To buy Hakone Free Pass and JR Pass or not?


I will be travelling to Japan for the first time next month. I would like to ask some clarifications about my itinerary.

I will be staying in Apartment Hotel in Shinjuku for four days then in the afternoon, travel via bus for 2hrs from Shinjuku Bus Expressway Terminal to Mount View Hakone (Y1900). I choose this route as the bus stops directly to the ryokan in Hakone.

I will drop off my bags at the ryokan then tour around.

Komagatake Ropeway Top station


Tozan railway

Go back to the ryokan for Onsen and kaiseki

In the morning,

Lake ashinoko and cruise? Quick boat ride

Hakone Shrine

Moto Hakone

Take the direct bus ( couldn’t read Japanese) from the ryokan to Odawara station (Y1050) for 55minutes- chose this as there’s no transfers.

Then from Odawara, take the Shinkansenin the evening, one way to Kyoto, stay there for three days

Then bus trip to Nara?

Then bus trip to stay two days in Osaka.

Then from Osaka airport Fly to Seoul. Then back to Narita Airport and home to Sydney.

All comments are highly appreciated.


1. If I buy the Hakone Free Pass, will it Include the buses from Shinjuku to Mount View Hakone and the bus from Mount View Hakone to Odawara Station?

2. I want to do the “loop” per se but I have to get off at the middle of it since that is where I will stay, what’s the systematic way of doing it? I have half day in the afternoon and the whole day the next day.

3. Is it safe to go inside the Owakudani? I heard it was closed due to volcanic activities?

4. I know summer is the worst time to see Mt Fuji, but in the mornings there may be a very slight chance of seeing Fujisan, which part of Hakone is the best?

5. is it quicker and cheaper if I just buy the JRpass from Odawara, then to Kyoto and Osaka.?

Or I just buy one way shinkasen from Odawara to Kyoto? If bus will be cheaper and not too much time consuming from Kyoto to Osaka/Nara?

6. Also, should I buy the three day unlimited Tokyo bus card for me to go around and use the ticket to go to Mount View Hakone?

Arigatou gozaimasu



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