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New to Cabo...a few questions

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New to Cabo...a few questions

We usually head to the Yucatan Peninsula for Thanksgiving. Well, as I was looking around I thought I would check out Cabo. I found some ok deals, but I have a few questions. First of all, what is the weather like in late November?? Will it be warm enough for snorkeling and other water activites?? For anybody that has been to Playa or Cancun area compare the two for me. (I know it's like comparing LA and NYC but any info will be helpful) Feel free to chime in with any Cabo info you may have.


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1. Re: New to Cabo...a few questions

Been to Cancun 3 times,Puerto Vallata 2 times and after going to Cabo in June we may not go to either again. IMO Cabo was simply the best for us. We loved being able to walk EVERYWHERE from our hotel. More restaurant than you could eat at in a month or more. It has just about everything you could want in a beachy town.

Stay on Medano Beach or on the Pacific side to be near everything.

The people on this forum have lots of good info.

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2. Re: New to Cabo...a few questions

You´re right, it´s apples and oranges, but here´s some basic info.

I think October and November are the best months for weather in Cabo. Air temps in November are mid 70´s to low 80´s, a little cooler at night. This is just about the best time of year for water temps, average 79 degrees in November. And for snorkling, remember that Jacque Cousteau called the Sea of Cortez "the world´s aquarium"

There are two Cabos, San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, with a 20 mile corridor with resort hotels between them. I would recommend staying in either town for your first visit, rather than along the corridor. Cabo is livelier and San Jose is more quiet and laid back, depending on your preference. Both towns are small and easily walkable.

Cabo is not lush and tropical like the Yucatan, but there is an incredible beauty of rolling desert hills meeting the ocean. I´ve been to more tropical locations in Mexico and love them, but Cabo´s landscape is unique and dramatic.

Personally, I´d rather spend Thanksgiving in a beautiful Pennsylvania fall! Good luck with your decision

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3. Re: New to Cabo...a few questions

Thanks for the info. From the pics I have seen it looks beautiful. The mountains and the ocean are amazing. No mountains in Playa. As for spending Thanksgiving in PA, last year when we left it was snowing! September and October are pretty here with colorful foliage, but November gets cold!

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4. Re: New to Cabo...a few questions

The bellow web page is a good weather resource. It also includes projected water temperatures.


According to the chart, highs should be around 83°F and lows around 63°F.

It should be a little humid, humidity should be around 61%. Some possibility of rain. However, rain tends to occur in short bursts lasting just a few moments.

Water temperature is likely to be around 74°.

I've never been to Cancun in November.

Anytime is a good time to visit Cabo. Have a great time!

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5. Re: New to Cabo...a few questions

The water in the Cancun area is that incredible blue color. The water in Cabo is clean and clear but does not have that blue/green color. The water temp will be nice for swimming in Nov.

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6. Re: New to Cabo...a few questions

jjb73, I will

I'll be going to Cabo in late Sept for the first time. I have been to the Yucatan Peninsula on Four different trips, I really like the Playa Del Carmen area. We usally stay at AI, this will be the first time doing non AI.

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7. Re: New to Cabo...a few questions

I have spent late Nov-early Dec. in Cabo for many years (a week or two only) and love the weather then. If you don't go for Thanksgiving, you should find the air fares may be a bit better, as it is technically low season until 15Dec., except for the Thanksgiving week. Look at it this way, it will be a wonderful experience and a chance to see if you really like it. Personally, I haven't been to Cancun in years, and don't miss it, but I definitely do miss Cabo when I can't go, like this Dec!

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8. Re: New to Cabo...a few questions

We to Cabo in November every year (and a few more times throughout the year as well).

The month of November is the best time to go, IMO. The weather is beautiful, the water warm, the fishing is excellent, the turtles are still hatching, and the whales are starting to migrate.

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9. Re: New to Cabo...a few questions

The key to Carbo is to stay at a resort on Medano beach or one that is close to the Marina so you can walk most everywhere. Where Cancun is bigger and more spread out Cabo can be more intimate and charming do to being smaller making it a good walking town. Lots of people visit Cancun and never experiance the town as they don't leave to strip. The thing that you'll miss are the beaches. Cancun beaches are far better. Expect timeshare pressure all over town where it's minimal in Cancun. Don't go AI in Cabo since dining out is part of the fun.

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10. Re: New to Cabo...a few questions

If you decide to try Cabo, I'll also chime in with recommending you pick a hotel or resort that is walking distance to downtown Cabo, either on Medano, or just round the tip on the Pacific side.

Lots of other resorts are stretched out along a long "corridor" connecting CSL to San Jose del Cabo. If what you want to do it just kick back around a nice resort, or if you're willing to use a rental car every time you leave, they might be OK. But for me, would feel too isolated.

I don't think you can get a feel for if you'll like a place from us describing it here.

I had always gone to Puerto Vallarta (19 trips) and tried Cabo for the first time in February this year. Much to my surprise, I LOVED it. But it's completely different from PV. And what I liked about it is hard to put into words. It just has a GREAT "feel" there imo.