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Halal food in Dubai

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Halal food in Dubai

do all restaurants serve halal food including mcD, KFC, Nandos..????


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81. Re: Halal food in Dubai


I’m not going to continue debating this matter with you ad infinatum

I respect your views and your faith, and I hope you can always find places in the U.K. that enable you to dine guaranteed Halal, as to your wish, but do you ask every place here whether their food is certified Hahal?

What do they show you to prove it is, and do you trust their word, or is it just food outlets in the Dubai Mall that you have suspicions about?

I will let other members continue this discussion, as they see fit, whatever their faith.

I wish you well.

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82. Re: Halal food in Dubai

Mondial: I was going to say and extend the same courtesy to you. Here we are trying to enlighten one another on a subject there is so much confusion and controversy about in that some times it is good thing to discuss these matters in a mature civilized adult manner of what so often gets swept under the carpet through prejudice and ignorance.

In UK. we are very fortunate that in this country that we can debate and discuss all manners of such issues as we have been doing here. Believe me, I have nothing against Dubai. For little of what I saw of it, I found it very highly developed clean state considering all the squalor and poverty one surrounds oneself with in other parts of the Arab world. I just found Dubai a little incongruous with its halal/haram perception in a supposed 'Muslim' majority country that someone had the need to mention that they served 'halal food' when one would have assumed that one was surrounded with all things halal with the exception for those that don't subscribe to it i.e non-Muslims.

Anyhow, Its been a good healthy exchange. We have learnt a thing or two from each other. My next sojourn is to Ukraine as I take to river-boat cruise down mighty Dnieper from Kiev to Odessa Black Sea. I wonder if there will by any halal restaurants along the route - otherwise it will be veggies and fish 'n chips for me all the way! I wish you well. Good luck and keep healthy.

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83. Re: Halal food in Dubai

Mondial: Forgive me for returning to the subject we thought we had laid to rest and closed. You asked me whether whenever I eat out in the UK I ask whether the food I am going to partake in is 'halal' or not. Firstly, as a matter of my Islamic faith I have to trust other Muslims implicitly for what they serve or sell me by the way of meat products if the seller professes and submit to the religion of Islam. The same goes with big establishment that serve Muslim customers – hotel proprietors will tell you if their meat source is 'halal' when one enquires discretely before ordering. Most UK supermarkets have exclusive 'halal sections' - the meat product is little more expensive.

If the local community butcher sells and displays that he is selling/serving 'halal' then his word is good enough for his fellow Muslims to trust and not to challenge to demean or undermine his faith. The guilt of serving and selling what it is not, is his responsibility. Such a conduct is a matter of deep soul-searching and inner subconscious how to answer his blatant deception before his God before retiring for the night. And indeed, if over time it is shown and gets proved that he has been deceiving his fellow Muslim customers all along, then whether that business will last and survive is a matter of speculations once found out and the rumours have taken hold in the community. In Islam the butcher trade carries one of the greatest responsibility towards the community it serves. Fortunately UK has plethora of halal outlets in every town and city from John o'groats to Lands End.

I hope this answers your curiosity. I apologise for not having stated this in my earlier post. The subject I hope is truly closed. Thank you.

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84. Re: Halal food in Dubai

Fast food even tastes so much better in Dubai - the MacArabia chicken meal served by MacDonalds is yummy ! All visitors should try.

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85. Re: Halal food in Dubai

What u asked was brilliant. Cos if a Muslim country can allow the sales of Alcohol and pork...then we have all the right to question. Nawaaz South Africa

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86. Re: Halal food in Dubai

@kanjicorp I don't know if you will ever be able to read this comment/reply i am leaving but I just want to say that you hit the nail on the head with that reply. Its very hard to explain these days when trying to find out if the meat in a certain country is Halal or not. Especially if you are asking in a Muslim Country. They will look at you like you are an alien. I suppose what people (myself included) are trying to find out when asking this is, what standards are in place to ensure that the food has been slaughtered in accordance to the correct practice. I am thinking of visiting UAE and am not sure if I should eat the meat or not. If the meet is not sourced locally and is imported then how do I know that the meat imported from USA/Brazil has been slaughtered properly. I mean we can never be too sure unless we stand over the shoulder of the Meat Slayer even then we may be wrong due to our lack of knowledge but I mean at least if we knew that there is some sort of Committee or process that ensures the meat has been slaughtered to the best of their ability in the correct manner that is all most people asking such questions are trying to find out. I suppose in the end people want assurance and not blindly following or eating.

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87. Re: Halal food in Dubai

I will be visiting Dubai in November and have enjoyed reading the comments and posts regarding this subject. I look forward to eating "halal" meats while in Dubai as I find them especially tasty. As best as I can, I always try to eat "local" when I travel. McD's and KFC would not even be on my radar when travelling (except for the bathrooms in some countries).

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88. Re: Halal food in Dubai

Generally, when in doubt! Leave it out!

89. Re: Halal food in Dubai

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90. Re: Halal food in Dubai

Brother yes opposite is no and may be or let it be not come in halal or haram food. Its either halal or haram, not in between

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