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14 day Itinerary - can someone have a look and review? :)

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14 day Itinerary - can someone have a look and review? :)

Hi there,

I'm doing some planning for a family of 5, 3 adults 2 teenagers for our first trip in Namibia.

This is what I have so far - Trying not to stretch ourselves too thin as I notice all the drives are all pretty long distance. At the same time I'm not sure if some places are worth 2 nights stay? appreciate if someone can review and provide some advice? Some of us are avid photographers, the teenagers maybe not too much.

Day 1 - Arrival 2pm, likely we will be tired from a 14 hours flight. So we're just gonna pick up a car, buy some supplies, and start heading out north possibly to Immanuel wilderness lodge or the Elegant Farmstead for a night.

(2 nights Cape Cross)

Day 2 - Drive towards Cape Cross, its a long 5 hours drive, anticipate we will reach late afternoon. Staying 2 nights here.

Day 3 - Thinking of driving up north from cape cross - maybe towards Torra bay - anything interesting there ?

(2 nights Swakophund)

Day 4 - Drive towards Swakopmund, likely going to check out Walvis bay nearby, pink lake

Day 5 - Maybe day trip to Spitzkoppe? Doable?

(2 nights Sesriem)

Day 6 - Drive towards Sesriem, anticipate another 4-5 hours drive

Day 7 - Staying an extra day here to check out the dunes around

(2 nights Luderitz)

Day 8 - Drive towards Luderitz, Looks like an even more gruelling drive, 6 hours? 500km??

Day 9 - Day trip to Kolmanskop possibly

(2 nights Fish River Canyon)

Day 10 - Drive towards Fish River Canyon.. yet another 5 hours drive...!

Day 11 - Maybe hike around the place a little..

(1 night Keetmanshoop)

Day 12 - Drive to Keetmanshoop - 2 hours+ I anticipate. Arrive early, I hear this is where all the quiver trees are ...(is 1 night sufficient, given we would arrive early after a 2 hours drive?)

(1 night Mariental)

Day 13 - Drive to Mariental - 2 hours+ away. We're stopping here just to break up the trip, as the next day we have to be at the airport in the morning. Anticipate we will have to depart at 6am next day to reach the airport at 10am. Possible??

Day 14 - We have a departing flight at 1pm

How does this all look?

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1. Re: 14 day Itinerary - can someone have a look and review? :)

Hi there,

I can't really say much about the first part of the trip, usually Swakopmund is where people stop to do the sandwich harbour day-excursion. But I can comment on the rest, as the southern part of Namibia contains most of our favourite spots :)

I don't think I would do Spitzkoppe as a day-excursion from Swakopmund, I think I would rather stop at Blutkuppe between Swakopmund and Sesriem.

I would stay in Aus instead of Luderitz.

I would only spend one night at Fish River Canyon. Then one night around Keetmanshoop, one night around Mariental really beautiful area as well.

Then last day drive to Windhoek and stay somewhere in the area to avoid early morning rush and stress

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2. Re: 14 day Itinerary - can someone have a look and review? :)

Hi Kenpoh,

For the most part, this itinerary seems reasonable.

Day 8 - That drive is more in the 8-9h range (we just drove it last month). Lots of corrugated gravel roads that will significantly slow you down. So as suggested above, staying in Aus will save you an hour (and another hour for your drive towards FRC). However, this will add to the time needed to visit Kolmanskop (50 min each way). So it depends on your preference of when to add this drive and if you really wanted to stay on the coast.

Another suggestion: we stayed at a Guest farm just north of Grunau, which we felt was conveniently located between FRC and Keetmans. This could be useful if you prefer staying longer in one place.

Don't forget to stop by the Canyon roadhouse on the way back from the canyon.


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3. Re: 14 day Itinerary - can someone have a look and review? :)

Personally I would rethink your entire itinerary. Cape Cross does not need 2 nights. Also I would suggest only going as far south as Sossusvlei and head to Etosha. You have two teenagers so would think viewing wildlife would be quite exciting. I would think something like the following would work.

I'd say

1 - arrive wdh

2 - 3 - Sossusvlei

4 - 5 Swakopmund

6 - Spitzkoppe

7 - 8 Brandberg White Lady Lodge

9 - Madisa

10 - Hoada (or head to Vingerklip Lodge)

11 - 13 Etosha

14 WDH

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4. Re: 14 day Itinerary - can someone have a look and review? :)

Wow thanks for all the suggestions!!!

Daniel B from Toronto - We did consider Etosha but we been told February is the low season so the chances of spotting wildlife would be rare.. that's why we are giving that a skip. I'm guessing we were gonna have to choose a northern route or a southern route given our limited time .. :( would really like to check out the wildlife though...

Pat V from Montreal - May i know what's at the Canyon Roadhouse ? I checked it and its a nice hotel - any significance of this hotel ? (I'm planning to stay at the Gondwana Village probably)

Wow staying at Aus does seems to make a lot of sense, but was wondering if there's any fun staying till dark in Luderitz? Looks like I severely underestimated the drive from Sesriem to Luderitz ...! Is this the only part of my driving hours estimation I didn't get right?

Mandarina2017 of Paris - Is one night at Fish River Canyon sufficient ? We are driving from Luderitz and it looks like a pretty long drive to get there. Not much activity around Fish River Canyon?

My last concern is driving from Mariental to Windhoek for a flight at 1pm.. if I leave at 6am would I make it to the airport by 10am? (3 hours prior to departure, which I hope is sufficient?) I worry about underestimating the time to get there :)

Much appreciated for all the tips!!

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5. Re: 14 day Itinerary - can someone have a look and review? :)

Okay, revised itinerary how does this look? :)

Changes - I took out a day at Cape Cross and Fish River Canyon.

I put in an extra day at Aus and Keetmanshoop (or should I put these elsewhere?)

Day 1 - Arrival, gonna head 1 hour north of windhoek.

Day 2 - Drive to Cape Cross. Hang around, stay a night.

Day 3 - Drive to Swakophund

Day 4 - Hang around Swakophund

Day 5 - Drive to Sesriem

Day 6 - Hang around Sesriem

Day 7 - Drive to Luderitz

Day 8 - Stay around Luderitz (Is it worth staying 2 nights in this coastal town?)

Day 9 - Luderitz to Aus - just an hour drive away, heard great things about Klein Aus Vista (worth a night?)

Day 10 - Aus to Fish River Canyon, 3.5 hours. Stay a night.

Day 11 - FRC to Keetmanshoop

Day 12 - Stay an extra day at Keetmanshoop (worth it? or should i put this extra day elsewhere?)

Day 13 - Keetmanshoop to Mariental (Thinking of Lapa Lange)

Day 14 - Mariental to Airport.

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6. Re: 14 day Itinerary - can someone have a look and review? :)

I don't think you have to worry about not seeing wildlife in Etosha in Feb. It may not be the same as say July but I'm pretty sure would see plenty of wildlife.

Most people just do a 30-45 min stop at Cape Cross Seal Colony. I don't think there's much to do/see there requiring a night. If you are into photography your time would be better spent at Spitzkoppe rather then Cape Cross.

So make it day 1 wdh, 2 Spitzkoppe 3 Swakopmund

In Swakopmund you can do the kayaking and sandwich harbour tour combo or maybe a living desert tour.

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7. Re: 14 day Itinerary - can someone have a look and review? :)

Its still a shame to miss out on Etosha. Like Daniel I would forget Luderitz and FRC and make Sossusvlei your furthest south.

Thus head for Sesreim, turn north to Swakpmund, then Cape X, Palmwag-Etosha-back to Windhoek for your plane. Etosha is never empty. There is nowhere for the wildlife to go. There will be plenty to see. Allow three days.

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8. Re: 14 day Itinerary - can someone have a look and review? :)

Yes you would need to choose between north and south. We did both in 4weeks, and if we were ever coming back (maybe one day to show the kids but not a plan in a near futur) we would just stay in the south :)

The road from Sesriem to Aus depends on which one you take, D707 is longer but very scenic.

Aus is a very beautiful area, our favourite spot in Namibia ;) we went to Luderitz, but didn't stay long as we weren't catched by this somehow too clean, mostly for tourist german city.

There isn't much to walk around at FRC, it's a nice place for sunrise and sunset, so one day is enough and stay at Hobas to be close to the site and avoid too much night driving. Canyon Roadhouse is also a nice restaurant, you can eat beakfast there it's a US-western inspired diner :)

At Mariental look at Bagatelle Kalahari Ranch it's a beautiful place :)

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9. Re: 14 day Itinerary - can someone have a look and review? :)

north of windhoek, you can stay at Okapuka Ranch http://www.okapuka-ranch.com/main.html if you get there early enough maybe you can do a game drive. they can also arrange for a pickup from the airport and have the rental car come to you..

and, give me Etosha any time of the year, but that's me...

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10. Re: 14 day Itinerary - can someone have a look and review? :)

Two weeks are either south of Windhoek - Swakopmund or north of Windhoek - Swakopmund. Both are scenic, both have plenty of vistas for avid photographers. North has Etosha and its wildlife. South has quiver trees, and Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. I was in Kgalagadi in February, and apart of being very hot, wildlife was everywhere. But getting an accommodation is very difficult in this park. You might get some basic ideas of two locations by reading some trip reports; mine are:

safaritalk.net/topic/… for north

safaritalk.net/topic/… for south

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