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Train from Paris to Bayeux?

Baltimore, Maryland
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Train from Paris to Bayeux?

I'm told to take the train from Paris that ends in Cherbourg(I think), not Cains, to get to Bayeux!

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1. Re: Train from Paris to Bayeux?

Well, you would not want a train that ends in Caen, as that town is before Bayeux.

Get your information from either http://www.sncf.com/en/passengers or www.trainline.eu looking for trains from Paris to Bayeux. The web site will tell you whether you need to change at Caen.

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2. Re: Train from Paris to Bayeux?

I travelled to Caen and Rouen by train from Paris easily for than once to see the Bayeux tapestry. Cherbourg would be out of the way. Unless they have dramatically redesigned train transportation in this region things should not have changed in the intervening years. I followed this line three times to get to my destination.

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3. Re: Train from Paris to Bayeux?

They have a number of direct trains from Gare St Lazare to Bayeux every day.

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4. Re: Train from Paris to Bayeux?

I think the point that the person who gave the OP the information was trying to make, was that not all the Intercites trains on the line from Paris to Bayeux and Cherbourg run all the way to Cherbourg. Some stop short at Caen.

The timetable for the line up to the end of the year is in the link below and you can see that pretty much every second train finishes at Caen, meaning you have to change there to go on to Bayeux. Not a huge problem, but obviously the trains that run all the way to Cherbourg are more convenient.


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5. Re: Train from Paris to Bayeux?

Cherbourg is the end of the line for trains stopping at Bayeux. Caen is before Bayeux, so from there either you would take a connecting train to Bayeux (which will probably go to Cherbourg, but it could go to Rennes, Saint-Malo or somewhere else) or remain stranded in Caen.

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6. Re: Train from Paris to Bayeux?

Bonjour, dnordling,

Use one of the websites mentioned in post #1 for schedules and to purchase tickets. You will see some trains to Bayeux and some that require a transfer at Caen.

The Gare St Lazare has screens that list the trains and platforms (voie or quai) for arrivals and departures. Find the platform for the time and train number on the screen that is shown on your ticket. The train number is for scheduling purposes; it will not be on the train.


Baltimore, Maryland
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7. Re: Train from Paris to Bayeux?

Thank you.

Baltimore, Maryland
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8. Re: Train from Paris to Bayeux?

Thank you- yes I see on the schedule some trains stop at Caen. I'm thinking I would want one to Cherbourg and just get off at Bayeux. Better not to have to switch at Caen.

Thank you!

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9. Re: Train from Paris to Bayeux?

It's not as simple that. Trains that go from Paris and stop at Bayeux will be going to Cherbourg. But not all trains that go from Paris to Cherbourg stop at Bayeux.

You should check on


To see the details of trains. It wil give the time the journey takes and if it is direct or needs a change. The train that has the timing for you might need a change at Caen.

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10. Re: Train from Paris to Bayeux?

Use Bayeux as the destination station in www.trainline.eu. As cpmac says in post #9, take the train with the best timing for you. It is not a big deal to change trains

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