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The city center and Cloudiness of Salvador

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The city center and Cloudiness of Salvador

Hello everyone! I am hoping to come to Salvador in July. I won't come there just for the beaches but I also like them to spend money. Is it too rainy to live in Salvador in June ? It will affect our daily lifes ? and last question: I will select my social responsibility project according to their locations. Where is the city center, where should I accept as the city center to calculate the distance to my project ?

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1. Re: The city center and Cloudiness of Salvador

Salvador Information:


Rio Vermelho, Brazil:

Salvador’s trendiest neighborhood has cobblestone streets, plentiful beaches and plenty of stylish hotels, music venues, art spaces, and restaurants.


Salvador, one of the birthplaces of Brazilian culture:


How to spend five days traveling in Salvador.

Once the capital of the country, Salvador is composed of a mix of European, African and native heritage, that is reflected in the local music, dance and architecture.


Salvador’s Top Contemporary Art Galleries and Museums:


You could easily spend a whole day in Pelourinho, Salvador’s colorful historic center. Lots to see and do and there are a number of fine restaurants.

If you like folk dance, you may want to get tickets for Pelourinho’s Balé Folclórico da Bahia:


If you’re looking for a nice place to go for lunch or dinner and if you’re in the mood for a great caipirinha, the Cuco Bistrô should be your first choice in Pelourinho.

Near the beautiful church of São Francisco, Cuco has a charming, cozy atmosphere, an attentive, English-speaking staff, and a varied menu featuring Bahian-style fish and meat dishes. I had the seafood mocequa, which was delicious, and the coffee was the best I tasted in Brazil.


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2. Re: The city center and Cloudiness of Salvador

it will be the end of the rainy season in SSA (April and May are the rainiest months)... but it is not India-style monsoon with nonstop rain there,,, so. over a course of weeks, you will definitely have chances for beach... as commented in other threads, best beaches are outside town... you will get info on them on how to get there from your local contacts...

dont think of "city center" in European terms... parts of the "city center" (e.g. Comércio area) are fairly run down nowadays... the historic/touristic center, the colonial heritage Pelourinho area, would not be my first choice for long term stay either... but there are some "fancy" areas close to there, like Corredor da Vitória...


there are middle class areas along the shore,,, places like Barra have, in my opinion, a good combo for staying long term there (shopping, restaurants, an assortment of things you need for daily life, sort of mid point between Pelourinho and Rio Vermelho areas etc)...

use Praia do Farol da Barra as a reference point:


pay attention that reviews here in trip advisor confuse very often Farol da Barra beach (locals call it "Barra" only) with Porto da Barra beach... NOT the same beach, though close... a lot of reviews are placed in the wrong heading...

you can see on this link which is which:


there is a contributor here in TA who knows Salvador better than anyone else... hopefully you will get a reply... and you will be able to get much more in-depth advice - especially in relation to social responsibility projects, as that person knows SSA much beyond the usual tourist areas (my knowledge is limited to these tourist- or business-related areas due to nature of my many trips there.... we did not have to go into underpriviliged areas for those trips...)

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3. Re: The city center and Cloudiness of Salvador


A lot of useful and accurate info is given above here.

Rain here in Salvador is rarely a BIG issue, though sometimes we have it raining cats and dogs (like this afternoon for example) and like Rokatoo mentionned, the worse season is indeed around now. I remember August of 2015 was very rainy (about 1 week almost nonstop) but that is the only time in over 10 years living here that I have seen that much rain here.

So, you may have a drop or two, but rainshowers rarely take more than 15minutes, you should be ok in July.

I am curious about your social project ... on what basis are you going to select ?

Not sure how you would consider the 'city-center' as well.

For example we have the 'historic city district' (roughly Pelourinho and Santo Antonio neighborhoods), but the commercial center is besides that. Salvador is a huge city (over 40km shoreline, around 4million inhabitants).

Another thing, 'city center' does not really equal with 'beach'.

Though, we have a pretty efficient UBER system going here in Salvador (at about half the price of regular cabs) with friendly and helpful drivers (but, there rarely speak English, so try to learn a minimum of Portuguese upfront)

BTW, you will definitly need Portuguese for your social project as well, without that you will probably not do a lot more than ... nothing ;-)

It would be helpful to know some more specifics about what you really want to do here, then we could give you some better tuned info ;-)

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4. Re: The city center and Cloudiness of Salvador

Hi there. Is there anyone that knows how to get to Ilha de Boipeba from Salvador Airport? many thanks in advance

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5. Re: The city center and Cloudiness of Salvador

Salvador Ilha de Boipeba:



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6. Re: The city center and Cloudiness of Salvador

Or you go via private transport

Or you go public, then you need patience and ... time

Proceed as follows :

- take a bus, or cab, or uber from Salvador airport to Ferry Terminal São Joachim (depending on traffic and your means of locomotion between 45 and 90 minutes)

- take the ferryboat to island Itaparica (about 45 min)

- take the bus to Valença (about 90 min), ferryboat terminal

- take a boat to Boipeba (about 80min)

The above times do not take in consideration the times between changing transportation modes ...

Carefull, it is best to arrive in Valença BEFORE 04.00PM, to be sure to have a boat to Boipeba the same day.

Or, a third option is the fastest and easiest (and also most expensive), by helicopter.

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