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Amazing Ethiopia Tours

Simeneh from Amazing Ethiopia tours organised a 8 days trip including

- Addis Abeba sightseeing

- Gondar sightseeing

- 5 days hiking trek at the Simiens mountains incl. ascent of Ras Dashen.

- Excellent hotels (5* in Addis and the scenic Goha Hotel in Gondar)

- Very skillful and friendly local guides - Biruk Ezra ( for Addis, Teseme Woreta ( for the Simiens mountains

- Many animals spotted in the Siemens National Park: Gelada Baboons, Hamadryas baboons, Menelik’s bushbuck, Klipspringer, Rock hyrax, Walia ibex, Ethiopian wolf (!), Thick-billed Raven, Wattled Ibis, Lammergeier, Francolin and many more...

Amazing Ethiopia Tours is a highly recommendable organization.