CamperVan(Bobil) Travelling through France and Switzerland

Hi All,

I am planning to do a camper van trip(4 adults and 3 kids(6,2,0)) in Last week of June and First Two weeks of July. I am primarily looking for campsites and a use France Passion in between for local experience.

But regarding the camping many has waned me that the camp sites get easily full during the period I chose. Problem for me is I am doing the Camper Van holiday for the first time and not sure where I will be on certain dates. :(

Few questions that I have are:

1.Should I be reserving camping places up ahead?

2.Is it safe to park in the Aires(Municipality ones)

3. Is it possible to park by the cities with Campervan? I will try to avoid major cities but I would like to go to see Calanques( from Cassis) and Also in Arles to see the bullfights in Early July.

4.I have a camping van having height 3.1 meters but under 3.5 tonn. Will this be very expensive to drive using the toll roads in France?

Thank you in Advance for your responses.