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barcelona unsafe due to independence vote?

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barcelona unsafe due to independence vote?

With the current vote for independence, visit Barcelona, or not? We were urged to pick another country, avoid Spain and Catalonia altogether for some time to come. You don't know what may happen. Give it at least 6 months we hear. The people, we love them so. Just there a year ago, love it. But most likely we are changing plans. Too scary if tourists and Americans become targets of any group, or if you are caught up in unexpected events. Since the economy is obviously going to tank and people will be getting desperate soon, and also if it gets violent, why would we want to be there? Thoughts?

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1. Re: barcelona unsafe due to independence vote?

Come here. It's safe. Tourists and Americans becoming targets is nonsense. This is a political problem. I think it is crazy that people are changing their holiday plans because of this.

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2. Re: barcelona unsafe due to independence vote?

american tourists targets of who? north korea? in that case i would venture to say that citizens of the usa are safer in barcelona than in the usa.

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3. Re: barcelona unsafe due to independence vote?

Why on earth would tourists or Americans become targets?

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4. Re: barcelona unsafe due to independence vote?

Thank you all.

Some news here in states is sketchy. Could be some news venues want to create drama, some venues don't think it is important to cover much, and some sources such as fakebook, etc. :) can't always be trusted. Who knows. BUT PLEASE KEEP POSTING good and positive to keep those of us returning and the first-time tourists coming. It is good to hear your comments, and reconfirms what we thought originally, which it is still good to visit.

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5. Re: barcelona unsafe due to independence vote?

I’m here in Barcelona as we speak, it was noisy this afternoon as THOUSANDS streamed past our hotel, helicopters constantly over head but completely peaceful and nothing whatsoever for tourists to worry about, unless advised by your own govt, come to Barcelona, it’s a beautiful city with lovely, passionate people and safer than many, many other cities in the world

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6. Re: barcelona unsafe due to independence vote?

Just stay away from any demonstration.

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7. Re: barcelona unsafe due to independence vote?

I'm flying to Barcelona tomorrow (Sunday morning) and I'm not worried in the slightest.

As Benny said above, stay away from the demonstrations & any mass gatherings. Barcelona is a big city.

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8. Re: barcelona unsafe due to independence vote?

Barcelona is a Capital City that has "mass gatherings" at all times of year...not only at Christian Churches.

The Picasso Museum, splendid Art on show, is a magnet for the masses. The Sagrada Familia is a magnet for the masses. The Magic Fountain show attracts a large audience.

Las Ramblas is always busy and bustling as is the Boqueria Market.

The masses love the Metro with good reason.

There are of course fine Parks which offer a peaceful alternative.

Never avoid a fine bustling City... Barcelona is one.



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9. Re: barcelona unsafe due to independence vote?

Just got back, great atmosphere - it's fine

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10. Re: barcelona unsafe due to independence vote?

Oh dear god,what are they reporting in the news in USA certainly not the truth,the truth is the problem is a political one, catulyna local government held a referendum which was deemed illegal by the countries central government in Madrid,they then went on to declare independence from Spain couple weeks later,which Spain has declared article 155 which sacks he Catalan government and puts control back to Madrid this has being done on paper and vote so too speak,but as of yet no action taken in physically removing the Catalan government,apart from the fact that the deputy prime minister will run catulyna untill elections in December when a new area government will be elected.

The problems that may arise strikes which will affect transport,but it will still run just not as frequently which quite honestly will probably put it in line with a lot of other countries public transport,because Barcelona's public transport was more regular than most anyway.Marches may mean a few roads or areas closed,can easily be worked around and avoided.

If the Catalan government don't go peacefully then arrest warrants may be issued,the leader may get arrested anyway as declaring independence is against the Constitution and carries a prison term anyway,the problems that may arise from this could be local police and civil servants may refuse to follow Madrid's instructions,Madrid would have no choice then but too send the civil guard in to help take control,this is a worse case scenario and last resort as the Spanish government can not be seen to be heavy handed again as they already violated people's human rights with the referendum by using force to stop the vote,and have being criticized by EU leaders and other world leaders for this.

Tusks words are let's hope Madrid use negotiations and not force,

Is Barcelona safe of course it is no tourist has being caught up in any of this or hurt,the Catalan people from both sides are peaceful,they do not advocate violence,so it is unlikely to come to that.

How to stay safe simple avoid the marches,go about your holiday as normal,avoid demonstration's,just like you would or probably did at home when trump got elected and some people marched in protest,it died down didn't it,this will in time probably take longer,but the city is safe all sites, restaurants,bars, transport functioning, Catalans are going about there day to day lives as normal.