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Hotel Recommendation

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Hotel Recommendation

Hi all on TripAdvisor,

I need some help choosing a decent Hotel in Bali I have looked at many hotels on the island and really cant find any 4/5 star hotels without negative comments from other travellers.

I need a family room for 3 adults on a B/B deal on the beach with a view for 7 nights next March 2019. need a quiet area but not to far from some shops and restaurants, Looked at Nusa Dua area but it seems a lot of the hotels are having building work done so open to suggestions, Is it worth going to the north of the Island?

Also what are meal and drink costs in restaurants not to upmarket, and taxi cost traveling out and about, just some idea.

What rate is the GB pound to the local currency and is it cheaper there than in the UK. I will have my 18 yr old son with us so any ideas what we both can do, not including my wife as she is not to adventurous.

And finally weather in March is it the same all over the island or is it better in certain areas and what will it be like sunny/hot wise!!

Thank you for all your help and if there is any relevant info that might help please reply.

BOB Essex UK

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1. Re: Hotel Recommendation

Hi Bob,

Bali is big and has thousands of hotels so you really need to choose where in bali you want to stay before anyone can suggest something for you.

Look at the two pinned posts at the top of the forum. Read through these so you get an understanding of what you want out of your holiday and where would be suitable for you to stay.

Also stating your likes and dislikes for example: you don't like clubbing but what a nice calm beach etc.

March is good weather, coming out of the rainy season into nice and hot days with maybe rain over night.

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2. Re: Hotel Recommendation

Many first timers find Bali quite daunting so perhaps research Nusa Dua and nearby Tanjung Benoa where much of the water sports action is or Sanur which has a bit of water sports at the southern end,a bit of shopping with popular fixed price shops at the northern end and a myriad of restaurants from basic to very good,both on the beach and on the main road (Jl. Tamblingan) which runs parallel to the beach. Options for shopping and reasonably priced restaurants are limited in Nusa Dua but it has some beautiful hotels. When staying there we pay 30,000rp and go by taxi about 4km to the group of good restaurants opposite the Grand Mirage on Jl. Pratama. Our favourite is Bali Cardamon. Look up xe.currency which will give you the wholesale rate so take off about two per cent and that is what a money changer will give you. Change a little at the airport in Bali to get you started as the rate is not quite as good,do not change into rupiah In Your homeland and do research on here about where not to change money in Bali as there are many pitfalls for the unwary.I can recommend a trustworthy young driver for airport pickups or day trips if you need one

Narangba, Australia
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3. Re: Hotel Recommendation

It is doubtful that you will find any hotels without negative comments as some people tend to only post reviews when they are unhappy about something. I tend to read the negative comments first and decide whether or not they are genuine issues or just someone complaining about the most minor of things. As you are travelling with your 18 yea old son, you may want to carefully consider the area you stay by reading the pinned posts as already suggested. Nusa Dua has nice hotels but there is nowhere in walking distance to head to shops or restaurants and therefore becomes very expensive.

Mermaid Beach...
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4. Re: Hotel Recommendation

Hi Bob also be aware that with only 7 days holiday in March you will need to avoid nyepi day. I believe it is March 7or 8 next year. I love nyepi but as you are first timers and only there one week and looking for adventure I feel you may be somewhat frustrated. Research Nyepi day for your own peace of mind. Richard.

Bandung, Indonesia
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5. Re: Hotel Recommendation

I would look at the overall ratings of those 4 and 5 star hotels rather than the occasional individual reviews. All it takes is for one unhappy incident that might not really be the fault of the hotel and then they get a negative comment. If you are looking on hotel booking websites such as Agoda or Booking.com then usually anything with a rating of 8 or higher is going to be pretty good.

I would not recommend staying in Nusa Dua. Choose Seminyak, perhaps the Padma Hotel, or one of the beach hotels in Sanur.

It will be better that you change your money in Bali and not in the UK. Change as little as possible at the airport, just enough to get you to your hotel and a little extra, perhaps £30 and then change the rest at one of the reputable money changers that we always recommend on this forum such as BMC, Central Kuta Money Exchange and www.balibestrate.com. You'll find several branches of these places in Bali.Bring nice clean newish notes with no markings ir writing or tears and no Scottish notes.

Saint Louis
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6. Re: Hotel Recommendation

You ask about the north. My wife and I just came back from staying 10 nights in the north, and we highly recommend the area. There are not large shops there, but there are compensations. The place we stayed, The Villas Tejakula, has two bedroom villas, each with its own private pool, where your son could stay in one of the bedrooms. If you were there on a Sunday, the owner teaches at an informal class for kids who want to learn English. The teachers, who are not native English speakers, love it when native English speakers help out. (I taught the kids a song, which they seemed to appreciate.) You can visit a weaving cooperative, something not commonly found in some of the built-up areas. There are village markets to walk to, where we were the only tourists. Unspoiled is a word that comes to mind.

Sans Souci...
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7. Re: Hotel Recommendation

March is low season & wet season, the weather during the wet season e.g March when not raining is hot & humid.

The more popular Tourist areas on the south/west side Tuban (South Kuta) closest resort area to the airport & a quiet area.

Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Canggu.

Ubud in the mountains.

Sanur, Benoa & Nusa Dua on the south/east side.

Recommended that you use drivers for long day trips,1/2day trips or if you are wanting to go to parks e.g Elephant Park, Bali Zoo, Butterfly Park, Bird Park/Reptile Park, Safari Park.

Taxi's (small sedans) for travel in the tourist areas or from one tourist area to another e.g Kuta to Sanur, Legian to Seminyak etc.

Happy hour beers e.g Heineken (glass) Rp42,000, San Miguel Rp40,000.

Small bottle Bintang Rp22,000/Rp25,000, Large bottle Bintang Rp35,000, Radler (Bintang) Rp26,000.

Club sandwich, Rp40,000, Spring rolls Rp25,000, Nasi Goreng (rice)Rp15,000, Mie Goreng (noodles) special Rp42,000,

Chicken Schnitzel Rp60,000, Chicken Cordon blue Rp70,000.

(Cheaper dining & non of the above prices were at Warung/Restaurants where they add tax to the total of the bill)

Taxi's flag up on meter was Rp7,000.(assume it still is)

As examples, Legian to Jl Kartika Plaza/Waterbom, South Kuta Rp35,000 (fare rounded up)

Legian/Seminyak border to Sanur Rp112,000.

Kuta to Legian Rp25,000.

Legian to Tuban (South Kuta) Rp45,000 (fare rounded up)

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8. Re: Hotel Recommendation

Thanks Guys for all the helpful information, there a lot to go on planning my trip to Bali.

Regards to all that replied.

Cheers Bob Essex

Munich, Germany
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9. Re: Hotel Recommendation

Hi Bob,

Firstly stay away from UK Travel agencies. They push a handful of hotels often in the manufactured and somewhat sterile area of Nusa Dua/Benoa. You could be anywhere. Basically full of 5* AI style resorts, often gated, often with little to nothing outside of them. Also the most expensive part of the Island.

Similar type of area is Jimbaran although at least only a short taxi ride away to some life.

Do some research on Bali and see what interests you. One persons "must see/do" is anothers "why bother" and we all have different interests.

e.g. I dive and wife likes to snorkel so we stay in the diving/snorkeling areas. Just done 5 days in Amed, now in Pemuteran and Tomorrow off to Ubud for 3 days before finishing in Kuta.

Around Ubud there is the sightseeing stuff but also local activities like Whitewater rafting, cycling tours and jungle Quad Biking.

Book everything locally. All activities include free transport from your hotel.

If you choose to stay "down south" you can still do activities like WWR. They will transport you all the way to Ubud and back.

Please bear in mind that traffic is slow going around Bali and you will barely average 20mph. DPS to Ubud is 25miles and usually takes 1h30.

You could easily choose to stay in 2 places with a week. e.g. transfer directly to Ubud on landing then do a southern beach resort for second half.

Much depends on what the 18yr old wants to do. When mine were that age one wanted to be by the pool with internet access (he's now 23, has his own web companies and still lays by the pool) while the other wanted to be out and about (she's 25 and a Marine biologist research scientist).

If the 18 wants to learn surfing then stay in the Kuta/Legian/Seminyak area. Big long mainly surfing Kuta beach. Think of this area as basically the Aussie version of the Spanish costas/Majorca but not so brash.

Can eat out failry cheap. Poppies 1&2 in Kuta full of cheap eats and can get nice mixed fish grill for IDR85k under £5. Beer IDR40k for a large beer, over a pint.

Seminyak sees itself as upmarket so has prices to match for eating/drinking. Has its fair share of pretentious restaurants and beach clubs where you can pay more for pasta than you do at home but still find plenty of nice, non- pretentious places to eat.

Legian good compromise.

All areas merge into eachother any way.

Sanur is a bit more laid back and easy going.

Please be aware that places can add up to 21% Govt/Service tax to your bill.

Imported named brand spirits like Gordons or Captain Morgans can easily be IDR80k a go ~ £5

Local Bali wine the same. Imported Aussie stuff IDR100k

People often bring cash and exchange it locally. Change some at the Airport. Rate not as good as the street but for use it was only IDR200rp per€ different. So for €100 the difference wouldn't even buy you a small beer.

Even the Airport will be far better than the UK Post Office foreign currency xchange service.

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