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The sun lounger problem

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The sun lounger problem

Dear All !

Me and my family are going to Phuket in Feb07, and will

stay at Patong Merlin. This is our third trip to Thailand,

and during our previous stays, we experienced an

unpleasent trend among the other guests....Early in the

morning they "reserve" several sun loungers by placing

goggles, books e.t.c. and do not actually show up at the

pool area untill several hours later.......If they showed up

at all !!!

Unfortunately, I'm not the kind of person that have the

courageousity to confront the peope with this

selfish behaviour...I wish I was......

At some hotels, the management do advise in your

welcome phamplet, that reserving sun loungers is

not allowed, and if you do not come back after 1/2 hour,

your personal belonnings will be removed - but we never

saw any action taken on this.

I know it's all up to the guest, and if one start to

reserve, everbody will do it .

Do you have a good advise how to handle this topic ??



Ao Chalong / Rawai
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1. Re: The sun lounger problem

This is indeed arogent and rude behaviour however it is a common practice here. The only option that you have is to ask the pool staf when you show up who has not returned in some time. The usuall staff will not try to exercize any kind of authority and you may have to tell them that you want then to call the manager to speak with you at the poolside. Do not just make a complaint with the pool staff because they are considered very low in the facility employment chain.

Speak to the management showing them the problem and at that time they will speak with the poolstaff who do know who the offenders are. Talking with the big bosses poolside is the only way you will get any kind of satisfaction and if you do not you will just have to wait for the rude jerks to check out.

No one can do anything about this problem if you do not make the complaint so you can expect the same treatment every time if you do nothing. This is not just a Phuket problem and things will not get Retter if you just complain on-line and not to the persons who have the power and authority to change things. It will help if you tell the management that you have been discussing this on the internet and mentioning the hotel name. It would also add to your complaint if you ask for the managers name that you are complaining to. Sooner or later someone has to be called into the public eye and I'm sure that you would feel much better about your holiday if you recieved some action and made things a little easier for others who will be fallowing you.

Regards From Phuket

richard & Megumi

Wellington, New...
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for Wellington, Bay of Islands
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2. Re: The sun lounger problem

I am a little more outgoing than most. I cant stand this practice of reserving sunloungers. I have seen people drop their towels on a lounger at breakfast go shopping and come back expecting "their" lounger to be there for them.

My attitude is "sunloungers are for current pool users and not for this afternoon's swimmers". If loungers are not being used I move the towel and use it.

I have had a few grumpy people come up to me and snatch their towels away, but nothing was said.

This seems to be a European facet of holidaying, it doesnt happen here in the Antipodes.

If they want to reserve a sun lounger they can do it on the beach.

South Australia...
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for Phuket, Ko Lanta
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3. Re: The sun lounger problem

I would do the same as Bean, however we have been lucky in our Phuket trips and not come across this, however we found it really bad in Bali and it was Aussies doing it.

Sydney, Australia
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4. Re: The sun lounger problem

Suggestions that have been done in the past.

* They can reserve the chairs but not the position - so we just moved their chairs about 20 metres back from the pool. They still have their chairs!

* We haven't done this - BUT - with repeat offenders, when they sign for their towels - note the room number and either give them a 4am wake up call to reseve their deckchair spot OR leave a note under the door telling them their flight is leaving 5 hours earlier than expected.


P.S Have experienced all different nationalities doing it, usually social outcasts who are the type u find hogging the overtaking lane at home, yelling into their mobile on the bus or train or taking up 3 seats on the ride home whilst an elderly man and a pregnant woman stand hanging on for dear life. You know - selfish people.

Fairfax, California
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5. Re: The sun lounger problem

How pathetically petty! Do these people not know of the wonders that await them in the sea? The beautiful waters of Thailand?

I am with Karma....send in the notes and wake up calls and get over it!

I plan on spending my time in this beautiful country in the beautiful ocean!


Chiang Khong...
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6. Re: The sun lounger problem

I have had the same thing happen to me the last time it was a large family they all left in mass for lunch but said they were comming back and left odds and ends to "save their chairs"the resort did not have any more chairs so I took as many towels as i could and moved all their unbrellas to give me shade when they came back they were grumpy and stared at me while they sweated in the hot sun.

that is why I like beaches where you can rent sun chairs for the day.

New Zealand
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7. Re: The sun lounger problem

Chuck their stuff in the pool!!

They won't do it again guaranteed!!

Kawhia,New Zealand
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8. Re: The sun lounger problem

It may sound petty-

We had same problem in Mexico at Mayan Palace Player Del Carmen.It is actually Bl..dy Annoying!

Finding a lounger of any description anywhere was difficult.

Some people got up first thing in morning and with their whole families spent time on them the whole day.Literally camping there.

All shapes, sizes sexes and ages did it.

What a pity to tie yourself to a Sun lounger all day-Some people even go as far as to try and sleep on them overnight- Pathetic!

I agree that if people used them when and only when they were by the pool then with people coming and going all day there would be plenty for everyone.

It could all be easily stopped if hotel Management picked up their gear and put it in an area to be collected.

If you need to go to the lav. get a mate to mind your chair,

if you are in the pool you should be watching it yourself.

If you have gone to lunch- let some one else have it.

Common Courtesy!

Perth WA
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9. Re: The sun lounger problem

Yeah It's a joke, but I think that it's up to the hotel to police this and remove the towels that have been left for an hour or so.

People just dont care and think that it is their right to claim that lounge and dissappear for 3 hours or so.

No thought to the people that genuinely want to have a swim and sit by the pool for a few hours, some with young kid's.

We havent had a problem at the Merlin in the past couple of years but in the past before that it was bad.....

Western Australia
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10. Re: The sun lounger problem

we havent been back to the merlin in 2 years, but when we were there it wasnt a problem.. we just used to move the loungers away from the pool.. if people didnt like it, they knew what they could do..

use it or lose it.. isnt that the saying?