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Honeymoon, staying in Sanur&Ubud, itinerary/questions?

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Honeymoon, staying in Sanur&Ubud, itinerary/questions?

(not sure what happened to the title there!)

Hey guys staying between September 19th-30th this year, changed my mind a few times but I think staying in Sanur for part of it and Ubud for the rest would be best for us.

We want to do the following sort of activities...

Few days relaxing, going to beach, sunbathing etc.

Bali Zoo, butterfly house etc

Water Park

Monkey forest in Ubud

White water rafting

Some sort of boat trip/maybe snorkeling (though we'd be amateurs) day trip

A couple of different walking/nature type activities, as in seeing a few different waterfalls, walking through jungle, visiting various temples, maybe volcanoes unless it's an overly experience required hike etc. Ubud itself seems to have some decent walks just around the area looking at maps etc

So with that sort of thing in-mind, what would be the best time to split between the locations? Obviously by the looks of things day trips can basically go from anywhere really, but obviously some things will likely be a bit less travel time setting off from Ubud than Sanur (looking at waterfalls/temples, for instance). I was thinking pretty much even, maybe 6 nights Sanur 5 nights Ubud or other way around?

Then a few questions if anyone can give a bit of advice?

1) We land just before 9pm, obviously probably won't get into the arrivals area for another half hr or more. At this time will there be anywhere in the airport to change a bit of money and anywhere to buy a SIM with data? Or is it too late at that time?

2) I've had a look at quite a few trips and looked at tripadvisor itself, it seems like their are tons of companies offering the same trips/guides, some charge you roughly 600,000IR EACH, where as many others will offer a driver/guide for the day for around 600,000 for the vehicle. The second option clearly seems better, but is it simply a case of hitting up a few of these companies/individuals who have a lot of positive feedback until you find someone available? What sort of notice do these places need? Is it quite easy to find someone to take you out for the day if you want to do something tomorrow for instance? Obviously certain places like the Zoo, water park etc we don't necessarily need a guide as such, more transportation, are taxis better here or is the cost difference not that much and thus you'd get a driver anyway? Then for say wanting to visit temples or find decent nature walks we can do ourselves, obviously we might not be quite sure where is best to go on a days trip out, are most drivers/guides able to give you a bit of advice of their own/take you to suitable places?

I'll probably think of a couple more questions but they were the main ones.

cheers for any advice guys!

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1. Re: Honeymoon, staying in Sanur&Ubud, itinerary/questions?

Hi Joseph,

In regards to the number of days in Sanur and Ubud, I would go with the split you suggested. You will use a couple of the days in Sanur if you go to Waterbom and on a boat trip (Nusa Lembongan - check out Newbro Surfing: http://newbrosurfing.com)

You will be able to change money at the airport at that time. We have changed money much later than that. Not sure about the SIM with data (check recent posts about this).

In regards to organising day trips, I would definitely go with booking a driver/guide and paying per car. If you want to book a driver/guide who has been recommended and is popular I would would contact the driver ahead of time, however we have done day trips that I organised a driver for on the day or day before. Not all drivers are guides so if you want a guide you will need to check that. Otherwise they will not be allowed to go to temples etc with you - they just wait for you outside.

I have learnt not to necessarily trust a driver to take us to places that they suggest as we have ended up going to restaurants, shops etc where the driver gets a cut, are very touristy and I did not really want to go to. When I organise a day trip now, I get an idea of places we want to go to from research then contact the driver by email. They usually make some good suggestions and adjustments. I also research what restaurants we would like to go to on day trips - sometimes drivers suggest good ones, however a couple we have been taken to in the past have been terrible.

If you are going somewhere like Waterbom from Sanur I would get a taxi because there are lots available and they are cheap (make sure it is a proper Blue Bird taxi and the meter is on). However with the zoo I would get a driver. You could also see other things before and after going to the zoo.

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2. Re: Honeymoon, staying in Sanur&Ubud, itinerary/questions?

Thanks a lot for the info! I've added a few mobile numbers of drivers who appear to act as guides that have been recommended on here/have good tripadvisor reviews, so I'll likely message them closer to the time to discuss.

One other thing about accommodation, I've read a lot to be careful your accommodation in Ubud is actually close to the central area itself as many say in Ubud, but since it's an area they can be 5+miles out of town. Looking on map views, I see a place called Ubud Palace (monkey forest down the road from it) then probably a mile in one direction is a place called The Blanco Renaissance Museum and a mile in the other is a supermarket called Delta Dewata, would this be the central area you're aiming your accommodation to be near if you want the main area to be within walking distance?

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3. Re: Honeymoon, staying in Sanur&Ubud, itinerary/questions?

We have split our time in Bali between Sanur and Ubud and found that going to Ubud first is a great way aclimatise and relax. The contrast between jungle and beach is lovely too. We have often booked drivers through our hotels (which have been boutique and more traditional) and found the price good. You can manage to visit quite a few sites in one day. I am sure you will have a wonderful trip!

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4. Re: Honeymoon, staying in Sanur&Ubud, itinerary/questions?

Most people consider the Ubud Palace to be the center point, so you can use that to gauge your accommodation choices. That being said, the most popular locations seem to be within the area of Jl. Bisma, Jl. Monkey Forest, & Jl. Hanoman.

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