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Beware - Willy Tour Operator

Maribor, Slovenia
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Beware - Willy Tour Operator


So, we were in Cusco this summer, trying to find a good company to book tours to Machu Picchu and other activities with.

A man was standing outside his office and invited us in, we went in interested in what they had to offer. Inside there was a man named Alex who spoke perfect English so we talked to him. He made a good offer, slightly more expensive than others but he really promised a better service so we decided to book the Machu Picchu tour with them. We also booked Quad biking tour there because he promised drone pictures and several other things.

Well... when we had our first tour, things started to unravel. Half of thigs he said weren't true. We didn't havr any drone photographing, we were half an hour late to begin with and we returned back to Cusco 2 hours late. We had to pay fir some additional service on the way and the deiver was driving like a maniac (and I have quite a lot of experience with Peruvian driving).

The tour to Mahu Picchu was okay but a lot of things he promised as a better service than others just weren't true.

We went back to him after the tours to get some money back but he was just playing stupid and accusing us of complaining about irrelevant "s**t".

I would never ever again book with him and I suggest you do the same. Find any other agency in Cusco, there are a million.

P.S. On this photo is the entrance to the agency, located on the main Plaza, next to the Interbank office. The Willy's office is the last one, about 15 meters through this entrance, on the right. Spare yourself a bad experience.

The photo: https://photouploads.com/image/ExkA

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Manchester, United...
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1. Re: Beware - Willy Tour Operator

We just got ripped off by the exact same guy. We booked 2 tours with him. The first tour was rainbow mountain and the tour was an hour late. He promised English speaking guide but the guide barely knows English.

Things got worse with the Machu Picchu tour when we faced protesters along the way and got left stranded in Santa Maria at nightfall. We had to catch our own taxi plus walking by foot 10km in the dark jungle. When we reached the accommodation he promised was so far away from main town center (and Aguascalientes Calientes in a super small town) Coming back he did not arrange anyone to pick us up. We had to buy our own train ticket and taxi back to Cusco

We went to ask for refund back with a lady police and he was acting angry. He called us scammers and said “you saw Machu Picchu? If you see it then my job is done” he also said a lot of things.

“I’m not god I can not control what happened. It’s not my responsibility”

“If you don’t go right now I won’t give you anything. Make police reports I don’t care. You are making me angry now”

“You don’t have to come here with police. If you just be nice I’ll give your money back.”

A lot of things he said was opposite of when he was trying to scam money from us. This guy is sneaky and a professional con man. Beware if you don’t want your vacation ruined and let’s hope someone will catch him soon.

Lyon, France
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2. Re: Beware - Willy Tour Operator

Le nom exact de cette agence est Willy Travel. Je m’y suis rendu pour booker la montagne des sept couleurs ainsi qu’un tour pour le Macchu Pichu avec une entrée pour le premier tour matinal.

Willy et Alex, les deux associés, nous ont vendu leur service comme étant les meilleurs, à des prix abordables.

Nous leur avons fait confiance, nous n’aurions pas dû. Leur métier consiste à voler les touristes et se faire de l’argent sur notre dos. Willy est malhonnête et n’a pas assez de courage pour vous regarder dans les yeux. Son compère Alex joue les victimes mais est autant un escroc.

Nous avons dû payer notre entrée pour la montagne des sept couleurs alors qu’elle était inclue dans notre prix.

Aussi, lors de notre arrivée au Machu Picchu, nous avons rencontré notre guide, qui nous a appris que nos tickets nous permettraient de rentrer seulement l’après-midi au Machi Picchu alors que nous avions payé pour le matin. Quelle déception. Au lieu de six heures de visite, nous n’en avons eu que deux. A 14h, nous avons dû vite repartir pour prendre un bus prévu à 16h30 à Hydroelectrica. Ce bus en question n’est arrivé qu’a 17h30.

NE RÉSERVEZ JAMAIS AVEC CET ESCROC. Ne gâchez pas votre voyage avec cet homme qui n’a aucun courage ni aucune parole. Et partagez vos mauvaises expériences avec cette agence afin que les autorités péruviennes en soient informées.

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Cusco, Peru
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3. Re: Beware - Willy Tour Operator

Guys NEVER EVER book a tour with WILLY TRAVEL at plaza de armas in Cusco!!!!!!!

We booked with them two tours an both were really s***. We booked it in the office with Alex, a well speak english guy. He is a really good seller, but just a speaker. All sounded so nice and honest, but it wasn't at all. The boss is called Willy and he has no idea of business and how to be in contact with people.

The first tour was rainbow mountains: we had to pay the entrance, but when we book Alex said it's included. The breakfast was with really bad organisation. So the food was coming ever 10 min and not all in one. We ate on toilet paper and had no plates and the soup was without a spoon. Then the whole day we were waiting always, it was so annoying. Our driver was really bad, he was always on his mobile phone during the drive.

The next tour was Machu Picchu and it was even worst. During the tour (after 9,5 hours) we got the message, that we get the second shift and not the first shift what we booked. So that meant no sunrise on Machu Picchu for us. Then we had to pay 152 Soles extra, because our student card didn't work (on the booking they said it's ok). Because of the second shift our bus went at 4:30 instead of 3 pm. That means we got instead of 5 hours only 2 hours at Machu Picchu and afterwards we could run from Machu Picchu to the bus stop, to catch the bus. In the end the bus went at 5:30 pm and we arrived in Cuzco at 1 am in the middle of the night (the plan was to be there at 9 pm). The guide is called Miguel and is also a actor like Willy and Alex. He always doing was Willy is saying him on his mobile phone. At the Machu Picchu a friend of us (booked with other company) was talking with a guide and we were standing next to him. Suddenly Miguel was coming and filming us with his mobile phone and sended it to Willy. He was looking for something bad, what he could send Willy. We quited the guide Miguel for Machu Picchu and spend the time in there by ourselfes.

So how you can see it was a really f*** tour with a lot of no goes. It was actually the worst tour I did in my life. We couldn't enjoy Machu Picchu at all, it was so stressful and destroyed a part of our holidays.

So please never book a tour with Willy and Alex, they are lyers and actors.

In the end after a long discusion on the next day we got some money back, but I would never ever be in contact again with them lyers!!!!!

Paris, France
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4. Re: Beware - Willy Tour Operator


I confirm that this compagny is a crooked one. We took bus tickets (go and go) for the Macchu Picchu and the return bus never came. We had to paid for another transport to go back to Cusco and then Willy’s travel told us that the bus indeed came. These are dishonest people. To absolutely avoid.

Atlanta, Georgia
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5. Re: Beware - Willy Tour Operator

Now, clearly these are very polite people. Had it been me I would've used different language. Bottom line, don't book with these *.

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6. Re: Beware - Willy Tour Operator

5 first posters ‘suddenly’ discovering the TA forums at the same time. My guess is it’s one person spoofing multiple reviews.

Paris, France
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7. Re: Beware - Willy Tour Operator


In fact after this very bad experience with Willy Travel I made some research on internet and find this interesting topic.

I therefore decide to publish for the fort time a comment in order to help other travellers.

Living in Europe, I am not used to use Trip Advisor whereas this is very useful in South America (I have then published another review for Alexandro Travel).

I can assure you that I am a unique person :)


8. Re: Beware - Willy Tour Operator

Hello. I would like to comment on these posts regarding Willy Tours. While I do not wish to disregard the negative experiences I would like to add that mine was completely positive. Alex is the salesman for the owners Willy and Jeanette. While he can be quite zealous I assure you that the owners showed complete integrity in following through with the details of the Machu Picchu trip. I held them accountable that what was promised would be delivered and I was not disappointed. I am sorry that you and others have had negative experiences. The owners themselves do not speak much English. I told them they have negative reviews. They went the extra effort to make sure that all went well and learn from past mistakes. I saw other customers quite satisfied as well. I encourage future travelers to speak with Jeannette not just Alex. She is the one who really puts the details together. Make sure that you really talk through and have in writing what is included in their package. You can negotiate a better deal with them. The owners really want to provide excellent service. If you only speak English, it perhaps is better to go with another company. If you can speak with the owners in Spanish I believe it is a much better experience and the communication and expectations can be more clearly defined.

Paris, France
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9. Re: Beware - Willy Tour Operator


Thank your for your comment :)

Just for information, we sent many WhatssApp to a woman of the agency (both in English and Spanish) but I can assure you no one answered us...

Hope that future guests will be luckier.


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10. Re: Beware - Willy Tour Operator

cela leur arrive parce qu'ils font confiance à des agences qui ne tiennent pas leurs promesses de services et d'offres, pourquoi? Parce qu'ils recherchent des prix ridicules qui ne représentent pas des coûts réels, ils devraient choisir avec plus d'attention les agences de voyages officielles, mais les prix des voyages coûtent évidemment plus cher.

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