PLEASE HELP!!!! Transfer from Palermo to Cefalu

Hi everyone,

I'm afraid I'm having a bit of a problem. My young daughter and I are flying in to Palermo on Friday 1st June, arriving late evening, and back out again late evening on Friday 8th June.

I'm getting extremely nervous now, because it looks like the last train from Palermo to Cefalu is at 21:35... which we will more than likely not make. I've looked for a bus but the last bus leaves even before that. Taxis look to be about £120 which is an awful lot of money for me. My questions:

- are there any other ways of getting from Palermo to Cefalu after half 9 at night?

- is there a way I can find anyone going the same way that we could share the cost of a taxi with?

I don't really want to stay the night in Palermo we are likely to find the whole day quite stressful and I don't want to add in another day of travelling.

I've thought about hiring a car but I am not a confident driver and the thought terrifies me!

The day we are travelling back I think there is a train strike, however we can get a bus that way at least!

Thank you in advance for any help or advice.

: )