Bajaj Allianz Travel health insurance

We had taken Bajaj Allianz Travel insurance for my mom as she was traveling to US.

We had to go to emergency and given travel insurance information to US E.R. But they couldn't contact Bajaj Allianz Travel insurance, hence bill was sent to us directly.

I called Bajaj Allianz Travel insurance many times and each time I called a new representative answered the phone and they had no clue of my correspondence with other representatives. They don't keep notes or track your call records. Each time I called, I had to explain what had happened and also explain what I spoke with other Bajaj previous agents/representatives. Entire phone interaction with Bajaj Allianz Travel insurance and their customer service was a pure pain in the butt.

After several months of calling, they had discarded the claim as a preexisting condition.

I ended up paying the hospital bill, my phone calls bill(us to India to speak with them) several months of agony and in the end claim was declined.

Please save your self from these scammers and save your time. DONT BUY THEIR TRAVEL INSURANCE AND IT IS A SCAM.