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How many GBP do I need in Bali in June for 10 days?

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How many GBP do I need in Bali in June for 10 days?

How many GBP do I need in Bali in June for 10 days? Flights and accommodation are already paid for. Staying in Seminyak and Ubud.

Is it possibly to use debit cards ok there?

Many thanks

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1. Re: How many GBP do I need in Bali in June for 10 days?

Impossible to answer this regular question too many variables.

Allow 1 million pp per day and take home the change or have some back up.

Search this topic in the search bar.

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2. Re: How many GBP do I need in Bali in June for 10 days?

We don't know how you intend to spend your money, e.g how many day trips, how many activities, where you will dine, will you drink water, soft drinks, juices, beer or cocktails/spirits, will you shop?

As a couple & when i've travelled solo usually budget as an example Aussie$100/day, how much of that $100 we need each day depends on what we do or we may need a tad more.

We have always taken more cash than we need & always bring cash home with us, we don't use credit/debit cards, sorry i can't help you re using a debit card.

Change money as you need to & keep money & valuables in your in room safe.

Seminyak is mostly boutique fixed price shops, e.g jewellery, clothing, shoes/handbags & homewares.

Many of the restaurants have a 'name' & dining is upmarket/fine dining compared to the more casual/family dining in Legian & the cheaper dining in Kuta restaurants e.g Poppies lanes, Jl Benesari (many that don't add tax to the total of the bill) and Warung.

We now stay in Kuta & dine in & around Kuta, breakfast at our hotel (many would eat more than they would eat for breakfast at home especially if breakfast is a buffet!), usually don't worry about lunch & dinner in the evening.

We take bottled water with us when out walking or with a driver, if we stop for a drink it may be a large Bintang to share or a juice e.g watermelon or milkshake.

To full day trip most drivers are quoting Rp600,000 (that is per vehicle, not per person) & Rp300,00-350,000 1/2 day trip.

Activities, prices vary, we paid Rp300,000 for white water rafting booked through one of the tour stands on the street (price includes pick up from & return to your accommodation)

Ask prices for activities at more than one tour stand, they have brochures & for some activities there are more than one/few different companies so ask questions e.g what the price includes.

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3. Re: How many GBP do I need in Bali in June for 10 days?

Probably anywhere between £30 - £80 per day, but that entirely depends on what you will do when you are here. For example, if you want to hire a driver, then that is going to cost you £30 a day. If you are going to rent a scooter then that will cost £3 a day. Same goes for food, eating in nice restaurants is more expensive than eating in food courts or local places.

You can use debit cards at ATM machines but choose the ATM machine carefully (the ones in banks or the airport are safer) and Credit cards are accepted in some restaurants and shops.

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4. Re: How many GBP do I need in Bali in June for 10 days?

Hi becky,

As above you can use ATMs to get cash but there has been some skimming. Avoid all ATMs in minimarts and anywhere which isn't very public. Always cover your pin.

You should be aware that ATMs, unlike those in the UK, give back the card AFTER the cash is dispensed. You can think cash in hand means card returned and walk away. Yes it does happen.

Also due to crap programming Indonesian ATMs process withdrawal transactions even when empty and will debit your account. If this happens take a note of the machine bank, location and if possible the Serial No. (Sometimes a plate on the front) and report to your home bank.

Many people bring cash and exchange it as they go at authorised money changers. You can change some at the Airport on arrival then use local Authorised Money Changers like BMC, www.balibestrate.com and "Central Kuta". Central Kuta has the most branches in all the major tourist areas.

But rules apply. Always be the last to touch and count the money. If the money changer touches the cash after you've counted it then he is dodgy and the con is on. Count, count and count again.

How much?

Who knows. Can get nice enough dishes in nice cafe/warungs/bars for IDR85k - under £5. A small beer IDR28k ish. £1.30

Wine and spirits are expensive. Captain Morgans/Gordons can easily cost IDR80k. Glass of wine similarly.

Seminyak is the most expensive part of the Kuta/Legian/Seminyak stretch. Can easily pay 50% more for eating/drinking same stuff in similar surroundings. You can easily pay more for pasta than you do at home.

Go to a pretentious beach club and say buy to £100.

Also generally tax can be added to a bill. Up to 21%.

But Kuta merges into Legian merges into Seminyak. Just by crossing a road. You can actually be in Seminyak and be closer to Kuta than Seminyak square.

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5. Re: How many GBP do I need in Bali in June for 10 days?

thank you

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6. Re: How many GBP do I need in Bali in June for 10 days?

I budget for $A100 per day for everything including accommodation.

I do not use debit cards except as an emergency backup. My bank charges a fee and uses poor exchange rates.

Except for high end hotels and shops, Rupiah cash is used.

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