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Where is Dulcote

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Where is Dulcote

Does anyone know where Dulcote is? Well I do it is in Wells, Somerset. Dulcote is not a town on it's own it is a village on the edge of Wells. Clearly tripadvisor need some persuading or educating. If anyone can find a way of communicating this to them, please let me know.

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1. Re: Where is Dulcote

not sure why you're so het up about it...but I think you have to submit some form of report about it for TA to recognise it.

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2. Re: Where is Dulcote

Hi, What is it exactly that you want Tripadvisor to do?

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3. Re: Where is Dulcote

If you are suggesting that Dulcote has it's own forum as opposed to being included in the Wells Forum, then that's just silly. Can you imagine if every village in Britain had it's own forum, just how many would there be?

Think about it.

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4. Re: Where is Dulcote

But Dulcote does have its own forum and we're on it now. Perhaps the OP is suggesting it should not have its own forum but come under Wells.

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5. Re: Where is Dulcote

If someone wanted to visit Wells, our Bed and Breakfast would be one out of 31 places which guests might consider. Now we are listed under "Dulcote" and the Wells part of our address omitted, no one would 1) be able to find us on tripadvisor or 2) have any idea that we are within walking distance of the centre of Wells.

Wells, United...
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6. Re: Where is Dulcote

Thank you for your response it is interested to read reactions to my "rant".

Most of our guests have booked with us because we are on the edge of Wells, however tripadvisor has recently decided to exclude the Wells part of our address and list us under our village name of Dulcote. Dulcote is so small and so many of our guests have enjoyed staying with us because we are so close to Wells. We think that both guests and ourselves will loose out because of this decision.

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7. Re: Where is Dulcote

Thank you for your response. I totally agree with you. We have a Wells address and we wanted to continue to be included with other B & B's in Wells. Guests have stayed with us because we have a Wells address, our recent guests have commented that they probably would not have found us listed under Dulcote.

Wells, England
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8. Re: Where is Dulcote

Ston Easton Park is NOT in Bath - it is on Ston Easton - nearest town is Radstock!!! Will be forwarding this to Trading Standards - Somerset Council.

As I have been reliably informed by Trpadvisor, Establishments cannot be advertised under a town they are not actually in: quote:


Thanks for your email. In order to provide the most accurate information possible to travelers, we strive to list all of our accommodations, restaurants and attractions in the actual physical footprint, so we cannot move any listings to a different town than where they are physically located.

You can read more here:


Our managers are currently looking at ways to better show "nearby" accommodations in with the ones in the larger/more well known places.

Best regards,

The TripAdvisor Support Team

I hope this may clarity the situation?

Carol Lloyd

Beaconsfield Farm,





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9. Re: Where is Dulcote

Hmm,perhaps t his thread is getting a bit 'self promotional' beltane040, is that really in the remit of TA forums??

IF you have a problem with the TA management decisions, try contacting them, rather than ranting on an obscure thread that they are not going to see.

Wells, United...
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10. Re: Where is Dulcote

I am sorry that you think that this is self-promotional. It is not intented to be. We have tried for weeks to communicate with TA. We assume that they read what is posted on their site.

I am intrigued as I am no expert, how you end up responding to a Dulcote Forum - do you have a connection with Dulcote ?

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