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Cua Dai Beach Lighthouse

During the last week or so of April 2018 I was riding around Hoi an on the bicycle and headed out to the end of the Cua Dai Beach road. At the end of the road is the light house. I had bicycled out there a number of times before and even photographed the lighthouse. This time I saw a sign that said the lighthouse was open to tourists. Great idea. The bottom floor appears to house a family and the young man took my 20,000 VND and showed me the stairs. A bit of climb up the spiral staircase to the top. What a magnificent view from the top. Has to be the tallest point south of Danang and north of Tam Ky or Chu Lai and east of the Lao border. I was the only tourist and wandered the 360 degree view around the top. A little hazy but you could see Cham Island, Danang City, the fishing fleets at the mouth of the river, the speed boats heading out to Cham Island and all along the river and the beach. On a clear day with a light wind you could see and photo all along the river and the beach. Great as no tour groups or other tourists. Easy ride on the bicycle out from the town and along the beach. On a side note, south and east of the town along the rice paddies and country side is so nice with little tombs and temples to visit and no tour groups. Highly recommend it.