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Mykonos restaurants 2012

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Mykonos restaurants 2012

I'm starting a new thread about Mykonos dining, since the restaurant posts highlighted in the "Top questions about Mykonos" box on the Mykonos forum page are now three years old and some of the dining spots referred to no longer exist.

Below is a list of restaurants that I personally dined at, took a look at, or heard about while visiting Mykonos for 8 days this month. There are dozens and dozens of additional restaurants on the island that I didn't get the opportunity to visit, so there undoubtedly are plenty of places popular with other Mykonos regulars that aren’t mentioned in my remarks. I invite TripAdvisor members visiting Mykonos during 2012 to add comments about their personal experiences at any of the restaurants I missed, as well as at any of the places that I do discuss.

In summary, I dined at Fato a Mano, To Ma'ereio, Maria's, Avra, Oregano, Mathew Taverna, Jimmy's Souvlaki, Sakis, Joanna's Niko's Place, Marco Polo, Bellissimo taverna, Roca Cookery, Avli Tou Thodori, Nicolas Taverna, and Antonini. I’m happy to say there wasn't a bad meal in the bunch, and I was impressed that restaurant service overall was quite good. My visits to Roca Cookery, Avra, Nicolas Taverna and Avli Tou Thodori were particularly memorable for outstanding cuisine and service, while I also have happy memories of enjoyable meals at Fato a Mano, Oregano and Joanna's Niko's Place. With the exception of the souvlaki joints and two tavernas where I had lunch, the restaurants expressed their thanks and gratitude for their customers’ business by offering either a dessert, a shot of ouzo, raki or mastiha, or an extra glass of wine on the house.

Mykonos Town -- fast food & takeout places:

Ever-popular Jimmy's is still serving up tasty budget-friendly souvlaki and gyros, as is Sakis. I enjoyed inexpensive and satisfying lunches at both places. I saw that Piccolo is still popular for its sandwiches, snacks, desserts & coffees. There are literally dozens of gyro and souvlaki shops and cafes serving up cheap eats, so if you're travelling to Mykonos on a tight budget, these places will help you stretch your food dollars farther.

Mykonos Town -- budget & reasonably-priced restaurants (up to €50 for 2 persons, with drinks or wine):

At/near Paraportiani Square:

This is the place in town to go for cheap 'n' cheerful (by Mykonos standards) Greek food.

Niko's Taverna wasn't as busy as it has been in past years; in fact, there were plenty of empty tables and bored-looking waiters standing around every time I walked past. Nevertheless, several people I spoke to said they thought the food was "just OK" and felt the waiters were rushing them to eat quickly and leave so they could maintain a steady turnover of tables. (That's my biggest beef with the place and the reason I haven't eaten at Niko's in years.)

Paraportiani Taverna is the only restaurant at the west end of the square now that its next-door neighbour, Ta Kioupia taverna, has shut down. In past years almost the entire square was filled with taverna tables topped with bright checkered table cloths, but with an empty space where Ta Kioupia used to be, the area looks & feels quite vacant and is obviously much less colourful and considerably less lively than it ever was. (As of last week, there was no indication if another restaurant might open in Ta Kioupia's place this season.) The island's famous pelicans can often be found resting in or strolling around the area, though, so head to Paraportiani square if you want to snap a pic of one of the big birds.

I haven't eaten at Paraportiani Taverna since a disappointing dinner experience there five years ago, but this month I got good feedback about their food and service from people staying at the same hotel as me; several enjoyed their meals so much they paid the restaurant a return visit and were just as happy with the food & service the second time around. Their only complaint about the taverna is its lack of ambience: the bright fluorescent lighting certainly isn't pleasant at night, and the empty Ta Kioupia property next door gives Paraportiani a bit of an isolated, lonely look and feel.

Around the corner, Kounelas Fish Taverna is still going strong. One couple at my hotel said they had good fish dinners but poor service there, while another couple gave Kounelas an emphatic two thumbs up on both counts and said they would recommend it.

At Goumenio Square:

This is another busy restaurant hub where you can find traditional Greek cuisine at reasonable prices.

People were making favourable comments about Opa Taverna which, as in past years, offers daily lunch and dinner specials (check the chalkboard out front).

Next door, Caesar's has given its building a makeover and opened up the front of the restaurant, brightening the interior and connecting the inside space with the outdoor seating. Menu prices looked very reasonable, and I heard from several people that their meals were very good. However, one couple said they and other diners were taken by surprise when told at the end of their meals that they couldn't use credit cards and had to pay with cash only -- even though they had asked, before ordering, if they could pay with plastic. Restaurant staff explained that there was a glitch with their credit card system, and said they were still a bit disorganized having just opened for the season, but diners were miffed that one person from each couple had to leave their companion in the restaurant while they raced through the maze of streets to find an ATM so they could get cash to pay their bills. (I have encountered the "sorry, our credit card system isn't working tonight" excuse on Mykonos and other islands numerous times, and always make sure I now carry enough cash to pay for a meal just in case it happens again.)

On the other side of the square, the space formerly known as Pelican is now a restaurant called Familia. It wasn't as busy as Pelican used to be, and I didn't hear any comments about either the food or service.

Elsewhere in the center of Mykonos Town:

Antonini, Kostas, and Marco Polo have been popular Greek food dining spots for years, and still are. So is La Casa, which features a Mediterranean menu.

I had lunch at Marco Polo after other guests at my hotel said they had "fantastic" food there and and planned to go back. Though my meal was fine, I wasn't as impressed as the others had been. Marco Polo's prices were similar to those at Fato a Mano, which I felt had a nicer atmosphere, significantly better food and superior friendly service.

Fato a Mano is where I went for my first lunch on Mykonos, and I wish I had gone back at least one more time. I ordered one of their two specials -- a Greek salad, calamari and glass of wine, for €12 -- and was pleasantly surprised by the large size of the portions. There was enough food for 2 people, and luckily I was hungry enough to eat everything. The staff were particularly personable; every day when I walked past the restaurant, they waved, said hello and asked how I was enjoying my holiday.

I only ordered a Greek salad and drink for my lunch at Antonini, but the service was prompt and efficient and I fully enjoyed the salad. Located right next to busy Taxi Square, Antonini is a great spot for people watching.

One of my favourite family-run restaurants, To Ma'ereio (often called Maerion) at 16 Kalogera Street, served up superb Greek cuisine again this trip. My partner and I usually order a variety of mezes plus one of the restaurant's signature dishes (like the yummy Asimina's meatballs), but since I was travelling solo I ordered just the Avra chicken, a filet served in a delicious white wine broth with mushrooms. It was flavourful and filling. Other guests from the hotel who had been there on previous trips told me they enjoyed dining at To Ma'ereio this year too and, like me, would continue to recommend it to others.

Nearby, Philippi's restaurant is closed (proprietor Philippi died earlier this year) but another restaurant is expected to open in its location at some point.

Maria's traditional Mykonian restaurant has been in business since 1975, but I didn't discover it until this year. It's situated in a quiet, pleasant courtyard accessed by a lane between the Hotel Leto property and the Hondos Centre on Polikandrioti Street (that's the stone-paved road alongside the little sandy beach at the harbour). Maria is in her late 70s but still cooking up a storm, offering hearty fare like moussaka, stuffed tomatoes and peppers, meat balls and pizza on her menu. The reasonably priced food is really good (I loved the stuffed tomatoes and peppers and the big Greek salad) and Maria’s courtyard offers a refreshing respite from the crowded streets and bustling waterfront areas elsewhere in Mykonos Town. I heard positive comments about Maria's pizza and moussaka from other people at my hotel who dined there.

I was surprised to see that Babulas taverna wasn't open; this was the first time it hasn't been operating when I've been to Mykonos. Babulas is the harbourside taverna that you would pass while walking along the waterfront from the Old Port to Polikandrioti Street; it would have rows of blue chairs and tables topped with red tablecloths sitting on the sand and rocks near the water's edge, offering great views of the main Mykonos waterside promenade across the bay. Babulas also had a bright red fishing boat parked on the shore next to the tables; tourists loved taking photos of the octopus that kitchen staff would hang on the boat to dry in the sun. The boat was still there during my visit, but didn't have the Babulas Taverna sign on it. On the day I was leaving Mykonos, though, I saw some men painting tables and chairs on the terrace next to the boat, so it's possible Babulas may now be open once again.

Kavos Cafe right next door is still open, though. It's a perenially popular spot for visitors, especially those on cruise ships, to enjoy a drink or light meal while taking in the great views of Mykonos Town and the harbour.

Mykonos Town -- moderately priced restaurants:

Last year people were raving about the Mexican dishes at Appaloosa and this month the place was jam-packed every evening. I heard comments that the food was "okay" and "good," but some people told me they found the food a little on the expensive side and not as good quality as the Mexican food served in North American restaurants. Nonetheless, I'm sure Appaloosa will continue to be a popular destination for people seeking an alternative to Greek food.

No changes to report for Lotus (home-made contemporary and Greek food, famous for its tasty sauces), Eva's Garden (Greek & international dishes), Casa DiGiorgio (Italian) and Pasta Fresca Barkia (home-made pasta and pizza).

Nautilus (Greek, Mediterranean & seafood) is in the same spot on Kalogera Street, but has a new chef. NiSa, which was very popular last year, closed when its lease expired. Its Kalogera Street space is now occupied by a restaurant called Meating, which features Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Meating’s outdoor terraces were packed every night.

Two restaurants that got a lot of highly positive reviews in the TripAdvisor forums last year -- Catari (pizza, pasta and other Italian fare) and Bakalo (contemporary Greek) – are getting great word of mouth again this season. People who dined at both places told me they would highly recommend them; some of these people dined at Bakalo more than once.

I stopped by Bakalo one evening to check out the menu; I was hoping to see what some of their famous dishes looked like, but the only customers on the outdoor terrace at the time just had drinks on their table. I didn't manage to get back for dinner on another evening, so Bakalo is on my "must try" list for next year.

Roca Cookery (Greek mezes, fish and seafood) has opened in the former Squalo location next door to the BluBlu Cafe, near the archaeological museum above the Old Port. Roca has big windows offering tremendous views of Mykonos Town, the harbour, the Old Port and the sunset. Service is excellent and so is the food. (I’ve been told that Roca was hugely popular with Mykonos locals during the winter.)

I went to Roca with several people from my hotel; everyone enjoyed the mezes (wonderful Greek salad, zesty tzatziki, delicious zucchini sticks and super-tasty tomato fritters) as well as our red snapper, which was grilled to moist perfection.

Note: fish and seafood are very expensive in the Greek islands,and are priced according to weight. If ordering fish, always ask beforehand what it will cost to avoid "sticker shock" when you get your bill. At Roca, our server quoted prices for two different red snappers and pointed out that the smaller (and of course less expensive) of the two would be sufficient to satisfy our group of five. It was, and we all agreed that the price had been reasonable (frankly, I had been expecting the fish to cost twice as much as it did, so I was more than happy that my share of the bill for all the food and wine was only €30.) Other people from our hotel also had good experiences at Roca when they went there several days later.

Mykonos Town -- high-end restaurants:

Avra continues serving superb Greek and international cuisine in the former Chez Maria building to which the restaurant relocated last year (just steps past To Ma'ereio on Kalogera Street). A terrific spot to enjoy a romantic dinner or celebrate a special occasion, Avra has a beautiful garden courtyard dining terrace sheltered by a canopy of trees, lush vines and colourful bougainvillea. It also has an interior dining space, and this summer will be opening a 50-seat open-air rooftop terrace that will offer outdoor dining under the stars. Work on the terrace wasn't yet finished the night I had dinner at Avra, but restaurant owner Niko kindly took me upstairs so I could take a peek at how it's shaping up. I'm certain it will become a very popular spot on sultry summer evenings.

As always, the food and service at Avra are exceptional; Sarah is a wonderful hostess and her attentive staff are terrific. I highly recommend starting with the delicious Salad Avra. Enormous and meant to be shared, the salad includes rocket, lettuce and cabbage along with carrots, tomatoes, figs, walnuts, cucumbers, avocado, and shavings of parmesan cheese. It's an awesome combination of textures, tastes and flavours! I also loved the melt-in-your-mouth sesame feta we ordered as an appetizer; deep-fried and served with sliced grapes and rose petal jelly, it was hands-down the best saganaki I've ever had the pleasure of eating. Our seafood spaghetti with shrimp, clams and mussels was excellent, too.

Sale & Pepe (across from Bakalo) remains popular for fine Italian cuisine and fine wines, and this month was offering a "Smart Menu" special with a choice of 3 items (vegetarian, meat or fish) starting at €24.50.

For seafood, two places that I was told are highly popular with Greek visitors are Koursaros (right next door to Fato a Mano) and Sea Satin Market, which has been a seaside landmark below the windmills at Little Venice for years.

For fine food lovers whose wallets are bigger than their appetites, Interni (Mediterranean), Chez Katrin (Greek, French and International), Uno Con Carne (Argentine steakhouse and oyster bar), and Matsuhisa Mykonos at the Hotel Belvedere are among the island's must-visit restaurants. Aqua, next door to Caprice bar on the seaside at Little Venice, continues to offer culinary creations from the critically-acclaimed Cucina di Danielle menu (the actual Cucina di Danielle restaurant is located on the main highway at Ano Mera). Like Avra, Aqua boasts a charming candle-lit setting that's perfect for a romantic or special occasion dinner.

Restaurants outside Mykonos Town:

On the peripheral road around the town center:

Gola, which was extremely popular the past several years, has been closed. Word about town is that the Belvedere Hotel, which owns the property, will be opening an Asian restaurant in its place. Locals didn't know if the new place will be as expensive as Gola (they're hoping it will be more affordable) or when it will officially open.

Oregano (situated between the ATE Bank and Blue Marine on the way to Tourlos) is one of my favourite restaurants for generous portions of delicious Greek food at very reasonable prices. On my last day on Mykonos, a group of four of us went there for lunch and couldn't finish all the food. We shared a basket of grilled bread, a Greek salad and a tasty tiropita that were nearly filling on their own. I couldn't finish my main course: an oven-roasted tomato and a green pepper, both huge, that had been stuffed with mincemeat, rice and spices. (Oregano has take-out and delivery, by the way, and is extremely popular with the locals.) If you’ve got a big appetite, but don’t want to spend big bucks on a meal, I’m sure you’ll be more than satisfied at Oregano.

New Port area at Tourlos:

Mathew taverna opened for the season shortly before I left Mykonos, so I finally got to check it out after hearing rave reviews the past two years from other people who had enjoyed it so much, they returned two and sometimes three times during their own visits (Mathew usually doesn’t open until the third weekend in May, and we were always on our way to another island by that time).

Mathew has an extensive menu of Greek dishes; be sure to go into the kitchen to view the daily specials in the refrigerated glass display case. Mathew’s staff will explain what each item is, as well as how it is prepared. Everything looks absolutely yummy, so don't be surprised if you have trouble deciding what to order. I certainly did. The service is good and the tree-shaded outdoor terrace has views of the new port area. I had dinner there with a large group from the hotel, and enjoyed my fava appetizer and my grilled swordfish steak (it was fresh, not frozen, as swordfish served in Greece usually is). Our server, Dimitri, was remarkably patient while members of our group struggled with deciding what to order, and he wasn’t fazed by a request to write separate checks for each couple or individual diner.

An Italian restaurant called Bandanna opened last year in the former El Greco restaurant space, which also has an outdoor terrace overlooking the new port area. Several people told me they went to Bandanna last year and thought the food was OK, but complained about bad attitude and bad service from the staff. The two times I walked past, it looked like workers were still getting the restaurant ready to open for the season. I didn't hear any reports from anyone who may have eaten there this month.

Megali Ammos beach:

Last year, Joanna's Niko's beach taverna got rave reviews throughout the season in the TripAdvisor forum. I didn't get the chance to eat there in 2011, so I made sure I dropped by this time. I’m glad I did. Though Joanna and her staff were nearly run ragged that night hosting a Greek wedding reception that had booked the restaurant’s entire outdoor dining terrace, they didn't neglect those of us who were dining indoors; in fact, our service was excellent and the busy waitresses never stopped smiling and never lost their composure. The food was terrific, too. I loved the fennel balls, the gigantes in a tasty onion and tomato sauce, and the grilled lamb chops, which were served with a tangy mustard dipping sauce.

Joanna's food is reasonably priced, and though the restaurant is open during the day, the kitchen staff don’t fire up the barbecue until 19:00, so keep that in mind if you're hungry for grilled meat. Joanna's had a LOT of repeat visitors while I was there -- the customers at the four tables closest to me had all been there at least once that week already, while one couple said it was their third visit to Joanna's this holiday and they had plans to return at least once more. Other people who dropped in to make reservations for the following night made comments about how much they had enjoyed meals at Joanna's earlier in the week. Looks like Joanna’s is on track to be a big hit again this season. I recommend calling to make a reservation; I managed to get the last available table when I arrived, but people arriving minutes later had a short wait.

Ornos beach:

Last year I had a wonderful meal at Ithaki, a highly popular beachside restaurant that served delicious Greek and Thai cuisine. Although signs and menus at the restaurant still bear the Ithaki name, and the interior looks the same, locals told me that Ithaki has new operators. The former owners, they said, have opened a restaurant in the new building next door (at the left end of the beach), which has a huge beachview terrace with a bar and swimming pool. (Someone said the new place is called Nostimo, but I didn't see any signs to that effect; also, since only the bar was open on the afternoon I went to Ornos, I didn't get to check out the menu for the new place.)

Curiously, the arched entranceway to Ithaki bears the name La Vita E Bella. I didn't speak to anyone who had dined at Ithaki/La Vita E Bella this so far this season; frankly, I was surprised that there was no buzz about the restaurant this year, since in 2011 it was one of the “hot” restaurants that a lot of people on Mykonos were talking about and recommending.

O Lefteris grillhouse remains the top Ornos beach destination for Greek appetizers and roasted and grilled meats, and is especially popular with people who live on Mykonos. However, while I was on the island it was open for business only in the evening. O Lefteris has delivery service, so if you're staying in a studio or villa and don't feel like going out for dinner, you can order in. Locals told me the Lefteris grilled lamb chops are amazing, but I didn't get the chance to sample them this time around and will have to leave that for a future visit.

Agios Ioannis beach:

We got a lot of attitude last year when we stopped into Hippie Fish (the beachside taverna that starred in the “Shirley Valentine” movie) only for drinks. The staff were obvously miffed that we didn't want to order food, and gave us poor, slow service. Though the staff didn't seem to have bad attitude when I walked past this time around (I saw a waitress cheerfully serving two tables of customers who were ordering beverages only), I decided to check out the restaurant in the Bellissimo Resort on the main road instead.

It may not overlook the beach, like Hippie Fish does, but Bellissimo still has a very cheery and casual ambience, and Thodori and his staff are friendly, sociable hosts. The food (Greek and Italian dishes) is good and reasonably priced, too.

Down at the beach Pyli, the restaurant/bar formerly known as Christos, was undergoing extensive renovations when I walked past, so of course no menu was available for viewing. Pyli might be open by now.

Psarou beach:

Nammos continues to draw the world's rich and famous to its posh premises at Psarou beach. The beachside restaurant, bar and nightclub is renowned for its international cuisine and top-notch service (if you arrive in Psarou Bay by private yacht, they will send a shuttle boat to collect you, or will deliver meals if you can't be bothered leaving the comfort and privacy of your multimillion-dollar ship). Nammos' Coo restaurant is popular with sushi lovers. The comfy padded sunbeds on the sand in front of the restaurant building are the most expensive to rent on Mykonos: they cost €20 apiece for the day, but look like they might be worth it. Plenty of attentive staff are always standing by to bring food and beverages to sunbathers who don't want to leave their plush loungers to sit in the open-air restaurant.

Platis Gialos beach:

I have been hearing and reading rave reviews about Avli tou Thodori ever since Argo Hotel owner Thanasis Kousathanas opened it three years ago in a beachside building his family has owned for decades (someone else had previously rented the location for their own restaurant business).

Avli tou Thodori serves traditional Greek fare -- appetizers, salads, fish, meat, pastas and pizzas -- prepared with a contemporary twist. The restaurant itself is a large seaview terrace with a stylish white minimalist decor.

Some people who had lunch there during a beach day at Platis Gialos returned to the hotel gushing about how much they had enjoyed the food and service, so a group of us went there for dinner one evening. Service was first-rate and the food was exceptional; we all enjoyed the zucchini and tomato balls, the meat balls in tomato sauce, spicy patties (which look like Asian spring rolls), and grilled vegetables that we shared. I ordered the kleftiko (lamb) which most restaurants serve as a lamb chop roasted with vegetables in a foil pouch; Avli tou Thodori's contemporary take on this classic dish is cubes of lamb and vegetables baked in a square phyllo pastry pocket. Absolutely delicious!

Thanasis dropped by our table several times to chat and see how much we were enjoying our meal. The other members of our group returned for lunch the next day, and said the food and service once again was remarkable. (I couldn't join them, unfortunately, because I had to leave for Paros.) Make plans to visit Avli tou Thodori for lunch or dinner even if you’re not staying at Platis Gialos; it’s definitely worth the trip!

Next door is Atlantida, the beachside restaurant of the Hotel Acrogiali. Other hotel guests told me they liked the food there, but not as much as they enjoyed their lunches or dinners at Avli tou Thodori. When I walked past, one of the staff told me I could use one of the lounge chairs and umbrellas out front for free, without any obligation to purchase food or beverages from the restaurant. I was on my way to Agia Anna beach, so I didn't take them up on their offer. But if you happen to be heading to Platis Gialos for a beach day, keep that in mind. You'll have to pay to rent loungers and umbrellas elsewhere on the beach.

Note: staff for Atlantida and other beachside restaurants (except Avli tou Thodori) can often be extremely aggressive in their efforts to lure you into their establishments. Waiters at most of the restaurants will approach as you walk past on the beach, and can be annoying to the point of obnoxiousness as they try to coax you to take a seat on their terraces. I simply ignore them, but several people at my hotel said they found the touts very off-putting and wouldn’t return to Platis Gialos beach as a result. (Touts outside some of the cocktail bars at Little Venice can be equally annoying but, again, simply ignore them if you have no intention to drop in. )

Agia Anna beach:

This small, quiet sandy beach is a 15-minute walk down the coast from Platis Gialos. Family-run Nicolas Taverna faces the beach and actually has tables on the sand, under a row of trees. I had my first meal there last year and loved the food and setting so much I made a point of returning this month. The restaurant has a menu, but it's best to go inside to view the mouthwatering daily specials in the display case. I ordered the spinach pie, which came in a thick chunk chalk full of tender fresh spinach -- easily one of the best spanakopitas I've ever tasted. The moussaka was delicious and, unlike many moussakas, was light and fluffy -- it didn't leave me feeling uncomfortably full. All of the vegetables served by the restaurant are grown on an organic farm the family owns near the Mykonos airport, while the fish is freshly caught by family members (you can usually see their white fishing boat, named Nicolas, anchored near the end of the beach.)

A couple who came walking past asked if I was enjoying my meal; when I said yes, they told me they might return another time. They actually came back and sat at one of the tables on the beach a short time afterwards, just as I was leaving. I ran into them in Mykonos Town two days later, and they thanked me for recommending the restaurant – they said they had loved the food there, too. (They had ordered the same dishes as me.)

Paraga beach:

Kalua is a hip beach bar that one of my Athens friends recommends for its great music and summer beach parties, plus its sophisticated cocktail menu. I didn't realize Kalua is a restaurant, too, but my friend insists their international cuisine, Greek dishes, seafood and pasta are quite good.

Next door to Kalua is Tasos, a beach taverna with an extensive menu of salads, hot and cold Greek appetizers, grilled meats, seafood, pasta and risotto. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard any feedback about Tasos in recent years, but I have noticed that it has been busy every time I’ve been to Paraga.

Kalafatis beach:

Some Mykonos locals told me that the Greek dishes and seafood at Aneplora, on the right-hand side of the highway leading down the hill to Kalafatis, are outstanding. From the road, the restaurant's windowless exterior resembles a bus depot, but the opposite side of the building has large windows and a pleasant terrace with views toward nearby Agia Anna beach, the sea, and the Tarsanas area of Mykonos island.

Down on Kalafatis itself, the restaurant on the pier at the left-hand end of the beach has great views, too, and offers an extensive menu of Greek food. People from the hotel who went there during a beach day said the food was good and reasonably-priced.

The rustic fishing village a short walk from the far right-hand end of Kalafatis beach is where you’ll find Marko’s fish taverna. Mykonos locals had recommended Marko’s to me in past years, and this month several people came back to the hotel enthusing about how much they had enjoyed their seafood lunches there.

Agios Sostis beach:

Partway up the hillside above Agios Sostis beach is the restaurant that was getting the most buzz while I was on Mykonos: Kiki's taverna. From the road, it looks like a shack, but this small taverna has an open-air, tree-shaded terrace overlooking a small and scenic sandy cove off Agios Sostis Bay.

Kikis doesn't have electricity, so it serves a variety of prepared salads kept on ice, and specializes in grilled meats. Most of the other people staying at my hotel went there at least once, and couldn't stop talking about how much they enjoyed their meals. The grilled pork chops, in particular, were the talk of the town; one fellow described them as "Bam Bam-sized" -- extraordinarily thick and meaty enough to satisfy two (or more) hungry diners. People raved about the salads, too (there's apparently about six different types to choose from, and diners can select portions of two or more salads if they prefer.)

Agios Sostis is not served by Mykonos buses, so the only way to get there is by rental car, scooter or ATV (I didn't rent a vehicle, so that's why I never made it to Kiki's myself). It's at the top of my list for my next Mykonos holiday, however. Keep in mind that Kiki's closes early --we got there at sundown last year just as they were shutting down for the day, so we couldn't have a meal. At this time of year Kiki’s is open until about 18:00, but during peak summer season it stays open until 19:00. Best bet is to go there for lunch during a beach day at Ag. Sostis.

A warning about ice cream & yogurt shops:

There are plenty of enticing ice cream, yogurt and dessert shops scattered throughout Mykonos Town, so visitors never have to walk far to find a sweet treat. Some places offer an extensive array of toppings for yogurt, but be forewarned: what you think will be an inexpensive dessert could wind up costing a small fortune once the cashier adds up the charges for all the different toppings. I heard complaints from people who said they had to pay over €10 for their customized yogurt treats because of the hefty extra per-item charges. So if you visit a yogurt or ice cream shop, be sure to find out how much it will cost to add toppings before you start sprinkling them on. Look for places that sell desserts at a flat rate so you don't get hit with an unexpected high bill when you go to pay.

I’m looking forward to reading restaurant experiences from other people visiting Mykonos during 2012. I hope you enjoy your meals as much as I enjoyed mine. Kali orexi!

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Great report Donny! Thank you so much!

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Excellent post DB

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Extremely helpful, thank you so much for this helpful information and appreciate the enormous time taken to produce such a useful report.

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What a wonderful post Donnyb. You should make a sticky so it stays in the forefront.


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Extremely helpful!

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Okay, I'm hungry again! Thanks so much donnyb for taking the time to do this for us. It will be my first visit to Greece (in September), and I have many, many lists from TA, and now have started another one from this post!

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Donnyb you rock!!!!!! What an extensive and thorough review. I am going to Mykonos in a couple of weeks and I will definitely be using this as my restaurant cheat sheet. Efharisto!!!!

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9. Re: Mykonos restaurants 2012

Thanks for the feedback! I am planning to eventually relocate this post to the "Top Questions" box to replace the 2009 restaurant listing.

Just wanted to mention some beach restaurants and one popular dining spot above Mykonos Town that I forgot to include first time around.

Psarou beach:

There is a considerably less expensive dining alternative to Nammos at this beach. It's Cavo Psarou, and it's situated on the beach between Nammos and the Mykonos Blu hotel.

Paraga beach:

Besides Kalua and Tasos Taverna, beachgoers have another reasonably-priced option offering palapa-shaded tables right on the beach: the Paraga Cafe and Beach Bar.

Agios Stefanos beach:

The only beachside restaurant open during my visit was Epistrofi Cafe-Bar, which has a terrace overlooking the beach, and rental umbrellas and lounge chairs right out front.

Kalafatis beach:

Thalassa is the name of the seaside restaurant on the pier that I referred to in my original post. It's part of the Aphrodite Mykonos Beach Hotel complex. The restaurant sources much of the food it sells directly from Mykonos, including the meat (from a private farm) and fish/seafood (all caught in the seas off the island).

Kalo Livadi beach:

Solymar is a chic, upscale restaurant right next to the beach and the Kalo Livadi parking area. It's not as expensive as Nammos at Psarou, but it is still a rather pricey place to eat.

Agia Anna beach near Kalafatis:

At the end of my trip, friends in Athens were asking if I had heard any recent comments about Spilia, the seaside restaurant at the Hotel Anastasia Village. Spilia has a dramatic setting -- part of the premises is in a cave, right next to the sea -- and my friends described it as one of the most romantic restaurants they've ever been to on Mykonos or any other island. They had also described the seafood and other dishes as outstanding. I asked a number of locals about Spilia, but nobody had heard anything about it recently. I emailed the hotel to inquire if Spilia is open again this season, but still haven't had a reply.

Mykonos Town:

I haven't heard any comments so far this season about the Blue Ginger Thai and Chinese restaurant on the peripheral road near the Hermes Hotel, but last year I did get great feedback about it, including rave reviews from a friend who has travelled extensively to southeast Asia and from people I met on other islands who had dined at Blue Ginger while on Mykonos. The restaurant has superb views overlooking Mykonos Town, but also offers delivery service for those who don't want to dine on their premises.

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10. Re: Mykonos restaurants 2012

This is awesome and extremely helpful!