Help - where do we go?


We are panning a 2 week trip in Feb with our 16 and 13 year old. Hubby and I have been before to Cape Panwa South Phuket, but felt its too far out with the kids, every trip we did required lots of travel. We will want to do a John Grey Hong by Starlight trip, some snorkelling, an elephant sanctuary, boat trips a little shopping and lots of beach. I am not keen on really really busy all of the time but we will venture out for the kids to experience that too.

I think we are happy to stay in a couple of destinations if that helps to see a couple of different areas as long as we can travel easily between them.

We keep looking at Phuket, Krabi Koh Samui but even within those not sure what areas and I am sure there are loads of areas I don't even know about that might be worth considering.

If you have any personal experiences or can offer me any tips or places to think about I will be really grateful as I feel like I have been going round in circles for weeks.

Kind regards