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Accor advantage plus bad experience

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Accor advantage plus bad experience

After being a member with Accor advantage Plus, my advice is to stay away from this for the following reasons.

- The prices are generally no better than what you can achieve through specials as the discount rate is not off the best special price you can find.

- The free night you get is very hard to get by being very limited in availability. In the end I couldn't use it last year as I was in Europe staying in Accor hotels but they don't count and you get no discount, and by the time I got back and went to renew, it was out of date and they wouldn't transfer my free night (they said they might allow one or two days-how generous), even though I have been a reasonable user of accor and hence the gold a-club card.

- The free night you get is far less than the value of $299- so don't think you get your money back there.

- The restaurants are heavily over priced and very average quality so are really set up to be run with discounts so your savings there aren't real. Indeed most offer specials, shop-a-dockets etc that give you the same discounts.

- Service is poor unless you are giving them money and they are happy. They don't want to listen or help with problems. Attrocious customer service.

Basically stay clear and use the usual, wotif, wego, lastminute etc to find the best and not be trapped into wasting a lot of money.

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1. Re: Accor advantage plus bad experience

lets see what other Accor members have to say about this.....

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2. Re: Accor advantage plus bad experience

Well I'm not an Accor member because several of our friends warned us off after bad experiences...

I choose Accor last bc they chargec 2x everyone else...ie if you aren't a member then double price,,which means 50% discount is effectively nothing

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3. Re: Accor advantage plus bad experience

I've been an Accor member for some years; don't use them much because I generally use self catering apartments. And, as DSR67 says, there often isn't much between the rate you can negotiate/get through Wotif etc., and the Member's rate.

However: Got a room 2009/10 New Year's Eve in Sydney at the Novotel Rockford Darling Harbour with literally an hour's notice at (I think, about 40% off the NYE rack rate), because I was a member.

Have used the free nights at the Wentworth (Sydney) and in Bowral.

I never had any problem rolling my free nights over, though. At one stage, I had 3. I think I have 2 now. Must check as I haven't used any since renewing and that was part of the reason I did. Trip to FNQ coming up.

I'm not sure I'll renew this year - there seem to be so many deals around these days that it's hard to justify.

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4. Re: Accor advantage plus bad experience

maybe Accor needs to rethink the whole offer in this day and time of so many deals available.

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5. Re: Accor advantage plus bad experience

We joined advantage plus years ago with the specific purpose of a trip where we had the opportunity to use the card. EVERY room we booked (except at Mercure), it seemed like we got the worst room in the house and agree with DSR67 - most of the time we didn't want to dine in their restaurants as they weren't up to scratch and very pricey. Free nights were never available when we wanted them. We have A-Club now (which is free) but have to chase them for points nearly EVERY time we book. No real benefit at all as we have often been able to book cheaper through online booking site.

These days I think you're better off with one of the booking sites loyalty programs. Wider range of choice, not brand restricted and free nights available anywhere!

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6. Re: Accor advantage plus bad experience

I've been a member for 9 years I think. When I signed up we had 3 Accor hotels in town, all with good restaurants, so even without using the free night it was easy to get your membership fee back in the dining discounts. Over the years I've used my free nights at Mt Lofty, Sydney & Melbourne Sofitels, St Kilda Novotel for the Boxing Day test, Novotel Darling Harbour for a couple of honeymoon nights, Weribee Mansion, Novotel in Singapore, various other Sydney hotels pre/post an overseas trip. So no, never had a problem booking my free nights - as long as you do it reasonably in advance.

The dining discounts are great when travelling for work as our travel allowance doesn't cover more than a pretty basic meal, so it's good to be able to choose somewhere a bit more upmarket sometimes. Also nice to enjoy some of the ridiculously expensive breakfasts that at full price you wouldn't bother with, but with the discount are good value.

In short, if you are selective with where you use it, then it is possible to get good value from it.

Melbourne, Australia
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7. Re: Accor advantage plus bad experience

I wouldn't recommend Accor Advantage Plus to anyone, I won't be renewing my membership. I've been a member for less than a year after being referred by family who were members for a number of years. The family members who referred me have said they won't be renewing their membership because although in the early years of the program they got value now it is next to useless.

You can get better room rates by calling the hotel directly without using your membership, not to mention that there are a whole lot of other hotel chains that offer much better value for money.

I tried to use my free night (which is what you're really paying for!) and on multiple occassions struggled to find a hotel that would accept my free night booking. In the end I had to use it at an Ibis hotel where the rack rate was less than $100. So I paid $300 for a $100 hotel room.

There's a list as long as your arm of conditions surrounding the whole membership, anything they send you like vouchers are next to useless because of all the conditions about where and when you can use them. Who plans their holidays around the fine print on a hotel club membership!

The dining discounts are a joke they just bring the overpriced hotel food down to the same prices that you can get if you went to a restaurant a short walk from any hotel. Let's face it most hotel restaurants are average at best anyway. Don't expect to get any discount off your drinks because it won't happen.

I would think most people would struggle to get $300 of value out of the membership. I travel a lot and can always manage to find cheaper 4-5 star hotels than any offering through the Accor Advantage Plus membership.

Someone mentioned in a previous post that they can roll over their free nights without any problems. What you failed to mention is that to roll them over you need to renew your membership at cost of another $300.

You're basically giving them money for nothing if you're not using your free nights and they're laughing all the way to the bank everytime they convince someone to rollover their free night by renewing their membership. If you didn't use it the first time what makes you think you will use 2 free nights that you have paid $600 (2 x annual membership) for.

In my opinion it is a total rip off and it is doing Accor a dis-service because it is turning customers off ever staying at Accor hotels again.

I get better benefits from my Hilton Honors and Starwood memberships which I don't pay a cent for and I can use them internationally. Advantage Plus is only for Australia, NZ and Asia.

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8. Re: Accor advantage plus bad experience

Hi have been a member now for two years and have had no problems with free nights. I use my free night at the higher end hotes plus good discounts off dining. Often the drinks end up being free and the meals have been of a resonable standard. You still get 10% off the wotif discounts.

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9. Re: Accor advantage plus bad experience

Until recently I had been an Accor Advantage Plus Member for over 10 years. After staying in several Accor Hotels, including Novotel and Ibis, i gave up my membership. The quality of their hotels has fallen off badly and their prices are too high. I complained to Accor, by Email, in two cases and on one I got the standard "sorry about that and we will be renovating the hotel soon. I noticed that the management response for that particular hotel on a recent review on TA gave the same response. My complaint was over a year ago and they are still saying they will soon be commencing renovations!

The other was about very poor fire evacuation procedures, over a month ago, and I have never received a response. Do they have no interest in guests safety?

I also agree that there are much better deals available through various web sites and by booking direct with other hotel brands. The meal costs, particuarly buffets, are much to expensive. As for the A Club, which they had the cheek to send me an unsolicited membership card. it is joke. You would have to spend half your life stayinfg at their hotels to gain and worthwhile benefit.

Brisbane, Australia
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10. Re: Accor advantage plus bad experience

Recently had my worst ever accomodation experience!

Stayed in a Formula 1 hotel

When i booked the room it was only because I was on a tight budget that day and it was only an overnight stay. I thought, how bad could it be!

Just try showering kids in the pitch balck, yes no lights. We had to get a torch from the car to use int eh bathroom that night.

We enquired about ordering breakfast but the lazy receptionist advised us to go to the local MacDonalds :(

I now regret being such a tight ar........ and will NEVER EVER stay in a Formula 1 - Accor hotel again.

Even when i raised the issues with the GM after my visit I was astounded at the response from managment. Obviously BUDGET MOTEL. BUDGET STAFF AND BUDGET SERVICE......... NO SERVICE AND VERY POOR ATTITUDE.