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Key Balinese words

Perth, Australia
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Key Balinese words

Hi all

What are some basic Balinese words you use / remember? I find everytime I visit Bali I forget the key words and I like to try and make an effort to use some words - I think it shows some respect.

I'd like to make a little list so I remember before I go!!

Terima Kasih

Bali, Indonesia
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for Ubud, Pemuteran, Yogyakarta Region
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1. Re: Key Balinese words

Probably better to just use Indonesian. Many people here in Bali are actually from other cultures and islands, plus Balinese is tricky to use because of the caste levels...

Perth, Australia
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187 posts
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2. Re: Key Balinese words

Ahhh see I knew one was easier to remember....I meant Indonesian! Any key Indonesian words or short sentences please...

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3. Re: Key Balinese words

Bagus- good bagus gali- very good

Inna- delicious/ yummy

Singla pis - no money

Singla can can- no problems

Salamat pagi- good morning

Salamat Milan- good evening (after 7pm)

Terimah kasi - thank you

Tidak- no

That's a few we learnt but apologies the spelling could be wrong. I found if you tried speaking indonesisn the Balinese would correct us or help us with the words. Was lots of fun practising!!!

Kuta, Indonesia
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4. Re: Key Balinese words

Jalan Jalan - walking

Sama sama - your welcome

Bali, Indonesia
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for Ubud, Pemuteran, Yogyakarta Region
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12,950 posts
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5. Re: Key Balinese words

Well, I remember a few threads recently with lots of good words and phrases so maybe do a search...and there are lots of good guides, particularly periplus that have a list of phrases that are very helpful. And at the airports and bookshops there are good little dictionaries that are quite good.

It's true people love when tourists use Indonesian..it does show a good heart and respect for Indonesian culture and so forth. Caveat...when you ask someone, for instance, what the price is, in Indonesian language...and the shopgirls think you speak Indonesian..and they answer in Indonesian..it makes for a little confusion and embarassment. Also if you mispronounce things or mix up words it can be not too great.

I remember once, when I had already been in Indonesia a few years, I was helping a friend take an orphan baby to a hospital..and I accidentally called the baby a PIG! And the friend was MUSLIM! I had accidentally said BABI instead of BAYI.... so just be aware of the pitfalls LOL

Have a great trip!

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6. Re: Key Balinese words

Enak, not inna :) as in enak sekali which you could say when asked if your meal was good.


who - siapa

when - kapan

where is - dimana ada

where to - kemana

may I - boleh

How are you - Apa kabar?

What's this - Apa ini

How much - berapa

good morning - selamat Pagi

good afternoon (llam-3pm) - selamat siang

good afternoon (after 3pm) - selamat sore

goodnight - selamat malam

sleep well - selamat tidur

goodbye - selamat tinggal(when you are leaving)

goodbye - selamat jalan (when you are staying)

please - silahkan

thank you - terima kasi

welcome - selamat datang

you're welcome - sama sama

sorry - ma'af

excuse me - permisi

I want it - saya mau

I do not want it - saya tidak mau

What is your name - siapa nama

My name is... nama saya...

Adelaide, Australia
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7. Re: Key Balinese words

Thanks heaps Linda, great list. I always try my local lingo with our Nanny.. She laughs alot at me but always helps me get it right, She said that the Balinese appreciate it when we take the time to attempt their language as it is a sign of respect.... Even if your bad at it like me...lol :-)

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8. Re: Key Balinese words

My name is Fiona = Nama saya Fiona

Married = Menikah

Single = Tunggal

hahaha I know it's usually the first question I get asked when shopping on my own ;)

Sanur Bali
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9. Re: Key Balinese words

Sorry to say but please ignore the list posted by taraweez. It is a mixture of two different languages. plus three of the phrases are incorrect.

The list posted by Linda is spot on.

As ubudpuppy has said, an incorrect word can change a whole sentence.

There is a big difference between baby and babi. Asking for pepes will get you a meal, asking for pepek will get you thrown out of the restaurant.

Ken yang in Indonesian and ken yang in Balinese have completely different meanings.

Adelaide, Australia
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10. Re: Key Balinese words

Hi Fiona, good for you I agree, I think it's respectful too.

Just a note on the goodbyes ie: selamat tinggal and selamat jalan.

I'm currently taking Bahasa Indonesian classes (still in the early stages) and I was always one to use these 2 phrases. Our teacher (guru) who originates from Java explained to us the other night (malam) that it is best not to use them as they are melancholic. His example was if he was saying goodbye to some friends that were boarding a leaky boat to Australia and it was likely that he would never see them again, in that case it would be appropriate to use selamat jalan!

Have you come across this website http://www.learningindonesian.com/ they offer from memory 40 free lessons that I downloaded onto CD and listen to them in my car which I find very useful especially when it comes to the pronunciation of words which can be tricky.

Have fun :0)

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