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Travellers Cheques

Bideford, United...
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Travellers Cheques

Has anyone had any experience of Travellers Cheques this year in Candolim and Majorda.

We went there last year and had a little trouble in Candolim but was OK in Majorda.

The Banks here tell us that Travellers Cheques are 'going out of fashion'!

They tell us to use a Pre-Paid Travel Money Card. Has anyone used these in Goa and was it successful (did you use them in shops / restaurants etc. or ATM's). We do not really want to take all cash. Any advice / suggestions would be appreciated.



Banbury, United...
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1. Re: Travellers Cheques

I spoke to my money exchange man in Cavelossim the other day and he said he is accepting travel cheques as long as they are american express

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2. Re: Travellers Cheques

Thomas cook india are still selling travellers cheques to Indians travelling overseas

London, United...
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for Cavelossim
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3. Re: Travellers Cheques

So what if they are 'going out of fashion' according to bank staff? They are secure and will be replaced, if lost or stolen, and quickly. I always take a supply everywhere as an emergency back up and just hang on to them. Best form of emergency cash in my view.

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4. Re: Travellers Cheques

I agree with londonraffles they are the safest way of carrying currency especially if you are overseas for a long period of time changing destinations with no safe facility

I number of years ago I was staying at the ticlo and I got chatting to a guy in reception who was all hyped up hed just arrived and was just going out to hire an enfield as he was a motorcycle enthusiast later that day I saw him and his wife pottering about on an enfield looking smitten

next day i bumped into the couple in the hotel and his wife was going ballistic with him as it turned out hed only gone and forgot to bring their travellers cheques away with them but he did have the receipt with the serial numbers in his wallet

I calmed them down and told them not to panic as I could loan them some money to get them by but I did warn him that when he rang American express to tell a white lie and just say that he had lost them rather than forgot them as they may refuse to replace them

anyhow after 2 days and a little bit of hassle on the phone it turned out well and to date they are the only people that I have ever met that have had to go through the process of claiming other than a handful of couples that have been victims of the scooter bagsnatchers but luckily for all of them the majority of their valuables were in the hotel safe

East Ayrshire...
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5. Re: Travellers Cheques

If anyone is in candolim or going soon could you please ask of travellers cheques are accepted, we are getting a pre paid card but prefer the security of tc too,

Thanks :)

Leeds, United...
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6. Re: Travellers Cheques

You will have great difficulty changing Travellers Cheques I don't know of anywhere in the CCBB that will change them possibly Western Union best to take cash.

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7. Re: Travellers Cheques

we had this last season people saying it was difficult to change travellers cheques but there was a genuine banking problem at the time but not quite sure what it was

we stayed in panjim last march during this so called problem and changed our travellers cheques in Thomas cooks in panjim but im sure ive seen a Thomas cooks in ccb

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8. Re: Travellers Cheques

people having problems in Calengute with T.C. There is no Thomas Cook shops in Calengute i don't know about Candolim..)

Port Talbot, United...
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9. Re: Travellers Cheques

There is a TC office just up by the market in Panim, but people are being very wary of taking travellers cheques, because they are due to be phased out, as there are so many forgeries around the world. Last year it was murder, a friend of mine had scottish bank notes, and travellers cheques they wouldnt change either.

Manchester, UK
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10. Re: Travellers Cheques

I know the Elephant Shop in Candolim was refusing to change travellers cheques last year. We've got an ICICI card each so will be transferring money onto that and withdrawing free from the ATMs. Used them last year and found them really useful.