UP/N.Michigan for 4th of July: 1 week RV trip, help please!

Hi everyone!!

I would really appreciate your help figuring out some things as I plan this adventure please!

I am currently organizing a honeymoon road trip for my husband and myself next month. Our trip begins in Colorado on June 16th and we will get into Michigan by June 26th. We are pulling our 36 ft. travel trailer and will be staying in that (we are equipped to park in areas with no hookups).

On July 2 we are leaving Rothbury, Michigan and heading North to camp along the UP for about a wee before working our way back to Colorado .

My husband is a big 4th of July/American pride kinda guy and just loves the BBQ/Fireworks part of this holiday. I really want to try and plan our day to be camping somewhere beautiful that may have a good fireworks display so it can be special for him. This will be our first 4th of July together as a married couple.

Realizing it is going to be a holiday I just got worried thinking places to camp may be really busy or hard to get a reservation at, so I would like to finalize our plans and make a reservation somewhere if its not already too late.

These towns/camping areas have been suggested to us already as nice places to stop:

-Sleeping Bear Dunes

-St. Ignace

**-Grand Marais (Pictured Rock Campground)



**-Ontonogan -Porcupine Mountain State Park/Union Bay Campground

Could you please let me know if any of these places may be a better for a 4th of July stop than others?

Also, where exactly you think we should go if we only have about 7 days/nights to spend in the area?

I dont have an itinerary yet but am open to all suggestions and tips!

We just have to be back in Denver by July 13th.

Please help! Thank you