have just returned from Qamea three weeks ago and celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary there and I hope that you will let us tell you a few things about Qamea.

Please feel free to read my report under qamealover and this will I hope put you in the spirit of this amazing place.

Firstly, you have to take a flight from Nadi to Tavernui about an hour and a half away and as these flights only go a couple of times a day you may or may not have to stay in Nadi overnight. The first flight out is 7.00a.m. It was a delightful 20 passenger prop aircraft and the trip took you right over Nadi and the rest of Fiji and then on to Tavernui. Our advice to you is do not book your flight with Fiji Air as this company looks like it is going under. We went Pacific Sun and it was just fine. We were met there by a new van from the resort and then took a pleasant but very islandish trip over rough uneven road of about half and hour through little villages and then to the water's edge. There a launch took you over to Qamea with a thrilling high speed ride over the beautiful ocean to the resort and then the staff were there to meet you.

We stayed in the bure called "Bune" and it was lovely with screens on the windows, air conditioning,(not noisy), ceiling fan, a mini bar, an outdoor shower (which saw a lot of me - I loved it!) - There was a connecting door through the bathroom that they asked you to keep closed at all times because as it is the rain forest, there are bugs to consider. The water in the shower was always hot and adequate. There was always lovely smelling shampoo, gels etc. It took my husband about 5 minutes to get his book from his suitcase (which the staff carry to our bure from the launch) and start to relax in the hammock that was on our verandah. We slept in a lovely four poster bed draped with white drapes and slept very soundly. The only noise we heard all night was the ocean gently lapping the shore. We did not encounter any bugs there that we had to worry about when we were outside and the only time we put on bug spray was when we went to the waterfall trip (a cost) and was advised by the staff. We did not need it. Some guests did say that they had been bitten by "something" during the night but I was not.

The staff are always diligent in spraying around the resort every other day or so for bugs and the only ones we saw was a small spider on the first night and one unknown very small something. It was a live capture and we let it go outside.

There are holes in the ground all around the resort and these are from the land crabs that make their homes in and around the mangrove swamps. They did not bother us and we did not bother them.

We did encounter frogs (not toads) on our way to the restaurant each night but a flashlight is provided to see your way. None were ever in our bure.

I do not scuba and my husband has only had a few lessons in the Carribean so he just snorkeled, and snorkeled, and snorkeled right off the edge of the beach. Now I must say that there was not a great deal of sand to walk on and it was not a long beach area by any means but you only had to go a few feet into the ocean and you saw the most amazing fish and coral. I even was just standing in the clear blue/green ocean and the fish were swimming around me, small ones but fish nevertheless.

Some of the trips for snorkeling are free and some you pay for. They are all posted at the restaurant or in the resort guide in your room.

Some of the guests were out on the launch doing some snorkeling away from the resort and did see a sea snake, and one guest yelled to my husband that they had just seen a reef shark (harmless) when they were out snorkeling just off the beach. My husband is a little disappointed that he did not see it.

The only injections we had for this trip were Hepatitis and from the chart in our doctor's office

Dengue fever was not among the diseases of this island.

We had the most relaxing, calm, enjoyable and memorable vacation ever at Qamea. We did not and would not have wanted to go anywhere else. We would have stayed a lot longer if we could have. Other guests did move to another island and when we met them at the airport said they were disappointed that they had not stayed on Qamea.

We left at the end of October and were told that the rainy season was now. We did encounter a few days when it was overcast but it was still lovely and warm and a little humid. This is the tropics after all.

Ron, the owner told us that during the rainy season you can have the most beautiful days and the rain only comes for a very short time and the sun comes out.

I was concerned about my husband going to a place where there would be very few guests (only 32) but I was concerned needlessly. He loved the break away from all the worries of his work, the inability of the people "back home" trying to reach him and he loved that after only a few hours the staff knew him by name and it only took a day for them to remember what he wanted for breakfast and that I only had the continental.

There were so many things that we loved about Qamea, from the people who raked leaves around the resort every day, to the ladies who sang as they worked to clean up our bure, and leave flowers, to the ladies who carefully rubbed and kneaded our sore muscles back into shape up at the jungle spa, to watching an amazing Fijian pick up one of the guests (a lady) and carry her across the running stream bare footed as she was a little afraid to cross by the rope when we were going to the waterfall, to dancing with the children of the village after they had performed the Meke dance, to the Fijians in the restaurant who made it their business to see that you had everything you required when you sat down for a meal. Oh, and of course, the dancing. It happened a lot and at one lunch every guest was up dancing between the tables. What a heavenly thing to do!

There is a truly wonderous thing that happens to your spirit when you go there and in the spirit of the culture all I ask is that you take your shoes off before you go in the restaurant and your bure and that the ladies have to have their shoulders and their knees covered when they visit any village.

There is no need for anything formal and no need for anything other than something a little better than shorts to dinner. There is no need for jewellery, shoes, or evening clothes as this is a very casual but classy place.

We witnessed a couple of weddings with the staff acting as photographers, caterers, giving the bride away etc. They went out of their way to help whenever they could.

What would I change about Qamea? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

It was wonderful to be able to meet others in a small intimate setting at the restaurant each evening and listen to Ron (one of the owners) tell about the resort and ways of running a place that is miles from anywhere. It is not as easy as you might think! Due to a full booking week the resort manager asked my husband and I if we would like to move to the honeymoon bure for the night at no extra charge, so we packed up and the staff moved our bags to Q10 a newer bure. It is certainly larger than Bune and has two bathrooms, one indoor and one outdoor, all connected to the pool on your veranah. There is a large main room with a large t.v screen and plenty of DVD's etc. and some lovely furniture and of course that amazing comfortable bed. The bathroom boasted two sinks and more storage space than the regular bure. It was a lot further down the beach and at the other side of the beach equipment hut. We were not there long enough to fully enjoy the larger accommodation and if I went again would I go for the larger - probably - my husband was very happy with Bune and so was I but of course I would have loved to have the extra room. Maybe next time, but, whichever you choose, your holiday will not be memories of that accommodation, it will be the Fijian people who work there and their amazing ability to allow you to have the best holiday.

If you go, you will cry when you leave - Guaranteed!

I hope this has helped you make an informed decision.


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4. Re: Qamea questions..

Hi be cautious here. Fiji is fabulous. Sort the qamea reviews into bad first and read with care. Also note the forums and current still angry at treatment at this resort by past guests. Our experience suggests Likuliku as the best expeience we have had in Fiji. Everything - the rooms the food the weather the diving. Qamea was the worst holiday we have ever had anywhere. Compounded by have been at Tomberua for two weeks before our two weeks in Qamea - Tomberua is smaller, great value for money and simply exceptional fiji family of staff.

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5. Re: Qamea questions..

JosephPerth...get a life..go on another trip somewhere...move on...life is too short to ba angry for such a long time!

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6. Re: Qamea questions..

Why the hostility towards Joe. He is entitled to share his experiences and his opinions. Your dismissal is rude and uncalled for.

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7. Re: Qamea questions..

No resort is perfect. Unfortunately Qamea has taken a battering lately. There were too many negative complaints for them not to have some substance. Hopefully this, what seems to be fantastic resort will recover from this publicity. It would have been very simple for the owners to apologise for any complaints and to act on them. Hostility gets no one anywhere and in business you can't afford to alienate customers. I feel for those who have a grievence as some people save for a long time for their holidays and want them to be fantastic.

Some of the rude responses to those who have not had a good experieince were totally uncalled for and have done nothing for those they have seemingly tried to protect.

This forum gives people the right to relate their experiences that is what it is about and to suggest that a particular topic be shut down because the reviews don't suit some people is ridiculous.

Management of any resort should have enough confidence in their resort to take a bad review and aim to fix what was wrongwithout hostiliity.

I hope those who have suffered a bad experience at any resort will not be turned off from returning to Fiji.

I hope Qamea moves on from all of this as I said it looks a fantstic resort as its devotees testify.

8. Re: Qamea questions..

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