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10 to 15 days trip to Europe.

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10 to 15 days trip to Europe.

Hi,I am planning a trip to Europe with my family ,which will be for 10 to 15 days from 26th July till 6th Aug ,I have list of place in my itenery ,were inn start place is Nice ,marcellie,Saint Troppe,Montecarlo,Genova,Torino(italy)

and then to switzerland,please some one can advice good Itenery.

please give your feed back on Renting a car or using buses to travel from point to point destination,It is a budgeted tour .

France(3-4 days),Italy (3-4 days) &5-6 days in switzerland,visiting

lugano,zermatt,st mortiz.

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1. Re: 10 to 15 days trip to Europe.

train is a good option sometimes for your trip

but forget saint tropez, nothing to see and no public transport to go there (may be one bus per day or there are boat from nice or cannes)

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2. Re: 10 to 15 days trip to Europe.

I can help you some with getting around in the Cote d'Azur. Bascially, trains run along the coast and buses travel inland to the mountain villages of St. Paul de Vence and Eze Vilage. I'm based in Cannes, and here is how I do it and find my way from the train stations and bus stops to the parts of the towns I want to visit.


From Nice, you can take direct bus routes to St. Paul (400) and Eze Village (82). The coastal buses (100 Nice>Monte Carlo and 200 Nice>Cannes are okay on short hauls, but I don't recommend them for longer trips. They are slow moving and have frequent stops, but they are a good to know alternative if a train strike happens during your trip. Strikes do take place, and while the trains run on abbreviated schedules during these events, the bus is sometimes the way you need to travel. Unlike my taking a bus to Antibes from Cannes, you should take a train from Nice and towards Villefranche, there are several bus routes that could be an option. I'm thinking 100 and 81 are the ones you could look into. Use this link:


Here is a new discovery from our last trip. My daughter and I walked along the coastal road from Villefranche to Beaulieu Sur Mer where we caught the 83 bus for Eze Village and later, a bus to Monte Carlo. We took the 112 to MC, but it also works to take 83 to the Eze train station and 100 or the train from there:


We have taken the train from Genoa to Nice, and we changed trains at the border. Neither my husband or I remember it being problematic. We did this several years ago, and before we traveled, I read that Genoa's old town locked up tight at sunset. I don't know if this is still the case, but when we were there, it shut down with a "bang" and there was a mass exodus from the area. At that time, this wasn't the safest place to be after dark, but get on the Genoa forum and see what you can find out.

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3. Re: 10 to 15 days trip to Europe.

The problem with rental cars, travelling from one country to another, is that you will have HUGE drop-off fees.

So this is not a choice I would consider.

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4. Re: 10 to 15 days trip to Europe.

The best thing to do is get hooked up with a Travel agent/counselor that has been there, done that. They can put a package together that meets all your needs:). I wouldn't try a trip to Europe w/o one😊. There are so many things to consider. How long does it take to get from one destination to the next and if I only stay one night, what will I get to see? Where is my hotel in location to the train station? Will I have to spend $ on taxis? Very expensive in Europe:). I have traveled thru Europe & am going again next month & am so glad I have someone that knows putting it together for me. I do research too. We work together:). Just FYI😀

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5. Re: 10 to 15 days trip to Europe.


Are you intending to post broadly the same suggestion to use a travel agent on every thread on TA?

-i think you will find the vast majority of travel agents will not have been there or done that and often give wildly out of date information and inappropriate suggestions

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6. Re: 10 to 15 days trip to Europe.

Now that there's Trip Advisor and other travel sites, I don't know why anyone would choose to pay a travel agent fees. I'm not going to spend money on an agency when I can do my own research and decide what I want from a trip. Before I found TA, I have made mistakes, including some "redo's" that I wish I could make when I've relied on an agent's advise, but since I found TA, planning a trip has been a piece of cake and I discover things that never make it into the usual references.

But that's me, and how I've been able to make our trips work.

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7. Re: 10 to 15 days trip to Europe.

moore 5678 ...I agree with Selkie....the vast majority of travel agents are worthless. And they have not been there and done that. All of the things that you pointed out in your post can easily be found out on-line or with a couple of good books. And Europe is as expensive as you want it to be. If you feel that Europe is expensive then there is only one way to point the finger....at your travel agent.

Bricks and mortar travel agencies have been closing in droves for years, for a number of reasons. Not the least of which is that there is so much information online and that agents just can't provide worthwhile advice.

The only sector of the travel industry that is still driven by agencies is cruising. And that is because many cruisers are beginner or "unadventurous" travellers who generally don't do their own research and need guidance.

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8. Re: 10 to 15 days trip to Europe.

Nice_French_Riviera, if you are not going to post detailed and accurate information it is better not to reply. Krish, you can get to St Tropez by bus from Hyeres or Toulon, the timetables are here saint-tropez.fr/fr/…CG83-L7801-SUMA.pdf saint-tropez.fr/fr/…CG83-L7802-SUMA.pdf So if you were staying in Marseille you would have to get the train to Toulon or Hyeres first, see …ter-sncf.com/Images/Paca/Tridion/Fiche_01_F…

That said, unless there is a specific reason you want to visit St Tropez, it is probably not worth your trouble. St T is pretty, but there are lots of places along the coast that are as nice and much easier to get to. I went there last year for the first time, during the regatta and while it was very interesting, to be honest if you aren't rich and haven't got a boat, you won't feel part of the 'scene'.

It's generally reckoned to be nicer and easier to get the boat from Cannes, see trans-cote-azur.com/cannes-saint-tropez.php for one option, there may be others.

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9. Re: 10 to 15 days trip to Europe.

When I was in the conference organising business I used to use Destination Management Companies who are 'incoming' travel agents and are local professionals who know how to block book seemingly full hotels, organise dinners and tours etc. This was for scores or hundreds of people and they are invaluable. But with the internet resources at our fingertips today I would never dream of using a travel agent for individual purposes.


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10. Re: 10 to 15 days trip to Europe.

Oh Yes, I get it, datthecoast, L.O.L.

No wonder you were upset.

Travel Agent eh? L.O.L. and you thought I was thanking him or her? Hope I explained myself pretty well.Thought this person was concerned but I tried to explain that T.A. don't work for some of us.

What's the weather in Vancouver today? We are having a snow storm today!!! More snow tomorrow!!