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Orvieto day trip luggage storage

Since 2005, we have usually flown into Rome and then immediately driven to our rental in Tuscany for a week. On the way back to Rome, we enjoy stopping in Orvieto for lunch, a visit to the Duomo, and a short walk around town. We have always parked in the large pay lot up top behind the Duomo, but we have always left our luggage in the car during our visit. In the past we have had both sedans with trunks and hatchbacks...we never worried about a break in. But reading this forum lately, and especially the experiences that lastraniera has mentioned, I now see how foolish this is.

My question is this...what if we stopped in Orvieto Scalo at the new "Welcome Point" by the train station and stored our luggage there? We could then either continue driving up to the top and park in our usual lot or we could take the funicular up (which we have never done before, but it might be fun). This would add some time to our stop, but it would be better than skipping one of my favorite towns or risking our car being broken into.