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Dengue fever update question-Bali

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Dengue fever update question-Bali

I've read the posts through Nov.'11. We're going to Bali in April and traveling around the entire country, including Lombak. We are staying at upscale hotels, are in our 60's and well traveled. We're from the US and don't get current info on Bali. What is the current situation with dengue? The drier season should be starting. Is it more prevelant in some places versus others? Some posts say urban areas are the problem. With the heat and humidity, we hate to think of wearing long sleeves/long pants or Buzz-Off clothes. We've read contradictory reports yet very few hotel reviewers on TA mention dengue or mosquitos. Is the threat enough to cancel our trip?

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1. Re: Dengue fever update question-Bali

We were in Bali in March 2012 (17 days). During that time, we stayed at a villa in Canggu, a villa in North Bali (near Lovina) and a villa in Gianyar. In 17 days, I applied repellant twice (once when I didn't even need it), and literally had not one mosquito bite the entire time. No one in my family of four had one either. Now, I am absolutely certain that the villas all used insecticide to prevent or kill mosquitos. But, we also didn't notice them when we were out and about at various places (markets, shopping, Botanical Gardens, Bird Park, etc). My opnion was that the mosquito risk was vastly overstated.

We came back with nearly all the repellant we traveled with. LOL!

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2. Re: Dengue fever update question-Bali

on our last trip inlate feb 2012 in one place the dengue fever was bad as there was a lot of construction going on and a lot of rain the mosquito was laying in a swiming pool that was full of gren water our friends stayed opposite this place and many guest got sick. when they realized what the problem was they drained the pool and foged the construction site 2x aday for a few days and it worked .make sure you put on a repellant on when you go out and about there local one is called off it is great no smell we bring some home each trip .kobrob..

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3. Re: Dengue fever update question-Bali

There is dengue fever in Bali. It is in the popular tourist areas despite people saying it is mainly in other areas. I contracted Dengue fever in January. I was staying in Legian at the time. There was an abundance of mosquitoes day and night despite the hotel fogging twice in the week we stayed there.

Personally I would not be cancelling my trip but instead concentrating on ensuring that you have mosquito repellant on throughout the day and ensure your room is sprayed as well.

We all had repellant on day and night and I was the only one unlucky enough to contract dengue. We were in Bali for 3 weeks and stayed at different hotels, some were basically free of mosquitoes others had them.

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4. Re: Dengue fever update question-Bali

Snookystravel's view is I feel is spot on. Good advise

My daughter too contracted Dengue in Jan 2011. The only one in her group.

She feels she can pinpoint the only time she was bitten.

It was in the daytime & she didn't use repellant as well as she should.

Neither did the others, so a bit of a lottery really.

Take your repellant, spray regularly & have a lovely time.

If you like lemongrass then there is a thought that drinking lemongrass tea prior & during your stay helps to stop the bites. Apparrently they don't like the smell.


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5. Re: Dengue fever update question-Bali

It is quite common in Bali. I wouldn't cancel your trip but take every precaution you can to protect yourself.

I go to Bali every year 5 years ago I was staying in uluwatu when I was bitten it took Afew days before I went downhill and when I say downhill it was an absolutely awlful


I was lucky enough to make it back home to Australia where I was then hospitalized for two weeks with a serious condition of dengue fever

I wouldn't wish it upon my worse enemy it was truly an awlful experience.

But im heading there again in may and I have lots of replient with me :-)

Enjoy your holiday just take all the precautions and you'll be fine

BUT in saying that I still return year after year and take precaution in hope I won't get it again because it's severe if getting stung by a mosquito carrying dengue fever again it can most cetainly turn out deadly

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6. Re: Dengue fever update question-Bali

We were in Bali last week. Yes, there is a risk of dengue fever but I wouldnt cancel my trip. If you use common sense and apply repellant you should be ok. We stayed in Legian and then in Ubud. I bought spray and sprayed the room each day and we religiously used repellant. I must say we didnt see the mosquitos but better to be safe than sorry. We brought Bushman's 40per cent deet from home but bought Autan and Soffitel repellants from the supermarket there. Very cheap and brought lots home with us. I am sure you will have a lovely time.

7. Re: Dengue fever update question-Bali

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8. Re: Dengue fever update question-Bali

Yes, there is a risk. However it is not as bad as it might seem.

The comments above are all correctly informing.

Lemongrass oil is available in Indonesia, it is called Minyak Sereh.

The Aedes mosquito (if it is infective at the time) carries the dengue virus.

It is active in the daytime from dawn to dusk. If an area is well illuminated at night with daylight temperature lighting they might get confused and remain active, however that is not common.

It must be stressed though the Aedes mosquitos you might see do not necessarily present more than a theoretical risk as they do have to be infective and carrying live virus to have any detrimental effect.

They are of course not all infected with the virus, and they have a short life cycle so an infective chain often self limited.

Outbreaks do occur but this year has not been too bad. The reports you are seeing are describing relatively isolated instances, not cascading "outbreaks' of transmission and infection.

Just take sensible precautions and most certainly do not cancel your trip, that would be a quite unnecessary outcome.

Use minyak sereh and/or a DEET based repellant.

Just so you know what they look like have a look here... …wordpress.com/2011/09/dengue2.jpg

However if you are bitten by one and recognise it as Aedes, don't get too alarmed, it probably is not carrying the virus unless you are most unlucky, or there is a widespread outbreak occurring at the time.

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9. Re: Dengue fever update question-Bali

Please don't be put off or alarmed by some of the over dramatized replies here.

Each evening around 5pm just use Autan cream on exposed areas, this can be bought everywhere and comes in small sachets for Rp2000, buy a strip of 10 and carry a few in your bag or pocket.

So don't be bringing bottles of repellant with you, just buy local as you need.

I've lived here 5 years and haven't had any problems.

Happy holidays to you.

Bali, Indonesia
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10. Re: Dengue fever update question-Bali

Do not cancel your trip through a fear of Dengue fever. I have lived in Bali and Java for over 15 years and have never gotten it, although I do know of people who have, of course. I stupidly rarely use mosquito repellent, but I do travel with a sachet and put it on if I see mosquitos about.

The other thing is, mosquitos are attracted to smells, so try not to wear strong perfumes and bathe often, as the Balinese do.