Queenstown itinerary 4 nights over New Years

We will arrive in QT on December 29, 2018 and depart January 2, 2019. Party of 2. This is what I have for our itinerary and I was wondering if you thought we should add or subtract from this or rearrange the days. For reference we are staying at the QT Hotel.

Dec 29 arrival early afternoon on a flight from Sydney. Late afternoon take the gondola and have dinner at about 6:15. (we could also book an 8pm dinner instead) Stay for the sunset. I would like to take the star gazing tour but I believe that is at about 11pm and we need to be up early the next day to go on a Milford tour/cruise.

Dec 30 Milford bus/cruise/fly...evening free

Dec 31 Lake cruise at 11:00 a.m. to Mt Nicholas...dinner that night in town must make reservations.

Jan 1 currently free

Should we do the gondola and dinner on Jan 1 with start gazing since we will be leaving the next morning but not until about 9:00. If not, then what is suggested for New Years Day? Or I could do the stargazing one night and dinner and gondola another night. And to really mix it up, I could do star gazing/gondola in Rotorua since we will be there 2 nights. Of course it is weather dependent but I know tickets must be bought in advance.

Thanks in advance for the help.