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AIG Travel Insurance

Atlanta, Georgia
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AIG Travel Insurance

Hi there. We recently purchased a family vaca to Europe and got AIG Gold insurance policy through Travel Guard. We may now be unable to go on our trip because of a recent diagnose I just received, as well as my husbands distributor's may be in breach of contract and my husband will have to manage their territory. When I called to buy the insurance they made it seem like everything would be covered. Now they are telling us to start a claim and it usually takes a few weeks to find out if its covered. We are talking about a big chunk of change. I would like to know now if my illness and his situation will be covered but they say it has to approved and that could take a few weeks. If its not going o be approved- I would try to go with my girls- as long as my doctor can manage my illness. (my disease is progressive) Has anyone had experience with AIG travel insurance?

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Saratoga Springs, NY
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1. Re: AIG Travel Insurance

I have no personal experience with them but I worked as a paralegal trying to force insurance companies to pay what they owed people. Generally speaking, they don't like to do it and will do whatever they can do to not pay. The more they're looking to pay out, the harder they may make it. Perhaps if you search on google you'll find reviews of people who have experience trying to file claim with AIG?

I will say: the healthcare in Paris is excellent and far, far cheaper than we're used to in the US. If your doctor can manage your illness and your disease is indeed progressive, maybe you should go now before it gets harder for you?

I wish you the best.

Lismore, Australia
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2. Re: AIG Travel Insurance

the airline should reimburse you the majority of your fare without question when you cancel..a letter from your specialist stating when you were diagnosed and that you're not well enough to travel or are undergoing treatment during the time of your holiday should be enough for payment by aig the remainder of your fare..I don't think your husbands situation would add any weight to your claim..I could be wrong..but your situation will certainly warrant reimbursement

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Sydney, Australia
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3. Re: AIG Travel Insurance

.>>the airline should reimburse you the majority of your fare without question when you cancel<<

Not if the tickets were really cheap "No change, no refund" tickets. Airlines do not refund these tickets under any circumstances.

Greenwich Village...
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4. Re: AIG Travel Insurance

>>Airlines do not refund these tickets under any circumstances.<<

That is what the travel insurance is for, and normally such travel insurance will cover unreimbursed travel expenses in such a situation.

But we have had airlines issue credit for non-refundable tickets that could be used for a future ticket by same traveler and on same itinerary, when they were presented with proof of medical emergency causing cancellation/postponement, so also worth contacting airline if you will be cancelling to at least know what options you may have. (I would NOT submit a claim directly to airline, though, if your trip insurance company has already started processing your claim. You don’t want to complicate matters or give trip insurance company any excuse not to cover everything.)

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Chicago, Illinois
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5. Re: AIG Travel Insurance

When I broke an elbow requiring extensive surgery, the first response from our insurer was 'we have to explore whether this is a pre-existing condition'. First, my policy covered pre-existing conditions. Second, this accident occurred in the 5th week of a 10 week trip, I think we can safetly assume I had not gotten on a plane 5 weeks previous with an elbow in several pieces. The first response of insurers is to deny coverage; that said, they did come through an pay, but it was a bit jarring to be responded to like that.

If your illness is progressive and it can be managed, I would encourage you to get it while you can. France has excellent health care and if possible this could be a memory making trip for your kids and you while you can travel. Your husband's situation might separately be covered by travel insurance if he is unable to make the trip; it will depend on the details of the policy.

One of my friends got a most unexpected terminal diagnosis and one of the first things she said to me was 'we really made sure we traveled and did everything we wanted to do so I don't feel cheated -- I am angry but I feel like I got my share.' Since you don't know how easy travel might be in the future, this might be a good time to go ahead with the trip if your doctor agrees.

sorry for your news and hope you are able to enjoy more travel and that your insurance is also responsive to your needs.

Atlanta, Georgia
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6. Re: AIG Travel Insurance

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, I bought non- refundable tickets so they will only give me a credit I have to use in a year at a cost of $300.00 per ticket.

Atlanta, Georgia
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7. Re: AIG Travel Insurance

Thank you for your response. When we bought AIG insurance they of course told me everything was covered. Even pre-existing conditions, which this is not. I did google reviews and it does not look good. There are so many complaints with this company.

Tucson, Arizona
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8. Re: AIG Travel Insurance

Insurance companies are notorious for working hard not to pay out. That said, when I had a serious medical emergency while on vacation in the Far East, AIG came through big-time for me, both in reimbursement for all expenses and in making daily calls of encouragement. Its service surpassed my highest expectations. Yet, on another trip, when I requested reimbursement (less than $300) from AIG for unexpected treatment required for a pre-existing condition (which I was covered for), I jumped through myriad hoops for about 6 months before payment came. One of the hoops required a letter from my physician that he saw me on the day I bought the insurance months before and that I was in good health at that time.

I suspect the company may also look closely at cancellation situations. If your doctor does not consider you fit to travel and signs a form from AIG to that effect, then you likely will receive reimbursement. But it all depends on what else is in the policy's fine print.

I agree with the others in this thread, who have encouraged you to take this trip to Europe, if at all possible.

Seattle, Washington
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9. Re: AIG Travel Insurance

I am very sorry for your situation, and urge you to go forward on the trip if you are physically able to do so. You don't have to do and see everything, but you will make memories that you and your girls will never forget.

Unfortunately, even with coverage for "pre-existing conditions," the position of the insurance company will likely be that your illness was pre-existing even if it wasn't diagnosed - the definition of "pre-existing" should be stated in the policy documents. My career was in the insurance industry, though on the property and casualty side, and I can say that AIG was notorious for trying NOT to pay claims.

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10. Re: AIG Travel Insurance

Unfortunately insurance companies make their millions in profits by not making claims. Having worked for a company the standard answer we gave was always "We are not sure if it is covered, submit a claim." Once a claim was submitted the first letter the insured received (no matter if the claim was covered or not) was a Denial of Claim letter. The insurance companies know that 80 to 85 percent of the people will drop things right there \and not challenge the claim.

Often times we would send 2-3 denial letters before we would approve a claim that was aggressively pursued by the insured. Keep on them until they pay, it may take quite a lot of effort and time and energy, but in the end they will pay (assuming it is not specifically excluded by your policy)..

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