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When is the weather better?

Madrid, Spain
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When is the weather better?

Hi to all!

Im from Spain and I live in england, Im an student. Im saving some money and I would like to visit the island. I love camping and outdoors activities, and I was wondering when is the best time to visit. I was assuming its summer (maybe July?) but Im not sure, so I would like your opinions. I also read that wild camping its allowed, but I wonder if summer will be still too wet or cold.


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1. Re: When is the weather better?

Camping in July & August you would be sharing the outdoors with the little pesky midges. I prefer May and early June.

Bingley, United...
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2. Re: When is the weather better?

< but I wonder if summer will be still too wet or cold. >

We wonder that too.

You might want to have a read of this to find out why weather forecasts are little better than reading tea leaves.


Madrid, Spain
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3. Re: When is the weather better?

Thanks for your answer! Im afraid Im not sure about the meaning of pesky midges(english is not my mother language), but I googled it...are you talking about mosquitos? Im gonna be living in England untill September, so I could go in May if you think its the best moment!

Anyway, I gues when the spring comes Ill check regulary the weather forecast and when Its seens good I can always get there in a few hours driving.

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United Kingdom
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4. Re: When is the weather better?

A midge is far smaller than a mosquito, and Western Scotland has them huge numbers of them, each one appears to be a set of razor sharp teeth and little else. They like warm, damp sunny still weather, They can't survive windy conditions. There's lots of ideas on how to repel them, but the only thing I've found to be effective is deet sprays. Deet is also very good at dissolving plastics, it will eat your watch strap, and turn the ear pieces of your spectacles sticky.

July/August is peak season for them, but as I said earlier its very dependent on the weather.

Skye along with the rest of the West Coast gets the effect of the Gulfstream, this helps to keep temperatures fairly mild, but being on the Atlantic coast there can also be a lot of rain. The weather is also very changeable and can swing from awful to clear skies in a few hours, and of course the other way.

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5. Re: When is the weather better?

Midges are tiny. They bite and cause itchy spots. You get clouds of them in still, warm weather, mostly early evening.

You *might* get good weather anytime from April to October but in June you'll get daylight till almost midnight so you can do and see more.

You can get wet and cold weather at any time. Nobody knows.

Fredericksburg, VA
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6. Re: When is the weather better?

You'll have the best weather when I'm not there! ;-)

Where are you in England that you say it's just "a few hours drive"? We left Edinburgh in beautiful weather, with a fairly good forecast for Skye. It was pouring rain by the time we arrived on Skye. Granted, we took a scenic route and stopped along the way, but still.

The rain was also pouring 2 days later when we left Skye, but by the time we got to Loch Ness, the sun was blazing and the sky was crystal blue. The day we spent on Skye had mist so thick we really couldn't see much. The forecast by the tourist office on Skye said the full day we were there should have been "raining" and the second day "slight mist". Day 1 was the heavy mist and day 2 pouring rain.

I'm glad we went, but I'm not sure I think you can trust the weather forecast! I think you have to look out the window and see what's actually happening at the moment!

I would, however, recommend spending multiple days on Skye to increase the chances of having at least one good weather day.

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7. Re: When is the weather better?

April/May has been best weather the last few years

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8. Re: When is the weather better?

the midges don't really get going until about mid to late June, depending on the weather ... there's a product called Smidge that has been developed especially for them called Smidge, and I gather it's very effective ... you can buy some by mail order if you want, but I think it's becoming widely available in shops in the area now


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9. Re: When is the weather better?

I think they should rename that website smidgeforecast :->

If you need Smidle or deet or or something similar, it's available in outdoors shops, so you will have no difficulty in getting it after arrival.

May is warmer than April, May and June are usually the best weather most places, but Skye is big enough and mountainous enough to generate its own micro weather patterns.

You may be lucky, but it's best to assume it will rain at some point while you're there. There are plenty places to camp, if all you want is a tent, somewhere in the wilderness.

I don't know if you have found this website, http://www.walkhighlands.co.uk/skye/, which divides Skye into a number of areas and suggests various walks. One of its advantages is that each walk is accompanied by a good quality route map.

I guess if you're a student there may be restrictions on when you can get away.

Madrid, Spain
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10. Re: When is the weather better?

Thanks to all of you for all your replies. You are all very kind and helpfull. I got a lot of free time, and after reading the reviews I think ,ay/June seens to be the best months.

I will get a midget spray for sure, sinceI didnt know about these bugs. At the moment I live near Liverpool, when I said a few hours away I didnt mean to say close, just that I can get there in One day driving if I see a nice sunny week forecasted on the internet.

So far Ive been in Wales (snowdonia)¨, and in the Lake district, and in Scotland too but in other areas, never in this Island.

I got another question, although its not related to the toppic´s tittle. How is the mobile conecction up there? when i went to snowdonia was good, and I could use my phone almoust everywhere. I usually uses the phone as a geolocation tool, but Its needs conenction to work and load the maps.

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