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Disappointing tour experience with Coke Liao Taiwan driver

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Disappointing tour experience with Coke Liao Taiwan driver

We booked Coke Liao as our Taiwan guide for 7 days. Day 1 he met us at Taoyuan airport and all went well. He even lent us a wifi router and an old mobile phone with a SIM card to help us keep in touch with him during the tour. We have been on private tours before but had never received such items so we were impressed.

In Taichung, he drove us to a grape farm. There was another couple there with their driver cum guide - a young lady. It was raining and our family geared up in raincoats. The other guide also geared up with her tourists but Coke did not. He helped us take some photos then told us to walk the farm by ourselves. The other guide walked her tourists through the farm and helped them choose grapes to pluck. She even advised us on which grapes were good. All this time, Coke was in the shelter using his phone. Didn't seem right but we let it go.

Coke told us about the accolades he had received from pleased customers and said he had obtained his tour guide licence 2 years ago. It is a crime in Taiwan to bring tourists around without a tour guide licence, one can be fined if caught.

Due to rain, he changed our itinerary to indoor places such as museum and mall. We were ok with the changes due to the weather. At the museum, he dropped us and told us to tour by ourselves, even though the museum did not require tickets at that timing.

At the mall, Coke told us to take our time due to rain. At almost every stop that's what he would do, drop us and tell us to take our time without giving a meet up time. I texted him a few times to ask if we should leave the mall. He replied we should take our time to shop due to heavy rain and text him when we were done. When he came to pick us, he said his booking is for 10 hours a day and we were going to exceed the time. Then he said he was fine with it. But he continued to harp on the 10 hour restriction. When he dropped us at a night market for dinner, we rushed to pack food to eat in the hotel so that he need not wait further. He said we could take our time at the night market but who could believe him?

At Sun Moon Lake, there was a ferry ride to 3 different parts of the lake. When we asked him about attractions at the 3 ferry drop-off points, he told us to listen to the guide on the ferry. He didn't board the ferry with us nor tell us the meet up time. At each drop-off, we ventured on our own, at times unsure of where to go. At the final drop off, the ferry guide said there was a cable car ride to an amusement park. As Coke had not told us about this ride, we called and he said not to take it. As he had not told us of lunch plans, we called him again to inquire. He said he had lunch plans for us elsewhere but we could eat at the lake. Since he had already planned for us, we decided to follow his plans. He told us no hurry, so we said we would venture for 30 mins more before taking the return ferry which arrives every 20 minutes. When we returned to the ferry terminal, he was not there. Instead, he told us to walk to his friend's shop where the car was parked. It was not a long walk but it was uphill with many cars on a narrow road and it was raining.

When we got into the car, he said we need not have called him so often at the lake. We only called him twice, once to ask if we should take the cable car ride and the second time to ask about lunch. What could we do since he was not with us? Then he complained we were late in returning. But he had told us to take our time to venture. I replied that it was tough as he wasn’t with us at the destinations. He was offended I had said he did not accompany us. He said for such guiding services, the driver and guide would 2 persons and the daily price would be twice the amount he was charging us. He charged us about US$185 per day (for max of 10 hours) which is no small sum. In Korea, we had a guide in Jeju for US$130 per day who drove us for close to 12 hours, accompanied us at every destination, taking photos and explaining each attraction to us. At many destinations that Coke dropped us, I notice other guides bringing their guests around after parking the car, at times for 10-15 mins if the place had no carpark. Coke would promptly drive off after dropping us, leaving us to venture by ourselves with no guiding at all. Coke said he needed to rest so that’s why he did not accompany us. Each time we returned to the car, he would be on his mobile trying to seal tour deals, so where was his needed rest? Most days we would end the day with him by 7.30pm and set off the next day at 9.30am, so we didn’t deprive him of rest at night.

For the rest of the trip, Coke turned sulky and hardly spoke. He also took back the wifi router. Fortunately, we had bought a prepaid card on day 1 and had no problems accessing the internet. We terminated his services upon reaching Taipei, paid him his dues in spite of his poor service and returned him his stuff. No prizes for guessing rightly that we didn't tip him.

In Taipei, we managed to book a one day tour from our hotel with a driver for 8 hours. This driver, who had no tour guide licence, got out at every destination and walked us through almost every point of attraction except for one which needed entrance tickets. He explained every place in detail and helped us take photos all the way. The experience with this driver was vastly different from what Coke had given us. Coke merely wanted to make money but not do the work as he probably felt it was beneath him to bring tourists around attractions. After all, he had so many accolades already.

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1. Re: Disappointing tour experience with Coke Liao Taiwan driver

Glad that you made the best of it. I've never hired a driver in Taiwan, but if it was me, I might consider to contact the agency which licenses guides and lodge a formal complaint. This guide gives all a bad name and I'm sure most are ethical and fine.

At the least, you may help prevent other visitors from receiving this shoddy treatment in the future.

I'd say you're really a good sport about this behavior. Maybe too good.

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2. Re: Disappointing tour experience with Coke Liao Taiwan driver

That is really unfortunate... I would totally recommend going with a reputable company instead, like ownrides.com, where they can guarantee you a level of quality for your driver and tour. Not tipping him was the right move, I imagine it could be hard to pin down his agency since you guys are not familiar with how things operate there!

Kaohsiung, Taiwan
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3. Re: Disappointing tour experience with Coke Liao Taiwan driver

For some recent 10 years, Chinese tourists have flooded into and faded away from Taiwan's tourist attractions in groups (conducted by well connected agencies) and rather privately visitors (catered to by individually operating "driverguide" that you booked on line).

This caused over investments on hotels, tour buses and mini vans.

Too many facilities, vehicles and tour guides are idle or desperately competing for the shrinking market.

It's unimaginable to have booked a private tour, including transport service, at the price of USD 185 per day just few years years ago.

Private driverguides are now starting to scrape feedback money on every crack like well connected agencies have done to those stupid Chinese bus tourists; they take commissions from restaurants, souvenir shops, scooter rental, umbrellas, coral, jewelry, fortune telling, tea, permission for a loud sneeze, you name it--believe me, the shoddy guide would have turned into a nice, passionate and enthusiastic guide if you had been obedient to what he led you to do.

Less than 10 percent of driverguides in Taiwan are properly licensed (with professional driver's license and tour guide license, not to mention a foreign language tour guide license. Did your guide speak English?), even those who are are not allowed to solicit tours online, contact the guests, arrange itineraries and book hotel rooms without the involvement of a first class travel agency (there are three classes).

You got no formal approach to complain about your unhappy experiences except here.

Completely legal private tours arranged by a class A agency can cost 3-4 times your lousy guide had charged.

Hard to imagine what is Taiwan's next step in tourism.

Singapore, Singapore
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4. Re: Disappointing tour experience with Coke Liao Taiwan driver

It must be true that the tourism industry is not doing well in Taiwan since the drop in Chinese visitors. Our one-day tour guide cum driver in Taipei was trying very hard to get us to hire him for our future Taiwan trips. From him, we learnt that the 10 hour restriction only applies to guiding within Taipei but once outside of Taipei, there is no such restriction.

After he told me that, I went to check the itinerary Coke had given us and realised that the 10 hour restriction was stated in the itinerary only for the days in Taipei whereas for the other days in Taichung and other areas, it was not stated in the itinerary. That's when I realised Coke had lied to us. He mentioned the 10 hour restriction to us while we were still in Taichung and we trusted him without double-checking the itinerary he had sent us.

This again shows Coke is not a man of integrity. Also, one possible reason why he hardly stopped the car to show us around the places was probably because he wanted to save on parking fees. The driver we had in Taipei stopped at every stop and we saw him paying for parking several times. I didn't see Coke pay for parking at any of our stops with him except maybe for the last stop at a coffee place on top of a mountain in Yilan before we drove to Taipei. So our guess was he tried to save money on parking so he could earn more, hence that's why he didn't get down to do any guiding for us. Instead he would drive to some place to wait and save on parking charges.

In fact when we reached our Taipei hotel at night, after we had lugged our luggages to the hotel lobby from the main road, he came to chase me for payment in the hotel lobby even before we could finish doing our check-in and bringing our luggages up to the room. His reason? Because he had stopped the car along the road outside the hotel which could subject him to a parking fine.

So my advice to anyone who is considering hiring Coke Liao as your Taiwan driver is to think twice. Our experience with him has shown us he lacks integrity, is highly calculative and unprofessional, and only wants to earn money but do as little as possible. We had another alternative driver cum guide when we were doing our planning but decided to choose Coke after we read good reviews about him on trip advisor. And boy were we wrong in our choice. So I decided to post our experience with him so that others can learn and not make the same mistake we did.

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5. Re: Disappointing tour experience with Coke Liao Taiwan driver

Thanks for taking the effort to keep travellers informed. Your writeup is indeed informative, and will help users of this site make better informed decisions. Hopefully, fewer of us will fall prey to unscrupulous operators like Coke Liao and avoid having our precious trips ruined. It's a shame that you had to encounter such an unpleasant experience in order to save the rest of us from the same shoddy treatment.

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6. Re: Disappointing tour experience with Coke Liao Taiwan driver

I am the appointed driver of this lady in Taiwan. I respect the review posted by her in this website. I do sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and disappointment caused, at the same time I am very concerned to read the comments with regards to her overall experience with my services, thus I would like to explain further on this incident.

i) It was very unfortunate that this family had experienced prolonged rains in Taiwan upon their arrival. As per original plan, they booked my car service for 7 days, but it turned out to only 4 days service. Reason being, I had suggested them to skip the chartered service for the last 3 days at Taipei tour due to weather forecast of heavy rain in Taipei as well. Heavy raining will cause inconveniences to visit most of outdoor attractions, therefore spending on chartered services is unnecessary. Moreover I told them that Taipei subway is very convenient and cheap to travel around the city. My intention was trying to help the customer to save cost, unlike mentioned in the review which thinking of just making money. I also have to earn with conscience with peace of mind!

ii) At the grape farm, I did prepared an umbrella as well as new raincoat to the guests. After assisting them to gear up the rain coat, I then lead them to the farmers for the introduction. The guests also asked me to join them in grape juice drinking. Prior to visiting the farm, I have reminded them do not pluck too much of grapes because I knew the farmers are aggressive to sell their products to tourists. I told them just to pluck some and take pictures will do, we deliberately help the guests to save money, as based on my experience, many can't finish the fruits when is too much.

iii) Due to heavy rain I can only arranged them to indoor attractions, however the guest requested to go to Sun Moon Lake, and I was totally okay to do so. At Sun Moon Lake, I helped them to buy the speed boat tickets at NTD100 each, it usually cost NTD300 each if buying at the counter. I was disappointed that she didn't mention on what I have done to help them save money, bought them seasonal fruits to taste. While she just kept mentioning that I was only keen to make money. On top of that, it was actually heavy traffic from CingJing to Sun Moon Lake on that day, nevertheless I tried my best to bring them to Sun Moon Lake as their wish.

At Taichung there was also heavy rain the whole day, so I brought them to the shopping mall in the afternoon, while waiting for them, she had texted me several times to say that they have done their shopping, but eventually she keep changing the pick up time. As gesture of goodwill, I replied to them say no rushing, take their time and only text me upon completed, and kindly wait for me at the main entrance, I will come and pick up them in just 1 minute drive through. This is because vehicle is not allow to park and wait at the main entrance.

iv) By the time we left the shopping mall, it had exceeded the standard booking hours of 10 hr/day. While they requested to continue the trip to go to YiZhong shopping street, I agreed with them, at the same time informed them that they can have their dinner over there and clearly told them there is no extra charge for the excess hours. But she ended up packed the food back to hotel as she said she was not hungry at that time. While I was very shock that in the review the lady said I was rushing them, which is totally contradict to what she had said. I insist to make clear of this point and will not admit the accuse on me, as it was not true at all.

v) Back to Taipei towards the end of the trip, due to the prolonged heavy rain, I suggested to cancel the chartered service for the rest of 3 days. The guest had agreed, so I drove them to the Taipei hotel to check in. Then I requested them to return the portable wifi and my local mobile phone. Did I do anything wrong for getting back my stuff?

vi) They have booked a Triple room at Insky hotel Taichung (4stars hotel). But the hotel only provided 2 pax free breakfast, the lady requested additional pax of breakfast for free but the hotel refused. After that she complaint and showed her dissatisfaction about hotel's poor services. While in the review, she actually complaint my service was not good, yet comparing to the driver that she hired in Taipei which was super good service. I can understand where she come from, just like when you are not in favour to someone, you will only giving negative comments.

I have five years of experience in this industry, I cannot ensure that I meet every customers' expectations, but for sure I will do my best to serve all customers. I always tell my customers, I work hard and make money from the car fare, but I will never earn from the sales commission or the price saved from entrance fee/ticket, because I feel it's part of my service to my customers.

At last I felt sorry to her disappointments that I can’t meet her expectations to serve her and her family like a servant.

I am responsible for the above statement and my job ethic.

Singapore, Singapore
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7. Re: Disappointing tour experience with Coke Liao Taiwan driver

Hi Coke,

I know it is not you who wrote the reply but your Malaysian girlfriend who is working in Singapore as you told us during the trip that you are not fluent in English at all. In fact our communication with you before and during the trip was always in Chinese as we wanted to accommodate to your language preference. However, I'm aware that the reply reflects your views because you had texted me in Chinese to say you had found my review and was planning to respond to it.

Let me correct some errors in your reply:

i) You never suggested to us "to skip the chartered service for the last 3 days at Taipei tour" until after the Sun Moon Lake incident where you got upset when I said the reason we needed to contact you at the lake was because you were often not with us at the destinations. After that afternoon, you started saying we can travel around in Taipei on our own and we just kept quiet because we knew you were upset. Thereafter, you also shared with us that actually you are not supposed to accept Singaporean tourists because when you took the tour guide certification test, one of the questions involved being able to communicate in English in order to be able to bring Singapore tourists around Taiwan. In your own words, you said your tour guide licence is meant only for Chinese-speaking countries like China, Hong Kong and Malaysia, not Singapore because it is an English speaking country and you said you are not fluent in English. We knew you were saying this because you were upset and was trying to hint to us that you didn't want to continue to bring us around once we reached Taipei. Still, we kept quiet and didn't say anything in return.

ii) Our point of bringing up what happened at the grape farm was to show you the difference between what the other lady guide did for her guests versus what you did for us. She put on a raincoat and hat and walked her guests throughout the farm while you stayed in the shelter leaving us to walk the farm by ourselves. The lady guide showed us and her guests which grapes were good for plucking while you stayed in the shelter. Did we complain about this to you after the farm visit? No, we just let the matter go and continued to joke and be on good terms with you. You are right, in spite of the fact that you didn't walk us through the farm like the other lady guide, we still offered you a cup of grape juice to drink which we paid for after plucking the grapes and then paid extra for them to be juiced. And you accepted the juice. In the last part of your reply, you accused us of expecting "servant" type of service from you. In which part of our offering you the cup of grape juice did we treat you as a "servant"? And when we left the grape farm, you criticised the other guide in front of us saying her guests plucked and bought many bunches of grapes because she didn't advise them properly. In your own words, you said she is probably a greenhorn in the tour guide industry. What you didn't know was that in our hearts, we were grateful to her for the advice she gave us on grape plucking and we admired her willingness to get wet and walk the grounds with her guests. The reason why the couple plucked so many bunches of grapes was because they wanted to pack them into boxes to bring back to Singapore for their relatives. But you wouldn't know because you stayed in the shelter the whole time while the rest of us were walking and talking in the farm.

iii) According to the itinerary which you texted me several times before and even during the trip, Sun Moon Lake was always inside the itinerary for Taichung. So why do you make it sound like it is an extra request? If you can't recall, please check what you sent me - on your itinerary for day 3: 15/6/2017, you wrote Sun Moon Lake as the first destination for that day in Taichung. Because of the rain, on day 2 you changed many of our destinations in Taichung to indoor places such as museum and mall and cancelled many outdoor ones but we said we understood and were fine with the changes due to the rain. However, I asked for Sun Moon Lake not to be cancelled from the itinerary for day 3 as my child and I had not visited it before. Hence it was NOT an extra destination request. You mean even such a request from us was too much???

Also, you said "it was actually heavy traffic from CingJing to Sun Moon Lake on that day", you are either lying or you have gotten your facts wrong. We never went to Cing Jing because on the morning of 15/6/2017 while we were still in Taichung, there was a landslide on the mountain blocking the road leading to Cing Jing and you showed us the news on your phone that morning in the lobby of the Taichung hotel and told us it was not possible to go to Cing Jing due to the landslide. Anyone can google and find this piece of news on the internet. Though we were disappointed, we never complained and quickly decided to change our tour stop from Cing Jing to Yilan since it is en route from Taichung to Taipei and you were agreeable to that change since we needed to stop somewhere for one night while driving from Taichung to Taipei as there were still places on the itinerary for us to visit in Taichung that day. That was the same morning we drove to Sun Moon Lake from the Taichung hotel, so where was this "heavy traffic from Cing Jing to Sun Moon Lake"?

As for the mall in Taichung on day 2, the first time I called you was when we had been in the mall for an hour and we were worried we were making you wait since you never told us how much time we should spend in the mall. At that point of time, you told me that I had called you just as the rain had gotten heavier and it wasn't wise to leave the mall since you couldn't bring us anywhere else due to the heavy rain. So I said in that case we would walk around in the mall for another 1 hour or so and you told me NOT to hurry as it was raining. If you were so concerned about the 10 hour limit, then why didn't you give us an end time at the mall? We were always conscious of the time and texted you to find out if we should leave but you never told us a timing. Why didn't you? Why wait for us to get back to the car and then start going on and on about the 10 hour restriction which was not even stated in the itinerary you gave me for Taichung? During the next hour while we were shopping in the mall, my husband and child saw a basketball which they were keen to buy and the sales lady went to get a new one for us. However, the new piece was kept at a holding room on another floor and the sales lady told us she would need some time to get it. Hence I quickly called you and told you about this and I also apologised for this situation as we needed to wait for the new piece, pay for it and then do the tax refund at another floor. This was only about 20 mins after our earlier conversation with you when I said we would shop for 1 more hour as you had said the rain was too heavy for you to bring us elsewhere. You said it was ok and that we did not need to hurry. Again, if you minded this 10 hour restriction so much, why say ok? You should have told us the timing you needed us to get out of the mall and we would have abandoned our plan to buy the ball. Rather than return to the car and then hear you go on and on about the 10 hour restriction. I'm not sure if you noticed but we all kept very quiet in the car when you were talking non-stop about this 10 hour thing. I really don't know how many guests would take such non-stop reminders from their guide but I feel we were really very tolerant towards you.

Please relook at the itinerary you sent me, there was never any mention of this 10 hour restriction for the days in Taichung. The only 2 times the 10 hour restriction appeared on the itinerary were on days 5 and 6 when we were supposed to be in Taipei. So how did this 10 hour restriction thing suddenly come up while we were still in Taichung? Is this even right? To suddenly just come up with rules and restrictions according to your liking? If the 10 hour restriction existed in Taichung, then why didn't you state it in the itinerary for the days in Taichung? Why put it down only for the days in Taipei? If it is "standard booking hours of 10 hr/day", then why state it in the itinerary for Taipei and not Taichung and other areas? Why not just state in the itinerary that the 10 hours per day restriction applies for every day in Taiwan, no matter which area? Maybe if you had, we would have seen how calculative you can be and then chose the other guide we had been considering and hence not have had to go through so much unhappiness with you.

iv) For your comment about the Yi Zhong night market/shopping street, you said you were "shock that in the review the lady said I was rushing them", please reread my review at the very top of the page. I said "He said we could take our time at the night market but who could believe him?" So which part of my review on the Yi Zhong night market did I say you rushed us? Do get your facts right before responding because facts do not lie. Humans do. To be honest, I can't recall us saying we were not hungry but we did tell you clearly that we packed the food to eat back in the hotel because we were concerned about making you wait due to our exceeding your 10 hour limit. We were really tired of hearing you harp on the 10 hour limit that we decided we should just eat back in the hotel room. That was why we packed the food, not because we were not hungry. If we had said we were not hungry, it was only because we didn't want to sour relations by telling you the truth - that your constant harping of the 10 hours was wearing us all out.

v) You never gave us back the portable wifi router after we passed it to you for charging in the car in the afternoon after we had visited Sun Moon Lake that morning. Before that, you would always pass it to my husband or myself before we left the car so that we could use it to text you to pick us up from the destinations after we were done walking the places by ourselves. So don't make it sound like the wifi router was with us until we reached Taipei. You were obviously upset after Sun Moon Lake and hence kept the wifi router with you thereafter. We also never asked you for it after Sun Moon Lake because we knew you were upset. So the wifi router was never with us after our visit to Sun Moon Lake. Also, if you read my review carefully, at which point of time did I ever mention you should not take your items back at the end of the trip? So why do you say "Did I do anything wrong for getting back my stuff?"?

vi) For the Taichung hotel - In Sky Hotel, this hotel was booked by us on our own on booking.com. So what is this lie about our request for extra free breakfast from the hotel? When we checked in at the hotel on day 1, we asked the reception how many people were provided for in the free breakfast, the staff told us 2 pax. Since there were 3 of us, we asked the price for the extra breakfast and were told that it would cost us about S$20+ per person, we felt it was too expensive for breakfast and so we decided one of us would eat breakfast at a cafe near the hotel while the other 2 eat the free hotel breakfast. When we were checking with the hotel about the breakfast cost, you were not with us at all. In fact, you dropped us at the hotel and drove off promptly after the bellhop took our luggages from the car. So what is this whole thing about our request for "additional pax of breakfast for free but the hotel refused"? You were not even present at the hotel lobby while we did the check in and asked about the breakfast price! If you are in doubt, please go back to the hotel and check the cctv above the reception and you will see your absence while we were doing the check-in. As I said earlier, facts don't lie, only humans do. Also, when we left the hotel on day 3 to go to Sun Moon Lake, you asked us how was the hotel and we said we were fine with it. So when did we show our "dissatisfaction about hotel's poor services"? I'm really disappointed at how you are coming up with all these lies to make us look bad. Seriously, what do we have to gain from writing a bad review about you? Why would any tourist want to write bad reviews about their tour guide if not for the fact that they were badly let down by the guide? Can we get our money back from you? Not at all? So why would we write all these things about you when we have nothing to gain from it at all? Obviously you must have disappointed us so badly that we had no other recourse but to warn others so that they wouldn't have to go through what we went through with you.

The one thing you got right in your response is the "complaint my service was not good". Indeed it wasn't. At no point of time in your response did you address the fact that while other guides made the effort to walk their tourists around in most places, you hardly did so for us, leaving us to walk many places on our own while we saw other guests being accompanied by their guides who would explain the places to them and help them take photos now and then. To be honest, if this is your view of being a tour guide, then why get a tour guide licence? You are not being a tour guide at all since you mainly do drop and pick up at destinations only.

Also, your use of the word "servant" in the ending part of your response when you said "serve her and her family like a servant" echos what I said in my review when I said "he probably felt it was beneath him to bring tourists around attractions". Obviously, having to bring your guests around tourist destinations is viewed as being a "servant" by you. This is really sad because it shows you are in the wrong line of business. Please google the internet and check the true meaning of a tour guide. It means more than just being a driver.

To be honest, Coke, if you had not complained about us contacting you too often at Sun Moon Lake, we would have just tolerated all the nonsense you had been giving us until the end of our trip in Taiwan. But you gave us no choice, you made us walk the lake by ourselves with no instructions on what to do at each ferry drop off point, what we should do about lunch and what time we should return to meet you...and yet when we got back to the car, you said we contacted you too frequently at the lake as though we had disturbed you. Seriously what were we supposed to do since you were not with us in person at the lake? Read your mind about all those questions we had and if we got the answers wrong, get another round of harping from you like the 10 hour restriction thing that we went through with you the night before? Ask yourself honestly, did you really do us justice as our guide?

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8. Re: Disappointing tour experience with Coke Liao Taiwan driver

Not siding anyone here, just that factually also noticed Coke did not address if the on-site accompaniment did transpire or not in his a/c, that being the main bone of contention in the first posting. Seems like a case of mismatched expectations of a driver cum guide, which if made clear at point of quotation, could have assuaged the dispute if hired or avoid altogether if not. While I don't feel the driver cum guide needs to be present on minute basis, did think Sun Moon Lake required some assistance (previously also didn't get the point of Coke bringing up SML and the Taichung hotel - isn't it the driver's job to get guests to their dest unless it's meant to reflect flexibility in accommodating a last min request or if Taichung hotel booked by Coke, both apparently disputed).

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9. Re: Disappointing tour experience with Coke Liao Taiwan driver

I have to say that I'm a bit over it all and think that both parties need to put it down to different expectations and move on! I know that I don't have to read it but it's having the same effect on me as a drawn out soap opera.

Cheers, Lynne

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10. Re: Disappointing tour experience with Coke Liao Taiwan driver

In my business, we say that there are 3 sides to every story: yours, mine and the truth.