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The $99 nine days tour to Beijing

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The $99 nine days tour to Beijing

Someone went on the $99 nine days tour to Beijing on Nexus Holidays, and should be back by now to report on the trip

Sydney, Australia
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61. Re: The $99 nine days tour to Beijing

Regarding $100 extra because you are a foreigner I think is a total crap. I don't speak Chinese and I didn't have to pay extra. Generally you can skip a day provided you have a medical certificate or if you can prove that you are very unfit to go.

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62. Re: The $99 nine days tour to Beijing

Hello All,

We took the $49 per adult and $99 per kid(under 18) for a 6 days Beijing Super Value Tour. We had good time. 6 of us going together, 2 adults, 2 seniors, 2 kids(12, 14). We all had good time.

Since we were going at the end of July and beginning of August, there were about 20 people in the group, 8 of them are kids with age(10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19). Kids were doing fine too. I think that more kids in the tour if you are going during the summer or Christmas holidays.

Please take a look at our photo collection if you have time:


My family like it, hope you like it too.

Happy Traveling :)

Calgary, Canada
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63. Re: The $99 nine days tour to Beijing

My husband and I literally just got home from our $99 trip to Beijing and here is our report:

We stayed at the No. 9 Dacheng Road Hotel and was told that it was the General's hotel. Seems like it since there were a lot of uniformed generals around the hotel and it's vicinity. Was it 5 stars? Compared to North American standards, definitely not but it was a decent hotel. Only major complaint was that there was no money exchange at the hotel and that made it hard to get RMB. The bell boys spoke semi decent English and all the staff were very helpful. More info in my review of the hotel on Tripadvisor.

Food was decent, breakfast was the best meal except for the day trip to Chengdu. That particular breakfast on the go was definitely too local for our liking. It had a hard boiled egg, two ham sausages, a packet of milk(yes it came in a bag), a sponge cake, a bun, and a pear. Other than that glitch, the buffet breakfast at the hotel had almost everything from your traditional chinese breakfast staples to your continental breakfast with cold cuts, toast and jam. Coffee was a little weak so for all my fellow coffee drinkers, I highly recommend stocking up on Via packs. The lunches and dinners were mediocre with the exception of the hot pot and peking duck lunches. One lady in our tour group got food poisoning but we're not quite sure what it was from since we all ate the same things. I guess the rule of thumb is, if its not hot, don't eat it. That rule applies to all fruit too. We think it was the watermelon that did her in.

Travel time was crappy and I'm pretty sure it will be the same regardless of how much your paid for your tour. Beijing roads are as chaotic as youtube depicted. Took us 2.5 hours to get from the airport to the hotel just because we arrived at peak hour. Most days we didn't have too much trouble with traffic but we also lucked out with a tour group that was very punctual and always left at the designated time if not earlier.

Shopping stops were one per day as stated in our itinerary. We didn't find that it cut into our attraction time too much. It was mandatory that everyone on the tour participate in the education of jade, tea, silk, medicine, etc. For the most part, the sessions were informative and we enjoyed the experience. The tour guide sent us off to each of these stops with the same warning - buy what you know and know what you buy. We had fun watching other people in our tour haggle and bargain but we didn't buy anything at most of the stops and surprisingly, didn't get hassled either. My biggest disappointment was the last day at the pearl factory. Not only did we not learn anything but we found ourselves in the midst of a sales tactic that was downright greasy. SCAM ALERT! A salesman took us into a private room and then served us tea. He then started explaining about the gems and stones that the company develops. (Most people were confused, we were here to learn about pearls and we had already visited the jade factory.) Then he told us that the son of the owner might be in the building and if he had time, he might stop in to talk to us. He then sends out a salesgirl to check on the young owner. She comes back in a few moments to tell him that the young bossman will see us. "WOW, how lucky were we?" Then in comes this well dressed man who introduces himself as the youngest son of the shop owner. He told us that he didn't usually deal with the family business and he was only here because he heard that we were from out of town and his mom sent him. Then he proceeded to tell us about his philanthropic feats in rural China, building schools for the less fortunate. He told us about these treasure boxes that his parents were going to auction off in a few days and asked if we were interested in seeing the contents of one of the boxes. We all said yes out of politeness. He then ushered us into another room and started to go on about how his parents taught him to rate rare gemstones. (Still no pearls) He does this whole lengthy presentation which was more like a magic trick - cutting glass with jade, burning jade through a plastic bag, taking a streak out of a pearl... Then he proclaimed that it was fate that we had this meeting and he would give us each a jade pendant worth USD $100 each to commemorate this moment. The funny thing was, some people on our tour had already seen the same sales performance in Shanghai. Same spiel! The news travelled fast and before his performance was over, half the people in the tour was informed of the scam. By the time he offered to sell his treasure chest to us for a reduced price as his grand finale, most of us had already filed out of the room to the bathroom and then straight on to our bus. Bonus was, no one tried to stop us and he even sent out an associate to give us our gift. That was a strange stop but never the less, another learning moment.

End note, bathrooms were definitely something of a learning curve. First of all, you do your business in a squat stall. So aim and try not to soil your shoes. Bonus: step flushes so you won’t have to touch anything. Bring Kleenex! Lots of it. Most bathrooms will have toilet paper at the entrance (there are none in each stall) but some won’t, so don’t get caught in that situation. Bring sanitizer or liquid soap minis. There was water to wash your hands but most often than not, there was no soap.

Overall experience was good. We learnt a lot and thought that the trip was definitely worth more than $99 plus extras (the mandatory optional show for RMB350 and tips CND$60). Our positive experience is largely related to a really amazing group of people in the A3 group who were genuine and looked out for each other. For those of you contemplating this tour, we had a very positive and enriching experience and hope that you will too.

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64. Re: The $99 nine days tour to Beijing

I just came back from the 10 days trip for $99.

lots of shopping trip, you have to make up your mind on your budget, otherwise you will spend more money than regular tour.

lots of sales person around you in the store.

most of the people bought big items without noticing how much they are spending, it could be charged over their budget.

so think over before you buy, stay with your budget.

Manila, Philippines
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65. Re: The $99 nine days tour to Beijing

These sales personnel at the "factories" are so proficient in English they would probably beat out university English professors in Beijing and Shanghai.

Makes you wonder how much practice they get day in and day out and how many people have been duped into buying overpriced crap with no real value.

All the stuff they sell are crap and your neighborhood pawnshop will give you a few bucks for something you bought at a couple of hundred of dollars.

You want to invest in jewelry? Buy a diamond.

Batam, Indonesia
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66. Re: The $99 nine days tour to Beijing

@ JP

Yea, I am interested too, where is the report sir ?

My sister, whom an Australian also inform me about 100 dolars for 7 or 8 days

tour to China exclude airfare, but mostly it takes you to their shopping area

even to some factories and they hope for some investment there. The offer

valid only for US, Canada and Australia people.

Fountain Valley...
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67. Re: The $99 nine days tour to Beijing

I heard that there is a lot of shopping. Questions: How much time was spent on sight-seeing versus shopping? Do they force you to buy certain amount as part of the tour? I understand that the government subsidize some of the cost and the rest from kick back from various merchants that may have sponsor the tours.

Sherbrooke, Canada
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68. Re: The $99 nine days tour to Beijing

The governement does not subsidize tourists. They make big kickbacks from your shopping. You are not forced to shop. Just read this thread.

Toronto, Canada
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69. Re: The $99 nine days tour to Beijing

is this deal still available?

Sherbrooke, Canada
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70. Re: The $99 nine days tour to Beijing

Check their website.