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Singapore Money

Hi everyone, Im not sure if anyone else asked this I checked only the first 2 pages... XD

I got a couple of questions.

1. I'm thinking of taking my mother who is 65 to Singapore for one week. Namely 4-10 of June

Is this a good Idea? I checked around a little online and everyone say's its really warm and hard to breath?

2. How much pocket money do I need ? was thinking of changing 1000 SGP to cover taxi, food, drinks and entrance fee's. I want to take her to the botanical gardens and other gardens they might have.

3. Do they use card? Is it safe to use card over there? Im from Sweden and here we use 99% of the time card but I have heard that other countries still use cash to a large extent.

Is there anything special I should think about before going there? how safe is it ?